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Security Officer Specifics – 5 Key Roles of Security Officers and Their Importance in Our Society Today

Often overlooked, but just as important as any other worker – this is a line that aptly describes the situation of security officers in our world today. It’s never tough to find a job as a security officer, mainly because they’re always needed. But despite being one of the most common jobs in our society, there are still some who don’t truly understand the role or importance that security officers play. If you’ve tried to find security jobs in Malaysia, but you’re not sure if you’re cut out for the job, read through this list to learn more about the importance and responsibilities of security officers, and find out if you fit the bill.

  1. General Security – The main role of a security officer would be to ensure the safety and security of an area of business. For instance, an employer might hire a security officer to make sure their premises will be safe at all hours of the day. Often, security officers work in shifts, with one or two officers scanning the area in the morning, and another set of officers keeping the area secure at night after closing hours.The main responsibility of security officer job is to alert the necessary responders in case of a need
  2. Alerting Emergency Responders – Security officers only have a limited number of weapons and tools that they can use in case of a confrontation or a breach of security, and that’s why it’s their main responsibility to alert the necessary responders in case of a need. Security officers will call the police or medical emergency specialists, should they be required. So they must always be alert and aware of their area of responsibility.
  3. Assisting Customers – No one is a stranger to having doors opened for them by security guards when visiting establishments, and that’s because assisting customers is part of their job description. Whenever necessary, security guards are required to assist customers that come and go from the establishment in order to provide them a pleasant experience. Helping customers to their car, carrying their purchases, and holding doors open are just some of the things security officers do to help consumers.
  4. Taking Calls – After hours when there’s no one left in the office, some security officers are trained to take in calls, so that no caller is left unanswered. Of course, there is a limit to the amount of information or assistance they can provide over the phone, because they’re not trained to take calls the same way customer service specialists are. However, they can provide general information; such as when the store will be open, and whether they have certain products or services available.Taking calls and monitoring Daily Operations is required for job as a security officer
  5. Monitoring Daily Operations – Some of the basic operations that occur on a daily basis are often monitored by security officers and are prepared as a log to be submitted to managers or supervisors. These include worker attendance, comings and goings through entrances, as well as damage to equipment and machines that might be available at the establishment. The reports are submitted on a daily basis, in order to help managers keep tabs on all the different functions that occur during the day.

Being a security officer isn’t all that easy. So are you cut out for the job? Find your place in the industry of security, and start your career on the right foot by keeping these main functions in mind when you find your security officer opportunity.

Think Ahead – 5 Strategies to Help HR Stay Ahead of Employee Engagement Problems

Together Everyone Achieves More - TEAMConstantly having to deal with workers leaving the force too soon? You might be having a few employee engagement problems. By definition, an engaged employee is a worker who is interested in their job, motivated to accomplish his or her allocated duties or more, and dedicated to the company that he or she serves. No doubt, it can be a serious challenge to keep employees from flaking out and quitting, but there are some things that HR professionals can do to see and resolve problems before they end in employee turn-over. Find out how to stay on top of employee engagement issues by trying these fool-proof strategies.


  1. Ask Questions – One of the reasons why HR professionals fail to see employee engagement problems until it’s too late is because they don’t ask the right questions when they can. Conducting a routine survey, and an employee engagement score evaluation after, will help determine how satisfied workers are with their current situation, as well what you can do to help make them feel more dedicated to their jobs.


  1. Keep Track of Progress – Once you’ve understood what’s keeping workers from being fully engaged, you can then come up with new strategies to reduce the problems they experience. But it’s not enough to just try a new tactic. Keeping track of progress or changes will help determine whether the new strategy is working, or if there’s a need for other adjustments.


  1. Communicate – Communication is one of the cornerstones of employee retention, but it can do much more than just keep workers around. Communication provides new perspectives on problems that employees would probably fail to mention through surveys and interviews. Make it a point to engage workers in casual conversation regularly to get a better idea of what they experience on a daily.


