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Server Colocation Makes Dollars and Cents For Small Business

When running a small business, whether a well-established one or one that is in it’s infancy, it is often the responsibility of the owner or owners to juggle costs and the availability of funds to produce the most profitable outcomes for the business. This means managing costs and making the right choices when it comes to recurring bills. And for many businesses, services like technical support and management or a general online presence can be both necessary and sometimes demanding monthly expenses. This is where server colocation can come into play. 

One very reasonable means of reducing monthly internet costs for small businesses is to think smart about web hosting along with the real needs of the company and it’s growth. Many small businesses can run quite well with the web hosting services offered by providers considering that they often range from basic to advanced service packages. But some have outgrown this option.

For those, this is a great alternative to having to pay IT salaries or run an in-house server for their website. Just like renting a parking lot space, many companies offer server spots for businesses to increase bandwith to their sites without breaking the bank.

Likewise, along with increasing bandwith, server colocation offers other benefits as well. One such is the support and protection of a large infrastructure. When you are all your website has, things like storms or other occurrences that may cause power outages will be the death of your site. A site that is down for days on end is not good for business. So this solves that problem as well because you have a company on-deck to handle the safety and performance of your server.

Another benefit, that tails off of the first one, is the hardware management and support you can receive when parking your hardware at a dedicated facility. Many of the companies that provide this service will also offer maintenance packages to ensure that your equipment is performing well and meeting customer needs. So essentially, as mentioned before, you are not in it alone. Which is the best of both worlds really. You have the support and know-how of a dedicated company, without signing up for long term in-house server support such as a technical or IT department.

So as you can see, when it comes to reducing monthly expenses, server colocation definitely makes dollars and cents, but only if you have outgrown your provider’s web hosting service packages. Remember, the easiest option to take in most cases, if your site traffic isn’t much to speak of, is with an ordinary web hosting service. But if you are doing a bit better lately and want to provide a professional, well-staged site than this may be the solution for you.