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Overseas Pre-Wedding Photography: Make Lasting Memories

More often than not, brides and grooms nowadays make it a point to include a pre-wedding photo and video coverage as one of the major requirements for their wedding day preparations. Most photo and video wedding packages not only include the wedding day coverage, but it also consists of a pre-wedding or prenuptial engagement or E-session.

Based on the couple’s choice of a theme or concept, the prenup pictorial and video filming can be done either outdoor or indoor. Most soon-to-be-wed pairs go for outdoor locations such as picturesque beach sceneries, nature spots, or famous landmarks. Indoor photo shoots can be more intimate and sublime depending on the idea of the couple.

For those who are more adventurous, (and those who have extra budget to spare), having an overseas pre-wedding photography is definitely a must-try. Here are three reasons this idea is great:

  1. Get to visit one country in your bucket list

Travelling is always a luxury, and what better way to enjoy a vacation than to spend it with your husband-to-be or wife-to-be. Couples can always choose their favorite destination, but it’s more fun to explore and discover new places and attractions while you’re having the time of your life in your prenuptial photo and video session.

  1. Advance honeymoonConsider it as an early or advanced honeymoon, and celebrate early for your upcoming union.

Consider it as an early or advanced honeymoon, and celebrate early for your upcoming union. Just like what the cliche says, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

  1. New memories together

Marriage is something that is built with memories, and enjoying your days before your wedding in another country is an opportunity to create priceless moments together. While enjoying the fun of your engagement photo and video session, you can always find the extra time to unwind, relax and visit the famous tourist attractions of that country.

If you and your future spouse are ready for some fun time before your wedding, taking your E-session abroad or overseas is a great thing to do. You’ll be able to travel and enjoy, and spending more time with your other half is certainly the best thing in the world!

Tying the Knot the Vegan Style: 5 Delicious Vegan Dishes to Have on Your Wedding Day

Image result for Tying the Knot the Vegan Style: 5 Delicious Vegan Dishes to Have on Your Wedding Day

Wedding experts say there are three things that guests tend to remember the most in a marriage ceremony. First, the heartfelt recitation of vows. Second, the bride’s dress and third and foremost, the food.

You don’t want to give your guests a stomachache, so it is only important that you carefully plan the menu. But what if you’re planning to go vegan? Here are totally delicious vegan ideas your omnivore guests would not even notice.

  1. Vegan dessert bar

Image result for Vegan dessert bar

Your non-vegan friends will surely appreciate your vegan chocolate brownie, sorbet, and dark chocolate cake when they taste great. There are companies in Singapore that could serve these yummy vegan desserts on your wedding day.

  1. Stir-fried Black Pepper Steak

Image result for Stir-fried Black Pepper Steak vegan

There’s one vegan caterer in Singapore that offers this recipe on their menu. How did they make the steak 100 percent vegan? That’s for you to find out. But in most cases, chefs use seitan or texturized vegetable protein as an alternative.

  1. Salad with Tempeh

Image result for Salad with Tempeh

Many vegan chefs use tempeh as an alternative to meat, thanks to its nutty and satisfying taste. Tempeh is an extra-chewy type of tofu that boasts a rich and meaty taste that has the consistency similar to chicken nuggets.

  1. Vegan wine bar

Image result for Vegan wine bar

It’s easy to assume that all wines are vegetarian because they are composed of processed grapes. However, most wines go through a clarifying process where they are exposed to non-vegetarian products such as milk protein and fish bladder. Unlike the ordinary wines, vegan wines used mineral-based agents and not animal byproducts. Consider checking out companies selling vegan wine online.

  1. Pasta pesto

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Your menu would not be complete without pasta. Give your guests a hearty meal with a serving of pasta pesto, loaded with healthy ingredients like sun-dried tomatoes, veggie broth, red peppers, and olives.

There are so many vegan restaurants in Singapore and caterers that offer an entirely vegetarian or vegan menu that will suit your budget, so you don’t have to worry about having a vegan wedding. Once you’re done taking care of the food, contact this bridal house in Singapore to get an idea about the best dress. As much as you want to please your guests, you also have to look glamorous on your special day!

How to Budget Your Dream Wedding in 5 Easy Steps

tAre you getting married? Congratulations! Whether you’re tying the knot a year from now or in the next coming months, it’s possible to have the perfect celebration without spending a fortune that you’d regret later (better save some for the honeymoon and emergencies!). A dream wedding could mean different things to different people, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive and elaborate affair. That’s why we made this guide to help you. Here’s how to budget your dream wedding in five easy steps:1

  1. Set a limit to how much you’d spend


Your limit should be sufficient enough to cover the most important things, which include your wedding dress and suit, photographer, cake, transport, catering, and venue. Stick to your budget and avoid overspending. If what you want is too expensive, find an alternative. But even if you’re on a tight budget, never hire a budget photographer. An amateur photographer might not be able to capture perfectly the most intimate moments of your beautiful day. You can always find professionals who do wedding photography in Singapore.

Concept image saving for a wedding

  1. Choose the cheapest time to tie the knot


Many wedding vendors tend to charge more during peak seasons when weddings are held the most, such as school holidays or long weekends. To save some money, avoid having your wedding during the peak seasons.

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  1. Pick the right venue


Your wedding venue could make or break your wedding (and your wallet). Choosing the right venue depends on your budget and personal needs. But if you want to save more, you could have your wedding at your own house. The bigger your place, the more guests you’ll be able to invite. If you’d rather book a venue, try to book far in advance to get better deals.

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  1. Personalize some aspects of your wedding


To save more, there are some things which you can personalize and DIY if you’ve got extra time, such as preparing by yourself the gifts for guests, and making your own wedding decorations. This is especially perfect if you’re the crafty type.5

  1. Make valuable investments for your wedding


For some people, certain aspects of a wedding celebration are must-haves, while others could do without them. For example, if you prefer getting a DJ, make sure to invest in a professional one for good value. However, if you’d rather skip getting a DJ and spend your money on something else for your wedding, come up with your own wedding playlist. The bottom line is, skip what you think is unnecessary and find a cheaper alternative for it.

Be smart when it comes to planning and budgeting for your dream wedding. Try sticking to the tips mentioned and we guarantee you could have the perfect wedding without spending a fortune. We wish you good luck on your wedding!