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How to Prepare Your Child for Their First Day at International School

If your child is going to join an accredited international school in Malaysia, you may expect their first day to pose new challenges, including unfamiliar routines, strange faces, and a new environment. Thankfully, you can prepare yourself and your child and look forward to a positive, enriching experience on their first day at school.

Here are some effective ways you can prepare and ascertain your child is ready and excited for his/her next adventure:

  1. Tour the Campus

Beforehand, tour your preferred international school and determine if it’s an environment that can provide happiness and prosperity to your child. The timing should be right, such as when students are in attendance, or curricular/extracurricular activities are going on. Sample a range of classes and see how the learners, particularly at your child’s schooling level, are interacting with their teachers. Don’t forget to meet with some of the preschool staff if that’s where your child is starting off.

  1. Spend Some Time Away

Preempt some first-day anxiety for your international school child by exposing them to periods of their parent’s absence. Find some time away from your child and let them learn to cope with the absence of their loved ones. The objective is to help them learn to feel safe and okay when in the company of people other than their close family relatives. By the time their first day of international school approaches, the child will be ready to venture out and experience new friends and company.

  1. Appreciate Your Child’s Concerns

Once you’ve let your child know that you’re sending them to school, they’ll certainly have their concerns over how the entire experience will pan out. Answer all their questions, and reassure them all the time. You could even introduce your child to books that may help ease their transition into school life.

Your child’s first day at international school in Malaysia need not be filled with fear. Try these tips to prepare yourself and your child for a successful entry to school.

Taiping Jobs: 3 Important Attributes of a Dynamic Leader

Are you looking to serve in a leadership position in a busy organization in Taiping? Do you think you’re cut out for a senior executive or managerial job? Well, you’ll most likely describe yourself as a dynamic person or leader, among other attributes, when applying for coveted lucrative job vacancies in Taiping.

But what exactly do employers in Taiping mean when they require that job applicants be dynamic? To a serious employer, “dynamic” is not a mere buzz word, and below are some important habits that are required of dynamic leaders:

1. Openness to Positive Change
If you’re seeking a leadership position in any organization, your prospective employer will expect you to demonstrate that, in the past, you’ve been involved in the initiation and/or implementation of positive change. A dynamic leader is in the habit of adopting change that’s beneficial to the organization they work for.
As you explain your job experience, try to show the gains for your organization that resulted from the change you initiated. Were you able to shorten production cycles, increase operational efficiency, decrease costs, or simplify processes? For example, a dynamic leader for a newspaper may demonstrate how adopting a digital strategy helped tap into millions of readers spending most of their time on social media and Google.

2. Question Everything
Some of the world’s most important scientific discoveries and developments resulted from intelligent people “questioning everything.” For instance, it’s thought that Sir Isaac Newton questioned why an apple dropped, rather than go sideways or remain at rest. The question paved the way to the discovery of gravity.
Likewise, a dynamic leader questions status quo even if other people cannot see why. They look into how a business does things and seek explanations. This creates room for innovation and beneficial change at the workplace.

3. Collective Change
A dynamic leader must inspire confidence in their team to accept and be part of the change. They impart their change philosophy into recruits, inviting them to come on board and participate in positive innovation.


So, if you’re saying that you’re a dynamic leader when applying for executive-level job vacancies in Taiping, be sure to demonstrate how. Review your professional record and identify cases where your change philosophy brought gains to an organization in your favorite city!

5 Landmarks Worth Visiting in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Negeri Sembilan is among the most popular Malaysian states for tourism. Surrounded by beaches, nature parks, and palaces, Negeri Sembilan is hands down a perfect holiday destination. Planning to land your feet in this Malaysian state soon? Here are some places that are worth-visiting in Negeri Sembilan:

  1. Cape Rachado

Situated in the district of Port Dickson, this historic site offers a beautiful view of the cliff and the clear water. If you are up for some climbing, the Cape Rachado is the best place to go to in Negeri Sembilan. The long hike will lead you to the lighthouse, which is believed to be the oldest lighthouse in Malaysia. The historic lighthouse was built during the 16th century.

