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Tying the Knot the Vegan Style: 5 Delicious Vegan Dishes to Have on Your Wedding Day

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Wedding experts say there are three things that guests tend to remember the most in a marriage ceremony. First, the heartfelt recitation of vows. Second, the bride’s dress and third and foremost, the food.

You don’t want to give your guests a stomachache, so it is only important that you carefully plan the menu. But what if you’re planning to go vegan? Here are totally delicious vegan ideas your omnivore guests would not even notice.

  1. Vegan dessert bar

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Your non-vegan friends will surely appreciate your vegan chocolate brownie, sorbet, and dark chocolate cake when they taste great. There are companies in Singapore that could serve these yummy vegan desserts on your wedding day.

  1. Stir-fried Black Pepper Steak

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There’s one vegan caterer in Singapore that offers this recipe on their menu. How did they make the steak 100 percent vegan? That’s for you to find out. But in most cases, chefs use seitan or texturized vegetable protein as an alternative.

  1. Salad with Tempeh

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Many vegan chefs use tempeh as an alternative to meat, thanks to its nutty and satisfying taste. Tempeh is an extra-chewy type of tofu that boasts a rich and meaty taste that has the consistency similar to chicken nuggets.

  1. Vegan wine bar

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It’s easy to assume that all wines are vegetarian because they are composed of processed grapes. However, most wines go through a clarifying process where they are exposed to non-vegetarian products such as milk protein and fish bladder. Unlike the ordinary wines, vegan wines used mineral-based agents and not animal byproducts. Consider checking out companies selling vegan wine online.

  1. Pasta pesto

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Your menu would not be complete without pasta. Give your guests a hearty meal with a serving of pasta pesto, loaded with healthy ingredients like sun-dried tomatoes, veggie broth, red peppers, and olives.

There are so many vegan restaurants in Singapore and caterers that offer an entirely vegetarian or vegan menu that will suit your budget, so you don’t have to worry about having a vegan wedding. Once you’re done taking care of the food, contact this bridal house in Singapore to get an idea about the best dress. As much as you want to please your guests, you also have to look glamorous on your special day!

A Checklist for Those Wanting to Have a Spectacular Chinese Wedding in Bangkok


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The traditional Chinese wedding can be a grand affair. It usually involves two main parts, a traditional Chinese wedding tea ceremony and a lavish dinner. Planning such an impressive event does require a lot of careful considerations. Even more so when you’re planning a ceremony away from home.

One brilliant destination to have your Chinese wedding ceremony is in Bangkok. Thailand is home to more than 9 million ethnic Chinese, who form about 15% of the Thai population. You’ll therefore find that the Thais are no strangers to Chinese culture.

Usually, a Chinese wedding begins very early in the morning when the groom and his friends (often called ‘Heng Dai’ or brothers-in-arms) come in a raucous group to come pick up the bride from her residence. Before the groom can get to his beloved bride however, he and his friends have to complete a set of ‘challenges’ set up by the bridesmaids (often called the ‘Chi Muis’). Once he reaches her, they both have to pay respects to their parents and relatives by serving tea and receiving gifts of money and jewelry. After this ceremony is over, everyone takes a break before the wedding dinner in the evening.

To help you keep track of what you need to do, here’s a simple checklist to get you started:

Choose a Venue Bangkok offers many attractive locations, most of which are hotels. However, there are several gardens and public event spaces that are willing to host your wedding too. You will have to secure two locations, one for the tea ceremony in the daytime and one for the evening dinner. To make things easier, choose a location where you can hold both events, and secure rooms for you wedding party to rest in between.

Trash out the Details Once you’ve secured a venue, decide on your wedding guests list and inform the venue what menu and decoration you’ll need. You’ll also have to inform them all related-details, for example if you need a wedding cake for the evening dinner, and what type of liquor (if any) is to be served.

Related imageSecure Wedding Costumes and Miscellaneous Items Small items like wedding costumes, tea sets, bridal book and wedding gifts should be rented or bought beforehand and then packed and flown over. These items should be prepared as soon as possible, as some of them require a specific fitting. But that doesn’t mean you need to be hasty when picking them, though. Always make careful and informed choices for your Chinese wedding items.

Role Allocations Gather your wedding party and assign roles, such as who brings what over in their luggage. Family and friends are usually very happy to be given a role to make your wedding run smoothly. Don’t forget to book photographers, a traditional Chinese wedding guide (Dai Kam Che), a makeup artist, a wedding dinner emcee(s) and so on.

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Your Chinese wedding ceremony in Bangkok should always be carried out with some help from the locals, so establish a good communication with the staff of your wedding venue prior to the event date. Better yet, when possible, consider to secure a local Thai wedding planning agency to reduce your headache and burden.

Whether you choose to hire an event planner or to do everything by yourself, keep this checklist in your wedding-planning agenda for a spectacular Chinese wedding ceremony in Bangkok. And congratulations for your upcoming nuptials!