Top 5 Reasons Beautiful Accommodations Are So Inexpensive In Putrajaya, Malaysia

Why Putrajaya Accommodations Are So Inexpensive

This city, along with most of Malaysia, is struggling economically so there is intense competition for the tourist dollar. This competition drives the price down giving you great prices at very good hotels. You will also be presented with a great variety of different types of lodgings as well as many choices for the exact location you want.


Budget Hotels That Are Budget In Name Only

Think inexpensive and not cheap as these types of lodging are clean, bright, up to date, and offer many upscale luxuries. You can treat yourself and vacation in style and great comfort without spending anything close to a small fortune.





Easily Affordable 5 Star Accommodations

If you do want to, you can stay at a 5 star resort and spoil yourself with all their amenities and services for as little as $75 per night. If you are going abroad to visit an exotic destination it makes sense to do it in style with prices that are this affordable.



Stay With One Of The Local Residents

You could also do a homestay in Putrajaya (book here!). For those of you unfamiliar with the term, instead of staying in a hotel, you stay in the home of one of the local residents. Many people find this to be a fascinating experience as the people of the families as very friendly and helpful.

Keep in mind they want you to have a great time while you are staying with them so you will tell your friends or maybe return to use their home as a place to stay in the future.


Putrajaya Mosque
Putrajaya Mosque



No Reservation Deposit Required

When booking your stay at a hotel, you will find many of them do not require any type of deposit or credit card hold. You simply pay when you get to the hotel. These relieves you of any worry or concern about giving your credit card number to someone overseas.