How to Prepare Your Child for Their First Day at International School

If your child is going to join an accredited international school in Malaysia, you may expect their first day to pose new challenges, including unfamiliar routines, strange faces, and a new environment. Thankfully, you can prepare yourself and your child and look forward to a positive, enriching experience on their first day at school.

Here are some effective ways you can prepare and ascertain your child is ready and excited for his/her next adventure:

  1. Tour the Campus

Beforehand, tour your preferred international school and determine if it’s an environment that can provide happiness and prosperity to your child. The timing should be right, such as when students are in attendance, or curricular/extracurricular activities are going on. Sample a range of classes and see how the learners, particularly at your child’s schooling level, are interacting with their teachers. Don’t forget to meet with some of the preschool staff if that’s where your child is starting off.

  1. Spend Some Time Away

Preempt some first-day anxiety for your international school child by exposing them to periods of their parent’s absence. Find some time away from your child and let them learn to cope with the absence of their loved ones. The objective is to help them learn to feel safe and okay when in the company of people other than their close family relatives. By the time their first day of international school approaches, the child will be ready to venture out and experience new friends and company.

  1. Appreciate Your Child’s Concerns

Once you’ve let your child know that you’re sending them to school, they’ll certainly have their concerns over how the entire experience will pan out. Answer all their questions, and reassure them all the time. You could even introduce your child to books that may help ease their transition into school life.

Your child’s first day at international school in Malaysia need not be filled with fear. Try these tips to prepare yourself and your child for a successful entry to school.