More Info on Law Courses at BAC Malaysia

Brickfields Asia College is one of Asia’s most respected and impressive law school; the law college offers many options for study in Malaysia and the UK to provide students with as many options for their preferred law profession when they complete their law degree. As with almost every profession an idea of which area a student wishes to specialize in can be very helpful when attending college, and in some cases can allow an easier passage through a postgraduate degree program.

Brickfields Asia College (BAC) Law School
Brickfields Asia College (BAC) Law School


When looking through the Brickfields Asia College website at there are many options of law degrees and postgraduate courses offered through BAC and its partner universities in foreign countries. Beginning with the choice of where to study for a law degree students can choose to complete A-Level’s that are offered by Cambridge University or a BAC UK transfer program to gain acceptance to a U.K. partner college, such as the University of Cardiff.

When entering a law school most students must complete a course of study in the basics of law that qualifies them to go on to a postgraduate course to qualify as a lawyer. After completing the initial course at a law college in the U.K. a BAC graduate is capable of completing bar courses for both the U.K. and Malaysia. Upon completion of a degree in law postgraduate opportunities are available, which allow graduates to determine and study in a specific area of law. For example, BAC offers postgraduate studies to obtain certificates in oil and gas law, shipping law, litigation and commercial contracts.

Choosing a specific area of law to study is a personal decision that allows a qualified lawyer to take control of their own career after completing their law school studies. Each candidate must determine what their personal interests are and from this can determine which area of law they are wishing to specialize in.