Sports Marketing in Asian Sports

Sport marketing is a proven method of promoting the brand and the product. Sports events provide necessary exposure to the company’s brand. Millions of avid sports followers are glued to the television in important sporting events. Sports marketing campaigns are not just limited to television as they invade practically all other media too such as newspaper, billboards, radio, internet and magazines.

There is undoubtedly a huge untapped market for sports marketing in Asia. The sheer number of people in Asia presents a huge opportunity for international brands to do marketing through sports. Sports sponsorship in various sporting events in the region will ensure that the company’s brand or product is visible to viewers in Asia.

A good example of a sporting event that captivates the world is the recent Olympic Games in Beijing. Sports marketers, media and advertisers vied intensely for an advertising spot in the said event. An estimated US $18 billion were spent by companies and marketers on the Beijing Olympics.

The FIFA World Cup in 2006 reportedly earned US$100 million in tv rights alone. The tv rights for World Cup in 2010 and the coming 2014 were sold to a group of companies for US$ 350 million. Established sport marketing properties in Asia are clearly gaining momentum. The value of marketing in sporting events in Asia is definitely on the rise due to the perceived profitable results it will deliver.

A huge part of the growing popularity of Asian sports sponsorship is the increasing number of delivery media available to marketers. Aside from the traditional television and radio channels, marketing is now invading mobile, broadband and IPTV channels. This means additional opportunities for brand or product exposure to target audience.

Asians just like other fans are very supportive of their idol athletes. Local sports superstars like boxing legend Manny Pacquiao from the Philippines are treated like heroes in their homelands. Asians are particularly known for their intense support to known local sports personalities.

Businesses and marketers should choose the sporting events they will sponsor carefully. Compatible sponsorship can create a lasting impact to viewers and fans alike. Trust is cultivated if the perceived brand value aligns with the chosen sport. This can result in dramatic surges in sales. For instance, expensive wine brands will most likely sponsor a polo tournament. Beer companies will most likely sponsor baseball events.

Sports marketing in Asia harness the fans unbridled passion and support for their teams or sports hero. A brand or a product that is closely associated to a popular team will most likely gain a large following of loyal fans eager to reach out to their athlete idols. The trick is to get seen with the athlete endorser in every chance possible.