Plants With Natural Anti-Aging Properties

Men and women have been searching for the fountain of youth to benefit from its rejuvenating powers. Fortunately, we have the next best thing in the form of plants with natural anti-aging properties. Scientists routinely harvest and extract the healing, anti-aging properties of these plants to use in the manufacture of creams and body lotions.

We would not be able to get along without these creams that sooth, protect and heal the skin from the damaging effects of the elements. One of the best know plants that contain anti aging properties is the Aloe plant. A resilient plant that spikes out its leaves in either direction, is a common household plant.

When you peel back the skin of the leaves, a slimy, gel-like substance called aloe-vera is what is used in the manufacture of almost all anti aging creams. This plant contains an impressive amount of vitamins, amino acids and minerals that the body uses to repair and build skin tissues that give the rejuvenation effect. Aloe Vera also contains free radicals that fight against premature aging of the skin. This plant has been used in skin care ever since the time of the ancient Egyptians, when Queen Cleopatra would use the aloe plant in her beauty regime.

The Argan Tree is where you get argan oil from by processing the nuts to extract the oil from it. This tree plant is an excellent source of vitamin E and antioxidants. Argan oil actually contains more healing properties than olive oil. This wonder plant is effective in softening the skin and keeping acne at bay because of a property it has called saponins. the benefit here is that argan oil greatly helps to reduce the aging effect by reducing wrinkles that naturally occur. Both aloe vera and argan oil extract are excellent in keeping the skin moisture and supple.

The recommended way to get the most out of your beauty treatment would be to visit your aesthetic doctor, who would first diagnose your skin to apply the best skin therapy. Skin types vary from dry, to oily and in between. After a skin therapy session at the aesthetic clinic, your skin will feel smooth and you will look radiant. Your aesthetic doctor will then recommend what creams and lotions to use.

Blueberries from the blueberry bush is not great plant source to get anti-aging properties from. Basically, blueberries contain a plant micronutrient called phytochemicals. This naturally occurring chemical is a useful anti aging component that slows down the aging process by reducing the amount of free radicals that builds up in our skin cells, which is responsible for aging.

Luckily for us these age defying plants exist for our use because many of the vital properties found in these plants are only derived from plants because our bodies do not produce some of these components. Skin care science has made it possible for us to benefit tremendously from these plants without the worry of side effects or harm to our health.

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