The Surprising Daily Habits That Are Causing You Wrinkles

Wrinkles – no one likes them, yet they keep trying to form anyway. What gives? You’ve changed your diet, invested in the best anti-aging products and cut out bad habits like smoking. You may think that you live the greatest anti-wrinkle lifestyle, but there are small things that you do every day that contribute to wrinkle development, things that you may not have even realized could cause them.


5 Daily Habits That Lead to Wrinkles

1. You squint and make faces.

Yes, sometimes you squint in the sunlight or have fun making faces, but these things help to cause wrinkles. Squinting creates those small wrinkles at the corners of your eyes, and making silly faces stretches your skin in extreme angles. The next time that you decide to squint or make a face at your child or a loved one, remember this: Your face might just stay frozen that way.



2. You love to chew gum.

Chewing gum may help to curb bad breath, but it also helps in the formation of wrinkles around your mouth. As you chew, your mouth continuously forms different shapes and creates lines at the top and corners of your lips. If you want fresh breath, enjoy a mint instead, or use a breath strip before risking pesky mouth wrinkles.

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3. You talk on the phone a lot.

Does your phone push against your skin as you talk? Do you hold your head to the side and feel the strain in your neck? If so, your daily phone chats are helping to form wrinkles in your skin. To lessen the effects, talk with your phone slightly pressed against your ear to prevent pushing the skin on your cheeks. You could also use a Bluetooth earpiece to prevent kinks and line formations in your neck.

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4. You apply makeup the wrong way.

If you’re opening your mouth wide to put on lipstick or lifting your eyebrows with one finger to apply mascara, you’re doing it wrong. Don’t pull or stretch your skin; apply your makeup naturally. Move your entire face in an angle that helps you apply the makeup. Stretching your skin will only contribute to lines in the future.



5. You sleep on your face.

Everyone turns over in their sleep, but some people really dig their faces down into their pillows. If you’re one of these people, switch out your regular pillowcase for a satin one. A satin pillowcase doesn’t bunch up and create those signature pillow lines in your face. Instead, it slides gently across your skin and helps to protect it as you sleep.


Even though age catches up with everyone and causes wrinkles over time, you don’t have to rush the process. By recognizing your wrinkle-causing habits and creating a good skin routine, such as applying a daily anti wrinkle cream, you can prevent stubborn lines and show off your perfectly smooth skin to the world.