Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Business Email Hosting in Your Web Hosting Plan

Business email is important of course. Not only from a standpoint of reliability, but also being professional to clients. Any company with an internet presence should of course have solid domain names, and a good web hosting plan. One that is reliable, and has no downtime.

But, what some neglect is business email hosting. This can be a mistake. Many hosting companies include some form of email hosting while others do not. Of course, there are a few things to look for in business email hosting.

One thing that you should not neglect is storage space. You never want to delete an email or file because of storage restrictions. Information is important, and could be important to hold on for business reasons, even potential litigation. Reliability is another factor, researching the up-time of the email hosting is important. Most should have a 99.99 percent guarantee. That is, they are rarely offline.

Accessibility is another thing that you should not neglect. Being able to check email anywhere in the world, from any device is key. This will help business flow smoother, and allow sick and traveling employees to get work done any time. Not only accessible, but also makes sure the company has a good support team, and support record. If email goes offline or a user error occurs, a company can lose a lot of money. Make sure they can work with all levels of knowledge, from the systems administrator to the employee who can barely use a computer.

Another factor is security, ask the host company what security procedures they have, and also research on your own if there have been any major intrusions into their database.

So of course, when getting email hosting it is best not to just go for the cheapest. Having a safe, reliable, and secure place for your email is important for any business, large and small. Read the next business technology review: Why a Dedicated Server is Essential for Websites and Businesses

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