Latest Sport Sponsorship News

In the world of sports sponsorships, sponsors for different sports are always changing. Some companies want to spend money in order to sponsor a specific event, while others don’t have the funds any more, or didn’t find the vent profitable enough for them. Due to this, sponsorships are constantly changing, but the sponsors will always be there. If they aren’t, the particular event or sports team will just dry up and not be able to bring in enough money, forcing them to shut down. These bits are just some of the latest sports sponsorship news that is going on in the world today.

Friday Night Fights has long been a staple on ESPN, as the nightly boxing matchup takes center stage once the football season is over. This year there is a brand new sponsor for the fight: Chang Beer. This is an interesting push for the popular Thai beer, since it has yet to make any sort of a splash on the American marketplace. With this new agreement, it looks as though the beer is looking to possibly increase production and boost sales inside the United States with the new sponsor agreement.

Moving to NASCAR, 5-hour Energy has been the sponsor for the Nationwide race at Dover International Speedway for many years now, and it just confirmed that it will be returning to the track as the primary sponsor of the event again. The company believes it has profited immensely from the exposure it receives via the race, so it wishes to continue its current agreement with the sport.

The USA cycling team has several different sponsors, and there is soon to be one more. Post Grape-Nuts has just signed on to become a major sponsor of the USA cycling team, which is going to help promote the team and pay its way across the world as the team competes against other teams from different nations.

MISSION has recently signed on with the NBA for a multiyear deal to become toe official “Athletcare” service of the league. This means, all the merchandising of this option must be produced by MISSION. The deal should be both beneficial for both the company and the league, as long as the league doesn’t have any more extended layoffs. The longer these layoffs occur for, the harder it hits the sponsors, as they are not going to sell as many products as during the regular season.

GAC, a global shipping provider, has made its move over to the United States and has signed its first sponsorship with the Houston Rockets, an NBA team located in Texas. The company believes it is in a large target market area, and should help prompt the brand name to the surrounding area.