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Image result for 5 Simple Tips To Look Flawless Without Makeup

Some women love wearing makeup all the time, whether to work, a party, or a date. Meanwhile, there are some who’d rather go makeup free due to several reasons like money or skin allergy. Regardless of why you choose not to wear makeup, it’s possible for you to still look great and enhance your appearance without wearing them. Check out these five simple tips to look flawless without makeup:

  1. Get up early in the morning

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If you’re an early riser, you’re in luck: most early risers have an established sleep routine that makes them sleep early and wake up early, which in a way allows them to have younger-looking skin as they’re well rested and have enough sleep required by their age group. Avoid staying and waking up late too often. Not only will it put you in a bad mood, but you’ll also end up with a worse appearance.

  1. Exfoliate often

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To have glowing and healthy-looking skin, you need to exfoliate as often as you can, depending on your skin type. It helps to keep the skin smooth, eliminate dead skin, and increase blood flow. To save more use a product that’s suitable for all skin types, or the one that can be utilized either for scrubbing or facial exfoliation. For the best results, use a cleanser with granular white sugar.

  1. Moisturize daily

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No matter how old you are or what type of skin you have, you need to moisturize daily. Use a day cream when you get ready in the morning, preferably the ones containing SPF or UV rays reflecting properties. This kind of moisturizer often works throughout the day in erasing dark spots, protecting your skin from sun damages, and hydrating your skin. Come nighttime, use a night cream that revitalizes and repairs your skin as you sleep.

  1. Use teeth whitening strips

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Bright and shiny teeth can add more radiance and glow to your face, making you appear younger. To have a youthful and more radiant smile, simply use teeth whitening strips (daily) that can be purchased at any major pharmacy. Since the strips don’t require any rinsing or brushing, you can use them on-the-go. If you’re too lazy or busy to do it yourself, you can book a similar appointment with your dentist.

  1. Use lip balm to enhance lips

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Last but not least is to use a hydrating lip balm to enhance your lips and making them look rosier and plumper. The best lip balm for women to use should contain nourishing properties such as lanolin, beeswax, or castor seed oil for long-lasting hydration and treating chapped lips. Additionally, your lip balm should also give you a rosier look and enhance the color of your lips. No lipsticks needed!

It may take a while for you to achieve that flawless look, which is why the sooner you start with your skincare routine, the better, even if you’re still in your 20s. In addition to a thorough and daily skincare routine, you should also consume more fresh fruits and veggies on a regular basis, and drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Avoid heavy drinking, smoking, and partying until the late night. Doing so will not only give you a healthier body and clearer state of mind, but you’ll also have better-looking skin and no longer need to hide your flaws with makeup.

4 Powerful Tips In Finding Information Technology Jobs In Malaysia

The information technology industry in Malaysia is growing in leaps and bounds. This growth also means that the demand for IT professionals is on the rise. What’s great about working in IT is that not only are you eligible to apply for local companies, you can also take your chances with international companies who have operations in Malaysia. If you are an IT graduate looking for a job, here are some tips you can follow to improve your chances:

  1. Get certifications for as many specialties as you can

There are several categories in Information Technology. These categories are further divided into numerous specialties. To improve your resume, you should take the time to join training workshops and seminars that will hone your skills in various specialties. These extra skills will come in handy when you start submitting your resume to IT companies.

  1. Polish your online imageMajority of HR managers these days check out the online profiles of people applying for a job in Malaysia

The majority of human resource managers these days check out the online profiles of people applying for a job in their company. That said, you should take the time to make sure that none of the photos, videos, and other types of content in your social profiles can hurt your reputation.

  1. Focus your search in places where technology companies converge

The logic here is quite simple. If you seek an IT job in an IT-oriented area, you have better chances of finding the one you want because of the availability of opportunities. For example, many IT graduates head over to Cyberjaya because many multinational IT firms are based there.

  1. Don’t be afraid to gain valuable training in unpaid internship programsWorking as an intern in Malaysia will open up a lot of opportunities for you

Working as an intern will open up a lot of opportunities for you. Not only will you get the experience you need, but you will also get the chance to connect with people who have been in the industry for a long time.

