Security Officer Specifics – 5 Key Roles of Security Officers and Their Importance in Our Society Today

Often overlooked, but just as important as any other worker – this is a line that aptly describes the situation of security officers in our world today. It’s never tough to find a job as a security officer, mainly because they’re always needed. But despite being one of the most common jobs in our society, there are still some who don’t truly understand the role or importance that security officers play. If you’ve tried to find security jobs in Malaysia, but you’re not sure if you’re cut out for the job, read through this list to learn more about the importance and responsibilities of security officers, and find out if you fit the bill.

  1. General Security – The main role of a security officer would be to ensure the safety and security of an area of business. For instance, an employer might hire a security officer to make sure their premises will be safe at all hours of the day. Often, security officers work in shifts, with one or two officers scanning the area in the morning, and another set of officers keeping the area secure at night after closing hours.The main responsibility of security officer job is to alert the necessary responders in case of a need
  2. Alerting Emergency Responders – Security officers only have a limited number of weapons and tools that they can use in case of a confrontation or a breach of security, and that’s why it’s their main responsibility to alert the necessary responders in case of a need. Security officers will call the police or medical emergency specialists, should they be required. So they must always be alert and aware of their area of responsibility.
  3. Assisting Customers – No one is a stranger to having doors opened for them by security guards when visiting establishments, and that’s because assisting customers is part of their job description. Whenever necessary, security guards are required to assist customers that come and go from the establishment in order to provide them a pleasant experience. Helping customers to their car, carrying their purchases, and holding doors open are just some of the things security officers do to help consumers.
  4. Taking Calls – After hours when there’s no one left in the office, some security officers are trained to take in calls, so that no caller is left unanswered. Of course, there is a limit to the amount of information or assistance they can provide over the phone, because they’re not trained to take calls the same way customer service specialists are. However, they can provide general information; such as when the store will be open, and whether they have certain products or services available.Taking calls and monitoring Daily Operations is required for job as a security officer
  5. Monitoring Daily Operations – Some of the basic operations that occur on a daily basis are often monitored by security officers and are prepared as a log to be submitted to managers or supervisors. These include worker attendance, comings and goings through entrances, as well as damage to equipment and machines that might be available at the establishment. The reports are submitted on a daily basis, in order to help managers keep tabs on all the different functions that occur during the day.

Being a security officer isn’t all that easy. So are you cut out for the job? Find your place in the industry of security, and start your career on the right foot by keeping these main functions in mind when you find your security officer opportunity.