Skipping SEO and Going for AdWords

Apart from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-Click (PPC) programs like Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter, lets you advertise on Google, Yahoo and Bing respectively. Among the 3 PPC programs, AdWords is the most popular because it has greater reach due to Google’s popular search engine, which receives about 70% of the total global search volume.

AdWords works on a bidding system, whereby you put in a maximum bid price for your targeted keywords, and your ads have the highest chance to be seen if your bid is the highest. Of course this is a very simplified version because Google considers many other factors like Quality Score, which looks at things like the relevance of your ad copies to your keywords, the relevance of your landing pages, etc.

AdWords also comes with a slew of other powerful capabilities like a geo-targeting feature which essentially lets you target your audience by their country, all the way to the city level. AdWords also has a powerful reporting tool, that can be integrated with Google’s other full-featured website tracking and reporting suite called Google Analytics.

Although AdWords was designed as a DIY service, it can be quite technical and requires a lot of manual checking and optimization. For example, many folks that I’ve spoken to don’t have a clue about Quality Score and Keyword Matching.

Hence, a good option is to outsource the job to an Google AdWords campaign provider, like SearchGuru in Malaysia. Apart from ensuring that you get an “optimized” campaign, i.e. low CPC, high ad postions and great conversions, these AdWords experts can also help you manage the campaigns so that you can spend your precious time on your business instead.

Charges are usualy either flat rate or a percentage of the total ad spend (usually around 30%). The former would be a better option because in the latter, the provider may maken you spend more on your campaign so that he/she makes more in fees. Anyway, it’s best to shop around and get a few quotes – there are many AdWords providers in the Malaysia currently. Good luck and happy hunting!