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Top 10 Tips to Save Bucks in Your New York Trip


Luxury is at its best when in New York! The Big Apple boosts of its deserved, pricey getaway offers which is worth the ride. Considered one of the safest, yet topping the most expensive city list in United States, New York’s attractive tourist destinations are never too costly with a little innovation in your plan.

If you’re a budget traveller and willing to kick off costs with a good advance planning, here are top ten ways to spare much burden financially.


On Trip Planning 

  1. Begin with the map. Be efficient and effective in your daily itinerary by going on a visit based on a specific area. For example, Wall Street and the Statue of Liberty can make a day’s visit while Times Square and Central Park on another day. Look for New York holiday apartments near the area for added comfort and convenience. Saving time and money is better done with this strategy.
  1. Get on a wider reach. Do not settle for the usual tourist traps. There are residential neighbourhoods that are worth exploring. The Greenwich Village and NoHo are just two of them.


On Attractions 

  1. Go for tourist passes and reduced admissions. If your list is stuffed with popular attractions to visit, a city pass can help you save bucks. Your New York Pass is your entry to many tourist spots over a specified number of days at a fairly discounted price. The CityPass, which is inclusive of six museums in nine days, is another option. There are days where admission fees are reduced. You may check the websites of the museums you intend to visit. You don’t only avoid queues but also avoid much of the financial hassles with these alternatives.
  1. Grab freebies offered. The Central Park and many others are always free, while giving you the perks of seeing musical and other performances. The Downtown Boathouse also offers public kayaking program for free.
  1. Stock up on discount coupons. You can try online sites for discounts on food and attraction admissions. Your one-time registration gives you access to discount offers in the city you’ve selected.
  1. Take the ferry. This ride is for free! You can have a fantastic view of the New York Harbour via the Staten Island Ferry and get rid of the exorbitant harbour cruises.


On Shows and Entertainment 

  1. Look for low-cost events. A number of free or inexpensive art exhibits, concerts and readings happen on a given day. The main task is to find them. You can search the Internet for these schedules.
  1. Save on Broadway tickets. The well-loved TKTS booths give you access for low-priced Broadway tickets, but there’s one more option! You might as well check online for better deals.


On Transportation 

  1. Buy a subway pass or consider driving. Subway passes are your key for unlimited rides for seven days or longer, depending on the length of your stay. This is advisable for first-timers or those who don’t know where they’re heading on most days. If you’re staying along with other travellers, it may be cheaper to take cars. Just make sure to compare the convenience with taking trains, especially with a longer stay.
  1. Use your feet or ride on a bike. Sometimes you see more of the sights with just a walk. Biking is also an alternative because it is definitely inexpensive compared to trains and cars.


No matter which advice you now consider, the best way to start your trip is by planning it ahead. Nothing beats the benefits it provides.


Top 5 Reasons Beautiful Accommodations Are So Inexpensive In Putrajaya, Malaysia

Why Putrajaya Accommodations Are So Inexpensive

This city, along with most of Malaysia, is struggling economically so there is intense competition for the tourist dollar. This competition drives the price down giving you great prices at very good hotels. You will also be presented with a great variety of different types of lodgings as well as many choices for the exact location you want.


Budget Hotels That Are Budget In Name Only

Think inexpensive and not cheap as these types of lodging are clean, bright, up to date, and offer many upscale luxuries. You can treat yourself and vacation in style and great comfort without spending anything close to a small fortune.






Easily Affordable 5 Star Accommodations

If you do want to, you can stay at a 5 star resort and spoil yourself with all their amenities and services for as little as $75 per night. If you are going abroad to visit an exotic destination it makes sense to do it in style with prices that are this affordable.



Stay With One Of The Local Residents

You could also do a homestay in Putrajaya (book here!). For those of you unfamiliar with the term, instead of staying in a hotel, you stay in the home of one of the local residents. Many people find this to be a fascinating experience as the people of the families as very friendly and helpful.

Keep in mind they want you to have a great time while you are staying with them so you will tell your friends or maybe return to use their home as a place to stay in the future.


Putrajaya Mosque

Putrajaya Mosque



No Reservation Deposit Required

When booking your stay at a hotel, you will find many of them do not require any type of deposit or credit card hold. You simply pay when you get to the hotel. These relieves you of any worry or concern about giving your credit card number to someone overseas.


What You Need To Know About Car Rental Insurance

When preparing to rent a car, many people forget to consider insurance. It is important to insure a rental car because otherwise the renter will be responsible for any damages. These damages can go beyond merely the cost of the car and can even include liability in the case of accidents. Renters have several options when it comes to purchasing car insurance.

