Making It as an Online Entrepreneur in Malaysia



Give yourself a pat on the shoulder if you’ve decided to pursue a career as an entrepreneur. The journey is rewarding both personally and financially. However, it doesn’t come without its own obstacles. For entrepreneurs working to make their mark in the eCommerce industry, particularly within Malaysia, here are 5 useful tips that should be taken to heart.


Think Long-Term

long term planMany aspiring entrepreneurs fail to plan for the long-term while others fail to plan at all. They buy a book or pay for training and then just dive right into it. This is a bold strategy for passionate entrepreneurs, but is not always the most effective way to introduce yourself to the market. Instead, know what you are doing and what you plan to do in the following year or two.


Make Mistakes

If you aren’t making mistakes, you’re probably doing something wrong. Though this doesn’t necessarily mean you should intentionally make mistakes, an online entrepreneur should not be afraid to take risks that could cost him/her money, time, or labor. If you do make mistakes, learn from them.


take risks


It is less expensive and more fruitful to make mistakes early as opposed to encountering them in the future when your business is already well-established.


Ask For Help


ask for help


Sure, you’d want your brainchild all for yourself, but the reality is businesses reach scales that no single entrepreneur can handle by himself/herself. For web-based entrepreneurs, seek physical company incorporation in Malaysia by hiring professional virtual office providers. Having a physical headquarters makes your brand more legit and trustworthy in the eyes of local consumers.


Get Professional Web Design

Your website is the first point of contact with your customers. If it looks poorly constructed or lacks the vigor to excite customers, your sales and bottomline P/L will suffer year after year. Start the right way by getting professional web design and development services. You can either provide a draft of the design you want for the business or have the professional create one for you from scratch.


why need professional web


Offer Relevant Content

Different markets foster different audiences. Consumer demand in Malaysia may be slightly or completely different from consumer demand in U.S. states. Know your audience by conducting thorough research, surveys, and polls to accrue data regarding your target market. Furthermore, take the time and effort to visit ground level and meet your customers in person. This gives you a better understanding of who your ideal customers are, what they think about the product/service, and what opinions or thoughts they may have regarding your brand.

The road to building a well-established online business can be physically and mentally demanding. But having a plan and knowing the market space simplifies the process of building a profitable brand that can withstand the harshest economic conditions. In addition to these technical tools and resources, your personality and attitude as an entrepreneur will have considerable impact to your endeavors. Make sure you evaluate yourself and your suitability as a CEO before you enter the space.