Looking For A Job in Ipoh? Check Out These 5 Industries to Begin Your New Career

The third largest city in Malaysia, Ipoh has been steadily gaining in popularity. Local Malaysians and tourists alike have been traveling to Ipoh to enjoy the historical sites, natural wonders, and quiet neighborhoods. With the new found enthusiasm for Ipoh, many are migrating and looking for jobs in the capital of Perak. However, a question that has lingered is which industries in Ipoh have job vacancies. To answer this question, here are five flourishing industries in which you can look for a job in Ipoh.

  1. Hospitality

The hospitality industry in Ipoh is booming. Ipoh is famous for historical sights and retro-style accommodations. But due to the influx of tourists, 5-Star Hotels, resorts, and tour services are opening left and right. There’s a range of positions available from office jobs in marketing, finance, and sales for hotels all the way to jobs that will take you around the city like a tour guide.

  1. Food and BeverageThe job vacancies in F&B industy and food and beverage scene is booming in Ipoh

The Food and Beverage scene is booming in Ipoh. While street food used to take the attention of foodies in Ipoh, restaurants of not just traditional Malaysian but all types of cuisine are being built to cater to the different demographics of tourists. Positions range from front-house personnel to the chefs.

  1. Manufacturing

Ipoh has always been a city known for its chemical, metal, and product manufacturing industry with ample space for warehouses and factories. Ipoh is home to companies that manufacture popular soaps, electronics, and much more. You can apply for managerial positions, as an engineer, or in IT.

  1. BankingThe population increasing and business economy growing, banking job vacancies is needed in Ipoh

With the population in Ipoh increasing and the business economy growing, banks have been opening up numerous branches all over Ipoh focused on transaction and lending investment. Banks like OCPB Bank and Ambank Mecham have built several locations and need new hires.

  1. Construction

The construction industry in Ipoh inevitably blooms with the growth of Ipoh as a city. Hotels, banks, restaurants, and factories need to be built, and construction companies address these needs. The jobs available range from technical to supervisory and managerial positions.

If you have plans to begin a new career in Ipoh, take note of these five industries to start. They are not only growing but will get even bigger in the years to come.