In a nutshell, finding IT jobs in Malaysia is a matter of persistence and looking in the right places. You have to remember that there are thousands of other IT professionals who want to land the same job you are targeting. You have to strive in making yourself stand out from the crowd. Show to your prospective employer why you deserve to be hired instead of the other applicants.

Do Small Food Businesses in Malaysia Have to Adhere to Food Regulations?


The straightforward answer is yes. And it is great news since the food safety regulations give peace of mind to consumers, restaurant owners, and others who are involved in some way in the Malaysian food industry.  Now let’s take a closer look at some key points to help you understand more about the food safety regulations of Malaysia.1

  1. There are some prohibited foods if no license is provided

Malaysia is not legally able to export some foods such as rice, sugar, meat, eggs, cockles, live animals, minerals, plants, ores, live fish, coral, milk, oil palms and other specified products if they do not have the appropriate license. This is to ensure the maximum safety when people consume food or sell food to other consumers.

But this is good news for people in the food industry who wish to export their food from Malaysia since they can potentially make good profits. To be able to play in the Malaysian food export industry, they must follow applicable laws and pass the quality test set up by the Malaysian government.2

  1. Standard conformity

Product certification ensures that buyers will be receiving products that comply with legal requirements. These rules are set in place to assure a minimum base of safety regulations or performance.  The product certification process for products manufactured in Malaysia must adhere to a standard of the goods to be consumed inside Malaysia. Or, they must conform to a standard applied to products that will be consumed outside the boundaries of Malaysia. SIRIM accepts these standards and will issue the marks “MS” or “S” to denote Malaysian quality and safety.  Standard conformity in these issues ensures quality and security for all, which truly is important.

The government regulations about food safety in Malaysia are a good was to avoid an outbreak of foodborne diseases across Malaysia. It is only logical that everybody involved in the food industry in Malaysia must follow these rules. It’s for everybody’s safety and peace of mind. Also, others in the food industry will be glad to adhere to regulations to profit in their business within various realms of the food industry in Malaysia.


Dreaming to Travel Around Malaysia But Short in Cash? Find Out How to Here!

Traveling is definitely one of the few things that everyone should consider doing. One of the many purposes of travel is to fulfill the need to unwind and relax in between the busy day-to-day routine. Another great function is to spend precious bonding moments with family and friends every once in a while.

But for those who may seem to be running low on budget and feel that it’s impossible to plan a vacation without having enough money on hand, there exists one convenient solution, and that is to use a credit card for all your traveling expenses. If you wish to travel around Malaysia using your credit card only, read on to know how to achieve it.


  1. Book a flight online and charge it to your card

Most (if not all) airline companies have their websites where you can book a flight using your credit card. In addition to the convenience of booking a flight from the comfort of your home, paying with your credit card online also means buying ahead and paying for it monthly afterward. Another advantage is that you can always plan ahead and avail of promos and discounted fares during low peak season.


  1. Get a KLIA Premium Lounge credit card

Once you arrive at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), head straight to the Premium Lounge where you can avail of countless benefits using your credit card. Get free entry to exclusive airport premium lounges, free travel insurance, and even free limo rides home from the airport.  The Plaza Premium Lounge is open to all passengers where they can take advantage of complimentary food and beverages, relax in the lounge complete with cozy sofas and TV screens, refresh using free showers, and enjoy basic business services and internet. If you don’t have the credit card yet, you may click this link to apply for your own.


  1. Take advantage of tourist packages

A lot of travel agencies accept credit cards for their touring services. The products they offer vary widely and may include hotel accommodation, transportation, entrance fees, and even meals. With this, you’re sure to have everything you need even if you have little cash on hand.


Going to and traveling around Malaysia is possible even you don’t have that ready cash, just one swipe of your credit card, and voilà! Everything’s ready for you!