  1. Beef Up Incentives – If your employees feel like they’re aptly rewarded for their efforts, the thought of quitting might never even enter their heads. To prevent them from even feeling the need to move companies or look for other employers, develop attractive, useful, and valuable incentives and rewards, that will make them want to stay and work hard.


  1. Practice Servant Leadership – Employees feel much more important if they have a servant leader who proves that he or she cares about the workforce. Aside from being the perfect way to maintain open communication with your employees, this practice also makes it easier for you to put yourself in their shoes for a better understanding of what they go through every day, so you can develop strategies that work.


How well are you preventing employee turn-over? There’s no need to keep losing worthy workers – employee retention relies on you. Try these 5 methods to help prevent employees from abandoning ship and grow a workforce that brings out the best of your business.

Organic All the Way – 5 Practical Reasons to Make the Switch to Organic Beauty Products

Now more than ever, it’s become a major priority for people to look after their health, especially because the threats we encounter every day have become significantly more dangerous. Asian countries are more aggressive when it comes to their efforts in developing more health-conscious products. Organic skin care in Hongkong is particularly advanced and effective, where majority of the available brands boast all-organic formulations. For those who still have a chemical-based products in their makeup kits, it’s high time to make a change. Here are 5 practical reasons why it’s best to switch to all organic beauty

  1. Better for Skin – Using all the wrong products on the face, where the skin is particularly more sensitive, can be a major setback in terms of skin health and clarity. Makeup that doesn’t wash out properly, or that gets absorbed into the pores can cause the development of blemishes, dark spots, and even acne. Using organic makeup products can be a well-deserved change, since they give more vitamins and nutrients, hence better nourishment to the skin for a healthier glow.
  2. Easier on the Pocket – Formulations that use too many chemicals can be more expensive because of the different processes they require in order to make them usable on skin. But organic products necessitate very little process because they’re healthy and effective to begin with. This means manufacturers can reduce the overhead and bring down the retail cost of their products. There are many organic beauty brands that are more affordable, yet that work better, than their non-organic competitors.
  3. Gentle and Effective – Makeup and beauty products that are made from natural ingredients are just as effective (or even more-so) than their chemical-based counterparts, making them a formidable competitor in the cosmetics market. What’s more, unlike chemical-based products, organic options are much gentler, bringing about positive change without overdoing it.
  4. No Side Effects – It’s common to develop side-effects after using chemical-based products, because they’re not always ideal for use on all kinds of skin. There are countless stories of people who developed severe cases of acne because of using the wrong products on their face. Using organic beauty products reduces the chances for side-effects. They may cause negative effects in some cases, but this is usually on people who have certain
  5. Eco Friendly – Processing chemical products does a lot of harm to the environment, especially when they include petroleum in their formulation, since it releases a host of other chemicals in the manufacturing process. Organic products are much less damaging to the environment because the by-products they create naturally occur in the ecosystem.

It’s time to stop using harmful products that don’t do skin any good. Make the switch to organic products, and optimize health for a vibrant and beautiful glow all over.

6 Fun Activities For Kids to Learn About Thai Culture

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Bangkok is a huge retreat for partygoers. Bangkok’s nightlife is dubbed as the best in the world due to the awesome karaoke rooms, party-filled streets after dark, and the never-ending list of bars and nightclubs. But more than the amazing parties, Thailand’s capital city also offers a representation of the country’s culture. Western culture greatly influenced the city, yet Thais are able to preserve some of their traditions in the modern days.

Visiting Bangkok will never be complete without getting to know Thai culture. If you want your kids to be exposed to their culture and traditions, here are 6 practical ways to do so in Bangkok.Image result for Bangkok

