Recommended Intake For Drinking Water And Other Healthy Drinks

Water is very versatile and unique. Its special property of surface tension for example allows for multiple usages. While studying water’s physical properties is important, it is also important to note water’s important function in the human body system. The human body’s weight is made up from about 60% water. In fact, the human body’s water intake level is from 80% pure water and 20% from food.

Just up to a few years ago, doctors recommended that the average person drink eight glasses of pure water minimum each day. However, recent studies have shown that there is no such thing as a measurable quantity of water intake a human should be getting to keep our bodies healthy. Apparently there was no scientific reasoning in the beginning for the eight glasses of pure water rule of thumb. New studies have shown that the human body can be hydrated with several drinks of choice, though water is still the best beverage as it offers zero calories. So what is considered a healthy drink besides water then? Whether choosing to drink coconut drink, ice lemon tea, or even sports drink, it is possible to be hydrated from anything. Experts recommend simply drinking when thirsty, and not to fulfil the eight glasses of drinking water per day rule. Just be careful not to overdo the sugary drink content. Drinking an excessive amount of sugary drinks will severely increase risk of heart disease and other diseases related to poor diet such as type 2 diabetes.

For those interested in losing weight, know that drinking lots of water can help tremendously! Water will fill the tummy, and fool the tummy into thinking that it is full. The placeholder water allows the tummy to feel full even though the calorie intake is zero. However, having a balance is essential. It is very important to not be dehydrated, but it is also possible to be over hydrated to the point in which a condition called water intoxication or hyponatremia will develop. Hyponatremia can be fatal. There could be severe symptoms such as seizures and coma.

Here are a few great ideas for drinks to keep you hydrated.

1. Sports drink
Sports drinks are a great way to keep hydrated. Though sports drink are not zero calorie like water, sport drinks will offer a carbohydrate boost and electrolytes that may have been loss during heavy sweating in an intensive fitness session. Most people who have an acquired taste may be more likely to drink more of sports drink rather than pure water because of its tangy taste that provides a nice combination. Discover further what is a sports drink and how does it benefit your active lifestyle.

2. Coconut Drinks
Coconut water is another great way to hydrate ! The natural components of coconut can help remove toxins from the body as well as aid digestions. Coconut also contains great amounts of potassium and is a natural isotonic beverage.


3. Ice Lemon Tea
Drinking Ice Lemon tea has great cardiovascular benefits and significantly reduces the risk of cancer.
Remember to always drink to health! 

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