People who already have car insurance may want to take a look at their policies to see what kind of coverage is offered for rentals. This can be convenient and cost-effective. However, there may also be drawback. The coverage may be limited, so it is important to review the policy carefully to understand what is included. Some people also prefer not to use their regular car insurance policy because if they do have an accident in the rental car, reporting it through their usual policy will cause the premiums to increase.

Insurance through the credit card on which the car is rented is another possibility. Again, the coverage here may be limited. Renters should speak to the credit card company ahead of time about what kind of coverage is offered and how extensive it may be.

car insuranceCar rental companies also offer their own insurance. Anyone who is renting a car should check with a trusted car rental company about this type of insurance. Generally, there are several options with the insurance purchased directly from the rental company. The loss or collision damage waiver is the most common and basic.  This covers the driver for damages to the vehicle in case of an accident, but it may not cover liability if the driver is responsible. This is where personal liability coverage comes in. The car rental company may also offer personal accident insurance as well as personal effects insurance. Insurance offered by car rental companies may be more expensive than other options although prices vary a great deal between companies.

Another option is third-party insurance. This is car insurance that is offered through an outside company. It may sometimes be cheaper than the insurance offered by car rental companies though this is not always the case.

Whatever the form of insurance chosen, it is important to read through the policies carefully and understand the fine print. Most insurance companies have exacting instructions as to how a claim should be documented and filed. Certain types of claims may require police reports and most need to be reported within a certain amount of time. The time to find this out is well in advance of actually needing the information. Price may not always be the best guide to quality, and the different policies need to be weighed against one another to make certain that the renter gets the coverage needed.

Car rental insurance can seem confusing, but a little research ahead of time can lead to the right choice. Go ahead – have a look at car rental insurance in Singapore!

Convenience Stores in Japan

Convenience stores are a major institution in Japan. Statistics indicate that the United States has one convenience store for every 6000 people, give or take, on a national scale. In Japan, the number is one for every 2000. There are a number of reasons for this disparity. Most of them are rooted in the unique cultural aspects of modern Japan.

Part of the reason convenience stores have grown so much in Japan is simply because they have done so well financially. Much of the culture that has sprung up around them has stemmed from their success. Japan is a very busy nation. The large shopping trips that are common in the West are rarely feasible in Japan. Individuals there are more likely to rely on online markets like than they are on supermarkets. Smaller supermarkets make more sense from a perspective of time spent. This has allowed them to perform very well, and as they have grown, they have gotten much easier to rely on. This becomes a self-feeding cycle; the more convenience stores are available, the more people can safely rely on them for their day-to-day needs, and it continues until districts are appropriately saturated with convenience store access.


Family Mart Convenience Store



Lawson Tokyo Convenience Store



Japanese C-Store



Something else that has made the difference is the remarkably-lower crime rate. Japan has a strong police force and much lower crime in general. Crime is one of the greatest hindrances of convenience stores in the West, where they make vulnerable target for desperate and unimaginative robbers, often armed. The low crime rate means that convenience stores can be open much longer and in far more locations in Japan. It makes it safer to operate them and safer to shop at them. It isn’t uncommon to find Western shoppers who outright refuse to shop at convenience stores for fear of criminal activity, so the removal of this cultural taboo goes far in Japan.


Japanese Coke Vending Machine



Crazy looking Japanese Vending Machine



Hello Kitty Japan Vending Machine



An increase in privacy has also increased the standing of convenience stores. Many people in Japan do not want their shopping to become a social outing. They simply want to get the goods they need for the rest of their day. This has led to a huge increase in the number of available vending machines as well as the accessibility of convenience stores. Convenience stores make it much simpler to get what you need and go home without unwanted social contact. This combined with the increased hours of convenience stores in Japan make it possible for individuals with otherwise-crippling anxiety to carry on with normal lives doing their own shopping.


Pringles Japanese Vending Machine



Convenience stores in Japan are a serious institution. Their growth from their introduction in the 60s and 70s has been remarkable and easily outpaces anything that has been seen in any Western nation. As more products become available in convenience stores, including electronic money cards, cell phone cards and other resources, their role will only increase as easy ways to fulfill basic life needs. Convenience stores will never be the most inexpensive places to shop, but they’re doing a better and better job of living up to their names.

リラックス! Get Japanese Green Tea @ Red Mart.

