The Best Office Locations in Singapore

If you’re searching for Singapore CBD commercial property, then you have several suitable options to consider. “CBD” stands for “central business district.” Central business districts are generally considered the bustling commercial centers of metropolises.

Singapore’s best office locations are in its “Central Area,” which is just south of the picturesque Singapore River. The Central Area is composed of the urban planning areas of Outram, Marina South, Downtown Core, River Valley, Orchard, Newton, Marina East, Museum, Straits View, Singapore River and Rochor. The Central Area is essentially a hub for commercial and financial activities, which is why all of its sections are such popular locales for offices. The area has a sleek and streamlined appearance, full of tall skyscrapers and busy passersby. Unsurprisingly, most of Singapore’s largest structures are in this area. The Central Area has a meticulous and tidy appearance thanks to meticulous planning. Raffles Place is one of the finest locations for offices in the Central Area. Republic Plaza, One Raffles Place, the OCBC Centre and One Raffles Quay, for a few specific examples, are all located in Raffles Place.

singaporeIf you walk around the Central Area, you’ll probably notice that the streets aren’t full of eye-catching advertisements and posters. This is intentional. The goal of the city planners is to keep the area organized and visually appealing rather than untidy and chaotic.

The businesses located in the Central Area are diverse. The Central Area is home to a large number of banks, for example. The UOB (United Overseas Bank) Plaza in Raffles Place is one of the most prominent points of interest in the area. The Central Area also is the location for The Sail & Marina Bay waterfront condominiums and the elegant Swissôtel The Stamford. From insurance agencies and law firms to web design companies and eateries, the Central Area has it all.

Since the Central Area is full of banks and other established companies, it’s generally extremely lively on weekdays. On the weekend, however, things are markedly more laid-back and quiet in the area. If you visit the Central Area on the weekend, you might even notice that many of the businesses are closed. If you want to eat at a restaurant or enjoy a leisurely weekend afternoon in Singapore, the Central Area is probably not the most suitable option available to you.

If you wish to find some of the best office spots in Singapore, be sure to explore all the ins and outs of the vibrant Central Area.