  1. Church of the Visitation

This church in Seremban is another historic landmark worth-visiting. Its construction was dated back in the late 1840s, at a time when Malaysia is experiencing its colonial era. The Church of the Visitation is not just a landmark in the state but also in the entire country because of its astonishing edifice and interesting history.

  1. Gunung Datuk Recreational Forest

A pride of Rembau, this destination is a delight to hiking enthusiasts. It will take you to two hours to reach the peak, but the challenging hike is worth it once you see the superb view at the top. With a small fee of RM5 per person, you can already start climbing and get a wonderful view of Negeri Sembilan.

  1. Seremban Cultural Complex

If you are interested in the history and culture of the state, go to the Seremban Cultural Complex in Jalan Sungai Ujong. You could get a glimpse of the traditional houses and old wooden boats in the outdoor displays as well as the other historical stuff of Negeri Sembilan.

  1. Jelita Ostrich Farm

The last, but not the least is an ideal getaway if you are with kids. Watch the ostrich race, ride on them, and taste the delicious ostrich egg. While it is an ostrich farm, you can still see other farm animals such as goats, horses, and ponies.

With so many attractions in the state, a day or two will not be enough to visit them all. If you want to make the most of your trip, stay in Negeri Sembilan for at least a week. You can find Chalet Negeri Sembilan or lodges at an affordable cost.

But if you are not really on a tight budget and you prefer a more comfortable lodging experience, you can simply book a hotel accommodation. The Lexis Port Dickson Hotel is one of the premium suites that are nearby the landmarks mentioned above. Book a room today to catch the best rate!

6 Awesome Reasons You Should Get Yourself a Juice Machine

Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function. However, eating them in their original form can be intimidating, especially if you are not fond of their taste. For instance, eating an avocado, which happens to be one of the most nutrient-rich fruits out there, can be hard if you don’t like its taste. That said, you need to turn it into something else which you can easily consume. This is where a juice machine enters the picture. A juicer allows you to create various drinks and smoothies from a combination of fruits and vegetables.

Still undecided if you should get a juicer? The following benefits of the drinks and smoothies you can make with the juicer should be more than enough to help you decide:

  1. It’s great for body detoxification Juicing helps your body get rid of the harmful toxins that have accumulated inside your system because of unhealthy eating habits. Some fitness experts often refer to this method as juice fasting. Basically, what you need to do is cut down your intake of your normal diet and replace it with raw and natural juices. In this manner, your body flushes out the toxins while you consume healthy amounts of nutrients from fruits and vegetables.
  2. It stimulates better nutrient absorption When you turn fruits and vegetables into juice, you are basically removing the pulp while squeezing out the juices. The pulp is the part of the fruit or vegetable that your body finds tough to digest. If these are left behind, there’s less work for your digestive system. It’s much easier for your intestines to absorb the vitamins in liquid form. Your body bypasses the digestion of fiber; thus absorbing nutrients become more efficient.
  3. It helps in lowering your blood sugar level Millions of people from around the world currently suffer from diabetes because of their excessive consumption of sugary products. You can significantly reduce the risk of acquiring the disease by switching to natural juices from raw fruits and vegetables. Yes, these natural juices still contain sugar but in moderate and healthy amounts. 
  4. It saves you a lot of money If you regularly purchase processed drinks like soda, packed juice, and energy drinks, then you know how expensive these items can be. Not only are these processed drinks expensive, but they are also often unhealthy. For instance, packed juices often contain huge amounts of sugar. Switching to juice that you make yourself is much healthier and safer. You also get to save huge amounts of cash every month.
  5. It helps you get better skin There’s a reason people who consume larger amounts of fruits and vegetables usually have healthier and brighter skin. This is because fruits and vegetables play a critical role in keeping the skin healthy. A lot of the nutrients that the skin needs come from fruits and vegetables. These nutrients also serve as moisturizers thus preventing the formation of acnes and blemishes on your skin.
  6. It enables you to consume a wider range of fruits and vegetables As we mentioned earlier, a juicer encourages you to experiment even with fruits and vegetables that you don’t like. You can combine them as main ingredients to come up with a taste and flavor that you like. In a way, a juicer allows you to widen your taste for more fruits and vegetables.

