Looi Mei Lin – What A Life!

I had the pleasure of meeting Looi Mei Lin today. I understand that she shot into the spotlight after winning a spot in a Malaysian beauty pageant. Since then, there offers for commercials, modeling and even acting came pouring in. After a couple of years in the industry, Mei Lin left to join the banking industry – another challenging role, but at least a stable one.

Unbeknownst to most Malaysians, Looi Mei Lin is actually a Penang chinese and hence, she is able to speak local dialects. This has caught many people by surprise because of her non-Chinese look, especially when she breaks out in Hokkien in public. The Penangite has settled down in KL and bought a home in this capital city.

Despite having left a full-time acting career, Mei Lin is still active in the industry and is actually part of the organizing commitee for this years Malaysian-equivalent of the Academy Awards. I understand from Mei Lin that she still plays small roles in local dramas on a part-time basis.

The banking role is also quite interesting, and very different from the common idea of what banking is about. Infact, it almost sounds like direct selling – the bank partners corporations to offer loan facilities to their staff but at a much reduced rate. I can see this as very beneficial for all parties, i.e. the bank makes some money, the staff get better loan rates and the company keep their staff happy!

Anyway, I wish Looi Mei Lin the best of luck in her new career. It was very nice meeting you indeed!