Looking For A Job in Ipoh? Check Out These 5 Industries to Begin Your New Career

The third largest city in Malaysia, Ipoh has been steadily gaining in popularity. Local Malaysians and tourists alike have been traveling to Ipoh to enjoy the historical sites, natural wonders, and quiet neighborhoods. With the new found enthusiasm for Ipoh, many are migrating and looking for jobs in the capital of Perak. However, a question that has lingered is which industries in Ipoh have job vacancies. To answer this question, here are five flourishing industries in which you can look for a job in Ipoh.

  1. Hospitality

The hospitality industry in Ipoh is booming. Ipoh is famous for historical sights and retro-style accommodations. But due to the influx of tourists, 5-Star Hotels, resorts, and tour services are opening left and right. There’s a range of positions available from office jobs in marketing, finance, and sales for hotels all the way to jobs that will take you around the city like a tour guide.

  1. Food and BeverageThe job vacancies in F&B industy and food and beverage scene is booming in Ipoh

The Food and Beverage scene is booming in Ipoh. While street food used to take the attention of foodies in Ipoh, restaurants of not just traditional Malaysian but all types of cuisine are being built to cater to the different demographics of tourists. Positions range from front-house personnel to the chefs.

  1. Manufacturing

Ipoh has always been a city known for its chemical, metal, and product manufacturing industry with ample space for warehouses and factories. Ipoh is home to companies that manufacture popular soaps, electronics, and much more. You can apply for managerial positions, as an engineer, or in IT.

  1. BankingThe population increasing and business economy growing, banking job vacancies is needed in Ipoh

With the population in Ipoh increasing and the business economy growing, banks have been opening up numerous branches all over Ipoh focused on transaction and lending investment. Banks like OCPB Bank and Ambank Mecham have built several locations and need new hires.

  1. Construction

The construction industry in Ipoh inevitably blooms with the growth of Ipoh as a city. Hotels, banks, restaurants, and factories need to be built, and construction companies address these needs. The jobs available range from technical to supervisory and managerial positions.

If you have plans to begin a new career in Ipoh, take note of these five industries to start. They are not only growing but will get even bigger in the years to come.

IT’S NOT ALWAYS SUNNY – Where to Start Managing Your Finances When You Don’t Have a Job

When you don’t have a job or just lost one, a personal financial crisis looms ahead. Managing your savings until a new job prospect comes along is quite challenging. Besides having to limit personal spending, you need to look for other ways to at least stop your funds from drying out while waiting. With financial uncertainty, your likely option is to inquire about high-interest deposit accounts – in case you have savings.


However, if your savings is scarce and no steady stream of income is forthcoming, it would be in your best interest to act decisively. Start managing your funds and follow these tips for proper direction.


Where to Start Managing Your Finances When You Don’t Have a Job


  1. Scale Down Spending

Your first call-to-action is to control your personal spending. The loss of a job means you no longer have disposable income to spare. A lifestyle change is definitely in order. Avoid spending in little pleasures at all costs. Your spending is down to the necessities, as it’s the prudent way to start managing your funds.


  1. Work On A Budget

When you didn’t care about budgeting before, working on a budget this time is the only way to go. Set a budget to allocate funds for specific use only. Accounting for every cash outlay will begin a habit of cautious spending. If successful, you will see that things are affordable after all because you’ve accounted for every expense.


  1. Avoid Debt

There is a strong tendency to borrow when you are tight on the pocket. Remember that the absence of a steady income and additional loan to be repaid will only worsen your financial situation. Understand that you are already in a tight fix.


  1. Apply For A New Job

Waste no time in searching or applying for a new job. Your objective is to bounce right back to mainstream employment. Take your network list or contacts as there might be people on your list who can help you find a suitable job. Think of your situation as a temporary setback.


  1. Update Your Resume

Looking for a new employment is looking for a fresh start. Update your resume by enumerating the things you have accomplished since your last work. Include your new skills and qualifications.


The rules on personal finance never change. Spending beyond your means is the basic ‘not to’ in money management. When you lose a job, and financial disaster hits, you have no one to blame but yourself. Make saving a habit and learn to place your money in high-interest deposit accounts. A lot is at stake, including your future.