Perks of a Serviced Office

A serviced office removes the need for someone to hire secretaries, receptionists and other items that are found in a traditional office. The business model has been around for a few years now. People pay to rent office space, and they share secretaries and receptionist. The people who use the office rent the space and the services from the company that owns the space. Some of these companies own an entire building while others may simply use a single floor. If a single floor in a building is used for a serviced office, it will likely be one of the lower floors, although it may not be the lowest floor. The lowest floor of buildings in many cities is reserved for the most prominent business establishment. Higher floors may be used as office space. There are several perks to renting a service office, but a professional can easily figure out what they are.

The first perk is having office space to yourself. You can get away and have quiet when you need to work. Having an office allows a person to separate his home life from his personal life. This is not always easy for people who work at home. His office phone number will be the number of the office itself. He can still keep a cell phone for his personal calls.

Modern artistic serviced office provided by APBCOffices Singapore

The second perk comes form having a place to meet clients. You can bring clients into your reception area and discuss business offices. If you can find serviced office Singapore, you can show clients many different views of the city while you discuss the important business offices.

If you can find a serviced office to rent, there is another benefit that comes from sharing the building with others rather than hiring each employee individually. You can reduce your costs and increase your bottom line. Tough economic times require businesses to gain an even bigger edge over their competition. A Singapore serviced office can be an ideal way for a company that engages in International shipping to save money on their office space. If a business does not need its own building within the city state, they can rent a serviced office instead.

Singapore is a beautiful city in a tropical climate. The city is an international shipping hub.Cargo companies and UPS have offices within the city. If you need to ship goods from one country to another you should have a serviced office to rent, too.

Of course, if you want to move to Singapore and start your own business there, a serviced office can give you a good place to get started. You can ride the Singapore Flier, one of the world’s largest Ferris wheels, while you are in the city. Just make sure that all of the work waiting for you in the serviced office is done before doing any sightseeing. Read about serviced offices an easy option for small businesses