  1. Take them to libraries. Believe it or not, Bangkok is also an escape for book lovers who wish to have a peaceful and quiet place. Other than the National Library, it’s also worth visiting the Neilson Hays Library, The Reading Room, and the Lumpini Public Library to know more about Thailand’s history. Just make sure to check the best hotel in Bangkok for families so it would be more convenient going to these libraries.
  2. Give them a trip to an interactive museum. Some kids don’t have the penchant for museums. One way to keep their attention is to bring them to an interactive museum such as the Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall along the Ratchadamnoen Klang Road.
  3. Let your kids experience the tuk-tuk ride. Before there were taxis, MRTs, and buses in Bangkok, there were tuk-tuks. It’s quite similar to those auto rickshaws also found in Thailand’s neighboring countries. Ask the tuk-tuk driver to take you straight to your destination without any stops and agree on the price before your ride.
  4. Enroll them in short Thai language class. Learning Thai culture and traditions might require learning the language first. There are Thai lessons you can get for free online, but if you’re interested in letting your kids have real interaction, there are schools in Bangkok that offer affordable Thai language classes. You can enroll your child in short classes or longer ones depending on the length of your stay.
  5. Bike around the city. The best way to observe culture is through interacting with the locals. You could take your kids around the city so they could see themselves how the locals work, do their errands, and follow tradition.
  6. Give them some art lessons. There are drop-in classes that you can find in many shopping malls. You can take advantage of the art lessons offered so your kids will learn more about how Thais approach art.

Learning about Thai culture can be fun for kids. Just make sure to have the grab the best hotel in Bangkok for families. This way, you won’t have to worry about getting around Bangkok and you and your kids will get the most out of each experience.

The Top 10 Job Opportunities for Fresh Graduates in Kuala Lumpur

After nth years, you finally did it–you finally had that hard-earned degree! Graduation, as one of the most prestigious moments of a person’s life, is just the beginning of a new journey and a new role.

Students become graduates. Eventually, they will be a productive citizen of the society by applying to real life scenarios what he or she had learned. So it is expected that all graduates have this question popping out from their mind “What is next for me?” And there you go, scanning and scrolling through newspapers or websites, as you take the challenge of hunting for the right job.

According to Jobstreet, these are the top 10  jobs for fresh graduates in Kuala Lumpur which might fit you:

  1. Pharmacy – Topping the list, Pharmacy is basically a study about drugs; it deals with manufacturing of medications, performing clinical studies, and ensuring that drugs are safe and effective under an established protocol. The roles of pharmacists are vital in the health care system. Fresh graduates who successfully earned a vacant position can earn a starting wage of RM 3,640. All of those years of studying will certainly pay off.
  2. Corporate Strategy – Anyone who chooses business administration as a course can never go wrong. Realistically speaking, business is everywhere, whether it is a small or a huge company! It is considered as one of the highly in demand and highly paid jobs in Kuala Lumpur, with a starting salary of RM 3,200. Companies will always need skillful and knowledgeable individuals like you to run the daily operations. That’s why there are many job vacancies in Kuala Lumpur offering positions in business administration or strategy.There are many job vacancies in KL offering positions in business administration or strategy
  3. Sales-Financial Services – If business administration managerial positions focus on how operations should be systematically done, financial services involve directly with money. What job does not involve money? Nothing. Therefore, jobs related to sales and finance are also in demand for new graduates. And a starting salary of RM 3,054 is not bad after all.
  4. Doctor – After years of reading huge books, sleepless study nights, and hectic clinical schedules, finally, the new doctors will be able to practice their skills without the aid of a consultant. Because there is an endless medical concern in the world, doctors will always have a place in the society. Same as with pharmacists, they also play a significant role in the healthcare system. As heroes without capes, doctors deserve a pay of at least RM 2,719 per month for saving people’s lives.
  5. Sales-Engineering and IT – Evidently, technology is widely used around the globe. As these advanced machines, programs, and gadgets develop, companies who use techno resources will continuously need individuals who are tech-competent to work for them. Fresh graduates can earn at least RM 2,612 per month.
  6. Geophysics – Considered as the most general job, geophysics or applied geology covers several areas of discipline including biology, mathematics, physics, and chemistry. They can easily find a job that fits them because they are knowledgeable and skillful in several areas. Geophysicist can earn as much as RM 2,612 per month as a starting rate.You can easily find a geophysics job in KL because this jobs are knowledgeable and skillful
  7. Aviation – Kuala Lumpur is looking for individuals who are highly skillful on developing missiles, test aircraft, and spacecraft. The engineers have ongoing studies on how to improve technologies related to the defense system, navigation control, and space exploration. What’s more engaging about this job is that the entire universe is its working field! Newly graduated aerospace engineers have a beginning salary of RM 2,533.
  8. Actuarial Science – When it comes to dealing with numbers, companies look for actuaries to solve math-related problems. Actuaries cover several disciplines including mathematics, statistics, economics, finance, and even computer science. As they perform their job roles on the company’s insurance, property, casualty, and liability, they earn a beginning monthly salary of RM 2,475.KL companies are looking for actuaries to solve math-related problems
  9. Sales-Corporate – As long as the field of business exists, corporate salesmen and women with their marketing strategies will never end up unemployed. They are responsible for selling and promoting products and services of various companies. By studying the market activity and estimating potential profit, corporate salespeople earn a basic salary of RM 2,456 per month.
  10. IT-Software – Technology has been getting advanced each year. Whether it’s a micro- or macro-scale type of company, they gear on utilizing the internet in promoting their products and services. Fresh graduates of IT design and maintain websites, programs, and even mobile applications to create more conversions. They earn a starting salary of RM 2,452.

