Top Tips for Getting the Outside of Your Home As Clean As Possible

Something that many people forget is that it is necessary to clean the outside of your home just like the inside. Cleaning the exterior of a house is far different from cleaning the interior. The task is more demanding even though it is worth the effort. A few tips will help you to get the outside of your home as clean as possible.


Use Water and Vinegar on Your Windows 

You want to start with your windows. A large amount of dirt can stick to the exterior of your windows. The way to handle this is by wiping your windows down with a mixture of water and vinegar. The vinegar helps to prevent streaking. Use a microfiber cloth to buff the windows and remove any tough dirt. You optimally want to have a squeegee handy so that you can finish with a nice clean pass across the glass.

Power Wash Walls, Patios and Decks 

A power washer is your best tool when cleaning the outside of your house. You want to use a water jet power washer to clean the walls regardless of the material. Get into all of the nooks on the exterior walls to dislodge any debris that has been packed inside. You can also use the power washer to clean patios and decks. You should avoid using the power washer for the roof since it could knock tiles, shingles or flashing out of place.

Clean Out the Gutters 

Part of cleaning the outside of your home involves clearing out the gutters. Your gutters can become filled with twigs, leaves and other debris. If they get too full, then your home could sustain water damage because they can no longer drain into the downspout. You want to remove everything from inside the gutter. A way to make this task much easier is to install a basic gutter guard or screen on the top to capture debris.

Gather Up and Dispose Of Debris Piles 

You want to take care of all the debris on the ground. You should make a pile of the leaves, twigs and other items that are scattered around the property. Bag this waste and dispose of it properly. Do not just leave debris sitting on the property. It makes the house less attractive and can potentially become home to pests that will get inside. Keep the ground clean and clear of debris.

Use a Brush to Clean Inside Corners and Edges 

A final tip is to get a firm scrubbing-brush and a bucket of warm water with some cleaning solution mixed in. You want to get down and use the brush to clean inside of corners and edges that are difficult to reach. These could be corners between steps, areas under windows or tight spaces around doors frames. Scrub these areas thoroughly to remove all of the debris possible. This will give your home a bright and clean appearance.

You are going to want to clean the outside of your home at least once each year. Many people clean their houses every other season. A good cleaning can do more than just make the house look more attractive. It can also protect your house against damage from debris and pests.