Unique Scuba Diving Trips: Rig Diving in Sabah, Malaysia

There are a range of vacations available for people who like to do traditional activities, such as cruises, theme parks, and the like. However, for people who are interested in experiences that vary a bit from the usual, scuba driving can be a great direction to explore. Here is information about some exceptionally unique scuba diving trips one can look into.



Diving in Malaysia ✈

Sabah, Malaysia, offers a range of exceptional diving opportunities for people interested in scuba diving experiences that cannot be had anywhere else in the world. This is why it is a good idea to think about dive vacations to Sabah if one is an experienced diver. The area is known for having some of the most diverse sea life on the planet, which is why a diving trip to Malaysia can be one of the most memorable experiences a person has on this earth.


Diving In Malaysia



Rig diving ✈

A way to make the experience even more unique is to look into a rig dive by Seaventures. This features a dive rig that is located in a diving spot that Trip Advisor has ranked as the primary resort in the area. The resort is located around 26 km to the south of Semporna, which is the nearest port in Sabah.

There is a jack up rig that was originally designed for oil exploration, and has been semi converted to allow for the adventure of a lifetime. The ship allows divers to take advantage of the only known diving rig elevator on the planet. What happens here is nothing short of amazing.

The rig drops drivers straight into the water and then will left them up straight to the ship once they have finished their dive. There are no other diving experiences that are even remotely similar to this one, which is why divers will come from all over the globe in order to be a part of it.


rig diving


Scuba Diving Malaysia – Seaventures Rig Dive Resort



Diver choices ✈

There are a range of choices for divers when rig diving in Sabah, including Dive Pulau Sipadan, which is one of the most notable dives currently available. Here, divers can move about through wall drives and reefs that are up to 600 meters in depth. The swim throughs are nothing short of enchanting. Divers can take in the sea life and exotic features and coral reefs while making memories that persist for the rest of their lives.


unique deep sea creature in malaysia dive spot sabah



Another high quality dive to look into is Dive Pulau Mabul Seaventuresdive, which is where some of the most unique sea animals on the planet are located. Think about sea creatures like the blue ringed octopus or the frogfish. Both of these are frequently seen during the dive.


Sea turtle malaysia


Blue ring octopus



In conclusion, while it is more than possible to take a traditional vacation or a standard diving trip, it is truly to one’s advantage to look into the unique opportunities available on the planet. This is especially true when it comes to diving trips in Malaysia such as the rig diving opportunities in Sabah.

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Do People Tip Taxi Drivers in Singapore?

When going to Singapore, one can ride the busses or taxis all around the city. This is a great way to visit this large area without having a car. In fact, most visitors do not bother to rent a vehicle as it is too hard to find parking and it is easier to hail a taxi cab or hop on public transportation. With this in mind, one should know how to take a cab and what to do to get the most out of the experience. People often want to know if it is acceptable to tip taxi drivers. The answer is yes. Here are three cases in one may want to consider tipping the cab driver.

❤ Help with bags: While some people will just need a ride to lunch or down the street, others will need a longer ride to the airport or across town. Often, while on a long trip, a passenger will need to bring a few bags. This is okay. However, it is a nice gesture if a person can tip a little money if the driver helps with luggage. Now, one should not overthink this; it is wise to toss them a dollar per bag. Remember, this is above and beyond their job duties and a customer should respond with a small tip.


Luggage Help

❤ Recommendation: In Singapore, one can go to a lot of restaurants or shopping outlets. While most of them are great and will offer people what they need, others should be avoided. To find the best, one should speak with their cab driver. While speaking to the driver, one should ask which restaurant he or she would recommend. Ideally, when receiving a few words of wisdom, a customer should give a dollar or two to show his or her appreciation. Without a doubt, it is wise to compensate a good taxi service in Singapore as the employee is sure to love a little extra money (source: Good Singapore


Good taxi driver


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❤ Fast trip: It is not an easy job to drive a taxi through the Singapore streets. Much like with other areas, this is a place that most people do not want to drive in too often. For this reason, when a driver gets to his or her destination quickly, a customer should consider tipping a little. This will go a long way in making the driver happy. One must understand that some cab drivers will take the long and timely routes while others will get straight to the destination. Luckily, when they get straight to their destination, most smart people tip as they realize that it saves them money when the driver arrives quickly and without getting lost or stuck in a traffic jam.


taxi driver

Now, it is not mandatory that a person tip a cab driver in Singapore. However, when giving a dollar or two for a job well done, a client can show his or her appreciation. One must remember that cab drivers do not make tons of money and this small gesture will help with their situation.