Spring Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen and Dining Area

Cleaning the kitchen and dining room is a normal part of the daily process but occasionally it is necessary to do a major clean-up job. The best way to get the cleaning done, while leaving floors and counters spotless, is to start with the stove.


Where to Start?

Open the oven. Remove connective cooking devices and soak them in a good cleaning solution. The stove is no doubt the grungiest part of the kitchen. It gets the greasy pots and pans that are the most difficult to clean. Stove utensils are time consuming to clean. So, it is best to soak these while cleaning the rest of the kitchen.

There are so many things to clean in the kitchen, sink, dishwasher, garbage disposal and counters. Cabinets get terribly disorganized, especially if you have the assistance of small hands; these require a nice cleaning. If you love to organize, you will find trays and under counter items need cleaning.

  • Begin with stove
  • Soak racks and pans
  • Empty cabinets and clean
  • Clear and clean fridge
  • Clean fridge containers

The best plan for maintaining a clean kitchen is to clean after each process. This is particularly true when making sauces and using oils. Avoid leaving sticky sugary messes on counters.

Cleaning the dishwasher with a bleach solution is a great way to control bacteria. This works to protect a family from a host of germs. Wiping the sink with vinegar cleans and strips it of grease.




Dining Room:

The dining room may appear an easy clean. However, when cleaned in detail it is a big job. If you have ever lost something and cannot find it. Cleaning a room thoroughly is sometimes the only way to find a lost item. Therefore, give the dining room a complete clean.

A first start to cleaning is windows. Ledges can get dusty and panes filmy if not cleans. This area of the home lets the rays of the sun in. When clean the view is extremely pleasant. Some prefer the green use of vinegar, which is found in some commercial cleansers.

  • Remove unnecessary items
  • Add under cabinet storage
  • Empty chest drawer and clean

A barrage of things get placed in the dining room. Books, extra pencils, even children’s toys, any objects not a part of the dining area, remove and place in the proper place. The chest drawer is an excellent place to store those special pieces used by a family, also, utensils used in the dining area.

Wall cleaning is a part of cleaning this busy room. Take down pictures, mirrors and plaques. Clean them with the proper solution. Replace them or change them to give the room a different look. Simple is always nice giving a room the appearance of more space.

Eating in the dining room is only comfortable if it is cleaned. Dining room furniture has chest drawer spaces that collect dust and require cleaning. A good scrubbing, also, requires the removal of dining room furniture. This helps when thoroughly cleaning floors.