Reasons to Choose Revlite Laser Treatments for Your Skin over Other Options

Many different types of lasers are used in Singapore today for cosmetic procedures. Each of the lasers has different properties and effects on the skin. One of the safest and most effective options is the Revlite laser system. Here are some reasons to choose the Revlite laser for skin treatments over the other options available.


Directly Treat the Signs of Ageing

The strong sun in Singapore can cause wrinkles and lines to appear on your face. The Revlite laser is very effective at directly treating the signs of ageing. Treatments with the laser can start to remove and fill in the wrinkles that form around the eyes and mouth. It can even potentially tighten wrinkles around the chin and neck.


aging skin infographic

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Promote Collagen Growth

Collagen is a natural substance beneath your skin produced by your body. Collagen is what makes your skin look smooth, supple and healthy. It also fills in minor imperfections, shallow scars and wrinkles. The Revlite laser will promote collagen growth. A treatment in Singapore could cause your face and neck to look younger as new collagen starts to be produced.


aging and young skin

the difference between aging skin and youthful skin


Get a More Consistent Complexion

Pollution in the air and the sun in Singapore can both cause your skin to become blotchy. Red marks and dark spots can become very noticeable over time. Treatments with the Revlite laser in Singapore can help to even out your complexion. Your skin will start to look more consistent. Blotches and spots will fade away over time. This can make you more attractive in no time at all.


revlite laser


No Long Recovery Is Needed

Some laser procedures are very harsh on your skin. You might need to recover for a few days after a treatment. The Revlite laser is non-ablative. This means it is very gentle on your skin. There is no long recovery required after receiving a laser treatment using the system. You can immediately return to your normal routine once finished.


Low Risk of Complications

Complications are something that many people in Singapore worry about when being treated with a laser. This is because some older lasers had problems with burning the skin or causing strange red patches to appear. This is not a problem with the Revlite laser system. The laser uses some of the safest technology today to achieve good results. You have the lowest risk possible of any complications appearing after a treatment.


laser result


No Serious Pain

A final reason to choose the Revlite laser for skin treatments is that you will not experience any serious pain. The laser is not burning away skin. The most that you will feel is a slight tingling when the laser is activated. That tingling stops almost immediately when the laser is deactivated. This makes the treatments very easy to sit through during the day.

The Revlite laser was intentionally designed to be a gentle yet effective alternative to some of the more powerful ablative devices on the market. This is why it has so many advantages over other lasers. If you want attractive skin and fewer signs of ageing with no side effects, then treatments using the Revlite laser are right for you.