The Top 10 Job Opportunities for Fresh Graduates in Kuala Lumpur

After nth years, you finally did it–you finally had that hard-earned degree! Graduation, as one of the most prestigious moments of a person’s life, is just the beginning of a new journey and a new role.

Students become graduates. Eventually, they will be a productive citizen of the society by applying to real life scenarios what he or she had learned. So it is expected that all graduates have this question popping out from their mind “What is next for me?” And there you go, scanning and scrolling through newspapers or websites, as you take the challenge of hunting for the right job.

According to Jobstreet, these are the top 10  jobs for fresh graduates in Kuala Lumpur which might fit you:

  1. Pharmacy – Topping the list, Pharmacy is basically a study about drugs; it deals with manufacturing of medications, performing clinical studies, and ensuring that drugs are safe and effective under an established protocol. The roles of pharmacists are vital in the health care system. Fresh graduates who successfully earned a vacant position can earn a starting wage of RM 3,640. All of those years of studying will certainly pay off.
  2. Corporate Strategy – Anyone who chooses business administration as a course can never go wrong. Realistically speaking, business is everywhere, whether it is a small or a huge company! It is considered as one of the highly in demand and highly paid jobs in Kuala Lumpur, with a starting salary of RM 3,200. Companies will always need skillful and knowledgeable individuals like you to run the daily operations. That’s why there are many job vacancies in Kuala Lumpur offering positions in business administration or strategy.There are many job vacancies in KL offering positions in business administration or strategy
  3. Sales-Financial Services – If business administration managerial positions focus on how operations should be systematically done, financial services involve directly with money. What job does not involve money? Nothing. Therefore, jobs related to sales and finance are also in demand for new graduates. And a starting salary of RM 3,054 is not bad after all.
  4. Doctor – After years of reading huge books, sleepless study nights, and hectic clinical schedules, finally, the new doctors will be able to practice their skills without the aid of a consultant. Because there is an endless medical concern in the world, doctors will always have a place in the society. Same as with pharmacists, they also play a significant role in the healthcare system. As heroes without capes, doctors deserve a pay of at least RM 2,719 per month for saving people’s lives.
  5. Sales-Engineering and IT – Evidently, technology is widely used around the globe. As these advanced machines, programs, and gadgets develop, companies who use techno resources will continuously need individuals who are tech-competent to work for them. Fresh graduates can earn at least RM 2,612 per month.
  6. Geophysics – Considered as the most general job, geophysics or applied geology covers several areas of discipline including biology, mathematics, physics, and chemistry. They can easily find a job that fits them because they are knowledgeable and skillful in several areas. Geophysicist can earn as much as RM 2,612 per month as a starting rate.You can easily find a geophysics job in KL because this jobs are knowledgeable and skillful
  7. Aviation – Kuala Lumpur is looking for individuals who are highly skillful on developing missiles, test aircraft, and spacecraft. The engineers have ongoing studies on how to improve technologies related to the defense system, navigation control, and space exploration. What’s more engaging about this job is that the entire universe is its working field! Newly graduated aerospace engineers have a beginning salary of RM 2,533.
  8. Actuarial Science – When it comes to dealing with numbers, companies look for actuaries to solve math-related problems. Actuaries cover several disciplines including mathematics, statistics, economics, finance, and even computer science. As they perform their job roles on the company’s insurance, property, casualty, and liability, they earn a beginning monthly salary of RM 2,475.KL companies are looking for actuaries to solve math-related problems
  9. Sales-Corporate – As long as the field of business exists, corporate salesmen and women with their marketing strategies will never end up unemployed. They are responsible for selling and promoting products and services of various companies. By studying the market activity and estimating potential profit, corporate salespeople earn a basic salary of RM 2,456 per month.
  10. IT-Software – Technology has been getting advanced each year. Whether it’s a micro- or macro-scale type of company, they gear on utilizing the internet in promoting their products and services. Fresh graduates of IT design and maintain websites, programs, and even mobile applications to create more conversions. They earn a starting salary of RM 2,452.

No matter what job you would like to engage on, don’t forget your ultimate accessory – your confidence. Look and appear smart. With the right level of confidence, you are certainly a step higher than your fellow job seekers and a step closer on having your dream job!