Sparkling Drinks – Are They Healthy Drinks?


Many people associate sparkling drinks with carbonated beverages full of sugar and bad fats. However, just because a drink is sparkling, that does not mean that it is unhealthy. In fact, many carbonated drinks are just based from fizzy water. The water has bubbles in it with some low calorie juice added. These are very healthy drinks that will have little to no calories added to them. You can find them in most grocery stores or markets. Just check the label first to see if there is any sugar. Many diet drinks claim to be full of natural sugars. However, they are actually full of really bad lipids that can make you bloated. There is nothing sexy about water retention. So, skip the carbonated diet drinks too!

If you want more ideas of what healthy drinks you can have, then stick to natural based drinks. Water is the best and healthiest of all, of course. You should be drinking water all day. Aim to have at least a liter a day for a healthy complexion and lifestyle. However if you are craving caffeine, then an ice tea is not horrible. As long as you do not have one all of the time, a simple ice lemon tea can be very refreshing on a summer’s day. You can also just have a hot lemon tea in the night after a big meal. This will help you digest and calm you during the evening.

When you work out, it is not advised you have a sports drinks because it is full of sugars that you just worked so hard to burn. However, if you must, then low sugar isotonic drinks will help boost your energy during a strenuous workout. However, you should continue to drink water during the workout because it is the only thing that will quench your thirst. Also, limit yourself to one sports drink so that you do not gain back all of the sugar you just lost. This will help you keep your body in shape.

If you want a fruity and sweet drink that is healthy, then try a coconut drink. This yummy concoction is great with pineapple slices or strawberries. You can add real fruit to make a simple summer drink. You can also mix it in a blender for a smoothie that will be great when laying by the pool. Just do not add any sugar because the natural fruit juice will sweeten it enough. Do not deny yourself either. If you are craving a sugary drink, then one sip will not kill you. Just do not do it every day!

It is not hard drinking healthy drinks. Just stay away from carbonated drinks filled with lots of sugar! Also, you should always remember to drink water during the day in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Hop over here to read Healthy Drinks For a Healthier You.