No matter what job you would like to engage on, don’t forget your ultimate accessory – your confidence. Look and appear smart. With the right level of confidence, you are certainly a step higher than your fellow job seekers and a step closer on having your dream job!

6 Skin Care Products Every Woman Who Regularly Travels Should Have In Her Bag

Constantly traveling can take its toll on your skin if you don’t follow protective measures. Exposure to both artificial and natural elements like the wind, dust, pollution, and heat can easily damage your skin. This is especially true in countries like Malaysia where the tropical heat and humidity can put a lot of pressure on your skin’s sensitive pores. To ensure that your skin is always protected even when you’re on the road, see to it that you have the following skin care items in your bag.

Image result for Moisturizer for girl

  • Moisturizer – If your skin dries too easily, you should regularly apply a moisturizer. Basically, what a moisturizer does is hold minute amounts of water in the layers of your skin, thus preventing your skin from either drying or flaking. If the water being produced by your body is not enough to keep your skin dewy, the moisturizer attracts moisture from the air then traps it in your skin. That’s why you should always put on a moisturizer every time you venture out in places where you are exposed to skin-drying elements like direct sunlight and strong winds.

Image result for Toner for girl

  • Toner – A good toner is essential in prepping your skin before applying other skin care products. Needless to say, this is a lot more difficult to do if your skin is notorious for producing excess oil. That is why, you need an effective toner for dealing with the pesky oil. There’s no consensus as to what’s the best toner for oily skin out there because different skins have different reactions to toners. Your best bet is to find the ones that get the most positive feedback from users.

Image result for Eye Cream for girl

  • Eye Cream – The skin around your eyes are very fragile, which is the main reason why they are more prone to drying and to the formation of wrinkles and ugly lines. If they are exposed and unprotected, you might even develop puffiness and dark circles. These problems can be prevented by regularly applying an eye cream.

Image result for Cleanser for girl

  • Cleanser – This is one of the most common beauty products used by women, because it has the ability to get rid of almost all types of dirt and grime. It’s effective against sweat, dust, excess sebum, bacteria, dead skin cells, cosmetics, and other forms of pollutants. Cleansers are also much gentler to the skin compared to soaps.

Image result for Exfoliating Scrub for girl

  • Exfoliating Scrub – Exfoliators have one main function, and that is to remove the dead and dry cells that have accumulated on the surface of your skin. They are much stronger than cleansers so you should use them moderately. Using the scrub two or three time a week should be enough.

Image result for sunscreen for girl

  • Sunscreen – Always keep in mind that Malaysia is a tropical country so the heat can sometimes become harsh and damaging to the skin. You can and should protect your skin by putting on sunscreen before you venture out under the open sun.

These beauty and skin care products come in tiny packages so you can easily pack them all in a small handbag. They are also not that hard to find since you can purchase them in most wellness and beauty stores, either offline or online. So, if you’re a frequent traveler, whether for business or for leisure, make sure you have these essential products handy, to help keep your skin healthy and protected from unnecessary damage.