Setting Up a Limo Service in Your Area

Setting up a limo service in your area will take some time, but if you are determined and take one step at a time, then you will be driving your own limousine, maxi cab or airport transfer service. If you are already driving a limo or you are new to the industry, either way owning your own limo service can be a very rewarding experience.

Experienced Limo Drivers

If you are new to the limousine business, then you will have to acquire training as a limo driver. Depending on the state in which you live, you may need a special license and training, you can check at the Department of Motor Vehicles in your area. If you do not have experience as a limo driver, then it may be best to hire someone in the beginning who has experience. Knowing the ins and outs of the business is vital for success, such as customer service and auto maintenance to name but a few areas you need to be familiar with.

Financing a Limo Business

Starting a limousine services business will take a large investment, and the biggest obstacle will be financing a vehicle. Limousines are specialized vehicles, and you can get a new or used one. Having a solid business plan will help you secure financing from a lender. There are many resources on and offline that can help you put together a business plan. There are also franchises available which could be very helpful in securing a loan.

Targeting your Market

You need to determine what or who your market will be and then determine how you will advertise. Many limo services offer airport transfer service, and many people have had great success in starting a limo service and then focusing only on the airport transfer service. Depending on what aspect of service you will provide will also determine what vehicle will be right for your limo business.

The vehicle you choose should be included as a marketing tool, inside and out. So, if you are focusing on airport transfer service, then you will want to promote a van or similar spacious vehicle to accommodate luggage. This can be easily done with a maxi cab booking.

The Good and the Bad

There are many good things about starting a limousine business such as you get to meet lots of interesting people, and you don’t have to stay all day in an office. The bad part is that the start-up cost is high.