Unmatched Flexibility And Control With A Virtual Private Server

Many consumers are turning to VPS hosting in Malaysia because of the advantages it has to offer. A virtual private server offers several advantages over other types of hosting. The strong emphasis on the word private simply means the server is not shared, and it can only be used by the person or organization paying for it.

Many hosting companies refer to such a server as a virtual machine; the server can execute various software programs like a physical machine. All virtual machines can be independently rebooted, and they can run a standard operating system that comes with all of the functionality one would expect.

Operating System Virtualization 
One of the advantages of a virtual private server is the OS virtualization that it is capable of. When using such a server, it’s easy to drag and drop many applications from one server to another. Hardware upgrades and maintenance of the server are seamless.



In most cases, consumers paying for a virtual private server can expect only a few seconds of downtime when maintenance is performed. Availability is dramatically improved when a VPS is used for hosting.

Managing Resources 
Yet another reason to switch to a VPS is for improved resource management. The level of resource utilization that is possible with a VPS is a lot like what is possible with a mainframe, which simply means a VPS uses resources very effectively.

When a VPS is used, resource control and monitoring is easy; the best part is the fact that a VPS can be built on inexpensive hardware. Aside from the standard disk space and CPU, a VPS can also manage disk cache, kernel and networks. All virtual private servers are completely isolated, and they’re capable of using all of the resources available.


TheGigabit VPS Solutions including Linux VPS and Windows VPS with different values and benefits
TheGigabit VPS Solutions including Linux VPS and Windows VPS with different values and benefits


Unmatched Control and Flexibility 
The virtual private servers from www.TheGigaBit.com offer amazing control and flexibility. When you’re paying for a VPS, you basically own a personal server; you have the ability to install anything that you want, and you don’t have to worry about your installations causing problems for other people because nobody else has access to your server.

Since you don’t share a VPS with others, you also don’t have to worry about their installations causing problems for you. Individuals and organizations that pay for a VPS can install complex web applications, languages and libraries, and these applications can be configured in whatever way is desired. All of the benefits that a VPS has to offer will save you money.

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