Unique Scuba Diving Trips: Rig Diving in Sabah, Malaysia

There are a range of vacations available for people who like to do traditional activities, such as cruises, theme parks, and the like. However, for people who are interested in experiences that vary a bit from the usual, scuba driving can be a great direction to explore. Here is information about some exceptionally unique scuba diving trips one can look into.



Diving in Malaysia ✈

Sabah, Malaysia, offers a range of exceptional diving opportunities for people interested in scuba diving experiences that cannot be had anywhere else in the world. This is why it is a good idea to think about dive vacations to Sabah if one is an experienced diver. The area is known for having some of the most diverse sea life on the planet, which is why a diving trip to Malaysia can be one of the most memorable experiences a person has on this earth.


Diving In Malaysia



Rig diving ✈

A way to make the experience even more unique is to look into a rig dive by Seaventures. This features a dive rig that is located in a diving spot that Trip Advisor has ranked as the primary resort in the area. The resort is located around 26 km to the south of Semporna, which is the nearest port in Sabah.

There is a jack up rig that was originally designed for oil exploration, and has been semi converted to allow for the adventure of a lifetime. The ship allows divers to take advantage of the only known diving rig elevator on the planet. What happens here is nothing short of amazing.

The rig drops drivers straight into the water and then will left them up straight to the ship once they have finished their dive. There are no other diving experiences that are even remotely similar to this one, which is why divers will come from all over the globe in order to be a part of it.


rig diving


Scuba Diving Malaysia – Seaventures Rig Dive Resort



Diver choices ✈

There are a range of choices for divers when rig diving in Sabah, including Dive Pulau Sipadan, which is one of the most notable dives currently available. Here, divers can move about through wall drives and reefs that are up to 600 meters in depth. The swim throughs are nothing short of enchanting. Divers can take in the sea life and exotic features and coral reefs while making memories that persist for the rest of their lives.


unique deep sea creature in malaysia dive spot sabah



Another high quality dive to look into is Dive Pulau Mabul Seaventuresdive, which is where some of the most unique sea animals on the planet are located. Think about sea creatures like the blue ringed octopus or the frogfish. Both of these are frequently seen during the dive.


Sea turtle malaysia


Blue ring octopus



In conclusion, while it is more than possible to take a traditional vacation or a standard diving trip, it is truly to one’s advantage to look into the unique opportunities available on the planet. This is especially true when it comes to diving trips in Malaysia such as the rig diving opportunities in Sabah.

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