Landscaping Tips for Properties on the Market

One of the fastest ways to add instant value to property is landscaping. When a house for sale has curb appeal it sells. Buyers and renters alike are drawn to real estate with outdoor space that is well maintained. While landscaping a home can be costly it’s entirely possible to do it yourself with a limited budget.

Home and garden stores are a terrific resource for the amateur landscaper. The staff is usually very knowledgeable about plant care, outdoor furniture and project planning. Blogs, websites and the library are free resources with endless amounts of information. Driving around a neighborhood with landscaping that is pleasing can be a terrific way to get new ideas and observe trends.

Start with a clean and healthy space. Weeding gardens, mowing the lawn, removing trash, completing basic repairs and pruning bushes and trees create a blank slate. Designate specific areas for tools, hoses and supplies if a garage or shed is not available. It’s wise to have a project plan or checklist.

Small budget friendly changes can make a huge impact. Painting a front door or mailbox a bold color creates a focal point. Swapping out dated light fixtures with contemporary fixtures is an inexpensive face lift. When a property for sale hits the market the landscaping is a big part of the overall presentation. The first thing a potential buyer will see is the view from the street. It’s not unusual for a potential buyer or agent to skip a home altogether that has an unappealing first look.

A garden adds instant organic art to a house for rent. Garden design can be as simple as fresh greenery to monotoned flowers to a multicolor masterpiece. Window boxes and hanging plants are a warm and inviting elements to an apartment for sale. Renters are often forced to give up gardens or outdoor space. An apartment for rent with lush grounds is a hot commodity.

Infusing personality is key to a unique space. Water features, vegetable and herb gardens and architectural elements add a big punch. Home buyers and renters favor landscaping that extends the indoor living space to the outdoors. A small area specifically designed for dining, entertaining or outdoor play entices the modern family. A home is one of the largest investments a family will make. Utilizing every square inch of outdoor space increases square footage and usability without any additional renovation or costly construction.