In a nutshell, getting a juice machine is an investment that will significantly improve your health. For best results, you should get a model that has a capacity of at least three glasses. You can prepare the juice in the morning, drink the first glass, then store the remaining two glasses for lunch and dinner. Three glasses of natural drinks or smoothies a day are more than enough to provide you with the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that your body needs.

The Basic Guide to Travelling on The ETS: 5 Things to Know

The ETS or Electric Train Service is operated by KTMB and is Malaysia’s fastest train service to date. Going at 140km per hour, the train is one of the top choices among local and foreign travellers who’d like to reach other states in Peninsular Malaysia fast without facing the traffic. Find out what you need to know below.

  1. When and where to buy tickets The ideal time to buy your tickets is a few days before your departure date, as early as 30 days in advance, and five hours before your departure time. You can buy the tickets online at KTMB’s official site or go straight to the ticketing counters at KL Sentral or other selected KTM stations.
  2. Types of ETS tickets There are three coach classes with different ticket prices: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. For those in a hurry, you can get the Platinum ticket as it doesn’t make as many stops as the other two, and is the most expensive of the three. Take note that the classes have the same service, facilities, and seats; what makes them different is the number of stops they make.
  3. Major routes There are three primary routes available: a) Butterworth –KL Sentral  b) Ipoh – KL Sentral  c) Padang Besar – Butterworth – Ipoh – KL Sentral – Seremban – Gemas
  4. Key ETS stations There are four key ETS stations where you can board the train: KL Sentral (Kuala Lumpur), Ipoh (Perak), Butterworth (Penang), and Padang Besar (Perlis). You can go directly to Bangkok by stopping at Padang Besar and taking the Thai Railways International Express there.
  5. ETS schedule To figure out the best time to make your journey to your chosen destination in Peninsular Malaysia, check the ETS timetable available online. You can even print it out, so you won’t miss the critical time. The ETS calendar rarely changes unless otherwise stated.

Plan your journey carefully and try to book your tickets in advance for convenience and to avoid sold out tickets. Make sure your destination has a station where the ETS stops. Check out the ETS timetable to make it easier for you to plan your journey.

Where to Find the Best Fitness Gyms in Singapore?

Singapore is the healthiest country in Asia in 2017. That was according to Bloomberg. Based on the new index of the digital company, Singapore is also the fourth healthiest country in the world.

If there is anything good with the statistics, it motivates Singaporeans to live a better life and maintain a good shape. In case you are trying to bulk up or burn that stubborn fat, the fact that almost everyone around you is healthy is already a significant advantage. Are you ready to start your fitness journey and see a better you? Here are 5 of the best places where you can sweat it out in Singapore:

  1. Fitness First It has everything you would want in a gym, from the equipment down to the trainers. You will get the access to their modern and innovative facilities as a member. You will also have the entry to all their clubs in Singapore.
  2. Aileron If you are looking for a spacious gym with a beautiful view of the sea, head to Aileron. Besides the peaceful surrounding, Aileron will welcome with their warm and highly trained staff.
  3. Ritual Gym (Raffles Place) For those who are looking for express workouts, this gym along the North Canal Road is the best place to go. They specialize in high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This gym is open from Monday to Saturday.
  4. Gold’s Gym This fitness center specializes in personal training that promises excellent results. They offer various kinds of services to help you lose weight, bulk up, or even get into shape before your big day.
  5. Pure Fitness They have many gyms all over Singapore. Besides the special services for individuals and groups, they also host workshops and events now and then.

Working out is part of having a healthy lifestyle. If you haven’t done your regular workouts, there is no better time to start than now. Keep moving, get fit, and feel better. These are just some of the perks of going to the gym. Excited to get the body you have always been dreaming for? Head to the nearest fitness center now!