Men’s Gifting Guide: Fall Beauty Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Gifts of beauty could make the best gift for your girlfriend — especially in the fall when women want to look attractive for the holidays. Most women spend so much time buying gifts, planning parties and cooking holiday meals that they don’t have much time to spend on themselves. Your girlfriend will see you in a different way when you show her that you notice her personal preferences in cosmetics.


Choosing the Right Beauty Gift

Choosing the best gift might take a little research. Ask your girlfriend’s or spouse’s mates, siblings, family members or business associates what kind of cosmetics, beauty products and brands that she prefers. You can buy cosmetics in gift baskets and kits or design your own attractive basket or case with bespoke products that suit your girlfriend. The following ideas will spark your creativity:


In-Office Cosmetic Procedures

In-office medical procedures are becoming more common each day, and your girlfriend will love a cosmetic procedure that helps her look beautiful for the holiday season. The following ideas are simple cosmetic procedures that generate few risks and have fast recovery times:

  1. Laser skin resurfacing
  2. Acne scar or stretch mark treatments
  3. Coolaser treatments
  4. Dermal fillers
  5. CoolSculpting to remove fatty deposits
  6. Cryotherapy to remove warts and skin blemishes




Moisturising Products for Winter’s Chilly Kiss

You might think that the sun and surf can be rougher on a woman’s skin than winter weather, and that might be true for the whole body. However, faces suffer from blistering cold and vast temperature differentials that can damage facial skin and hair more than summer’s wind, surf, salt and sun. Moisturising products for your girlfriend include:

  • Facial chemical peels or certificates for salon services
  • Hair and skin moisturisers and conditioners
  • Facial toning systems and products
  • Wrinkle and eye creams
  • SPF skin moisturisers and ultraviolet protection products
  • Foaming facial washes and facial scrubs



Holiday Cosmetic Packages

Your girlfriend will appreciate and use a holiday cosmetic package that you can buy pre-made or build to suit your special woman. Find out what brands and products your lady friend prefers, and put together a fall holiday survival package. You might include items such as:

  • Hair Care Products
    Include a favourite shampoo, conditioner, hair colouring product, permanent, mousse, straightener or other hair care products. You might include a hair trimmer, depilatory, waxing product and women’s shaving supplies. Hair styling tools make great gifts and include styling wands, hair dryers and other hair appliances.
  • Makeup Kits
    Fall makeup packages in handy travel kits make perfect remembrances for someone you love. You can include foundation and powder, brushes, eyelash brushes and mascara, nail care, fragrances and bath and body products. Artificial nails, nail salon gift certificates and nail art sessions with a local artist also make great gifts.
  • Cleansing and Moisturising Baskets
    Create a bespoke basket of facial and skin products for your girlfriend, and watch her eyes expand with pleasurable surprise. Ask a friend what products your lover prefers, and assemble her favourites in a beautiful basket. You might include facial cleaners, scrubbers, deep cleansing products, makeup removers, antioxidant moisturisers, defoliators, noncomedogenic makeup for acne sufferers, acne treatments, facial masks, cream for stretch marks, wrinkle removers or a hydrating skin cleaning system for sensitive skin
  • Oral Care Packages
    Whitening strips, gift certificates for professional teeth whitening, dental services for crowns or veneers, electronic tooth care systems and other oral care products make thoughtful gifts. Giving your girlfriend an overnight tooth care case is a wonderfully creative way to propose a weekend getaway.
  • Ageing Skin Makeup
    Women need different care for their skin as they age, but you’d never want to suggest that your girlfriend is growing older. Offer your girlfriend a gift certificate for a skin consultation with a dermatologist or cosmetic specialist at a reputable spa.



Giving the Gift of Beauty

Fall begins an active social season, and holiday making, travelling, shopping and visiting friends, neighbours and families become more common. During these hectic months, thoughtfully considering your girlfriend’s beauty needs can win you lots of romance points. All women want to look their best during the holidays, so give your girlfriend a little help that she’ll treasure instead of choosing something that she might not like or ever use. Gifts of beauty are always appreciated, even if your girlfriend decides to re-gift the items that you choose.