Which College offers the best Law Program in Malaysia?

Many aspiring lawyers in Malaysia wonder which law school is best for them. There are a few high quality law schools with in the country, most of them concentrated in Kuala Lumpur. Here are some of the best law schools in Malaysia.

Brickfields College undoubtedly makes the list of best laws school sin Malaysia, The college has been ranked close to the top of the scale for years in terms of quality law schools in the country. Their program offers a wide variety of law course, including a popular bachelors in law and commerce. The courses are held on their modern campus in the department of management and science. Brickfields has become a name in law studies within Malaysia, and graduates of the program are able to capitalize on their college’s name recognition to acquire plenty of opportunities. Visit http://bac.edu.my/ to learn more.


Brickfiels Asia College - BAC.edu.my

Advanced Tertiary College, or ATC, is a great school with a diverse student base. Their studies focus on advanced law. Their graduate program is especially popular, and competition for spots in the program is heavy. For students who are just beginning their studies in law, a few foundation and undergraduate courses will allow them to get their bearings in the field before applying for more rigorous courses. While tuition is higher than some other universities, students of the college are happy to pay for the extra quality in the curricula and the campus facilities.


Adanced Tertiary College (ATC) - ATC2U.com
Adanced Tertiary College (ATC) – ATC2U.com

Multimedia University is one of the favorite choices for students looking to get an advanced level of study in law. The university offers both undergraduate and graduate courses. The school is only open to Malaysian students, and the scope of study is a bit limited in terms of international law. However, the school makes a popular choice because of the high quality of its professors and attention to individual students. One of the highlights of this program is its flexibility; there are courses of study that follow many different paths and lengths. Tuition is lower than at other comparable universities, making this a very good choice for local students.


Multimedia University - MMU.edu.my
Multimedia University – MMU.edu.my

INTI University and College has a great law program with a wide variety of study. Their program attracts a large number of students from around the world. Not only do they offer a broad base of foundation law courses, but they have a number of specialty programs for their students. Some of their most in demand law programs include their master’s and PhD programs as well as their postbac certificate. This program is great for students who aren’t sure how far they’d like to go in law; the numerous options for degree programs allow students to be very flexible in their studies.


Inti International University & College - NewInti.edu.my
Inti International University & College – NewInti.edu.my

A program of study at any law college in Malaysia will help graduates gain an excellent foundation in law. Each of these universities has a great network of community links to help students further their knowledge and contribute to the community. While most current students are locals, Malaysian law schools are increasing in quality and beginning to compete for students on an international level.

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