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Top 10 Tips to Save Bucks in Your New York Trip


Luxury is at its best when in New York! The Big Apple boosts of its deserved, pricey getaway offers which is worth the ride. Considered one of the safest, yet topping the most expensive city list in United States, New York’s attractive tourist destinations are never too costly with a little innovation in your plan.

If you’re a budget traveller and willing to kick off costs with a good advance planning, here are top ten ways to spare much burden financially.


On Trip Planning 

  1. Begin with the map. Be efficient and effective in your daily itinerary by going on a visit based on a specific area. For example, Wall Street and the Statue of Liberty can make a day’s visit while Times Square and Central Park on another day. Look for New York holiday apartments near the area for added comfort and convenience. Saving time and money is better done with this strategy.
  1. Get on a wider reach. Do not settle for the usual tourist traps. There are residential neighbourhoods that are worth exploring. The Greenwich Village and NoHo are just two of them.


On Attractions 

  1. Go for tourist passes and reduced admissions. If your list is stuffed with popular attractions to visit, a city pass can help you save bucks. Your New York Pass is your entry to many tourist spots over a specified number of days at a fairly discounted price. The CityPass, which is inclusive of six museums in nine days, is another option. There are days where admission fees are reduced. You may check the websites of the museums you intend to visit. You don’t only avoid queues but also avoid much of the financial hassles with these alternatives.
  1. Grab freebies offered. The Central Park and many others are always free, while giving you the perks of seeing musical and other performances. The Downtown Boathouse also offers public kayaking program for free.
  1. Stock up on discount coupons. You can try online sites for discounts on food and attraction admissions. Your one-time registration gives you access to discount offers in the city you’ve selected.
  1. Take the ferry. This ride is for free! You can have a fantastic view of the New York Harbour via the Staten Island Ferry and get rid of the exorbitant harbour cruises.


On Shows and Entertainment 

  1. Look for low-cost events. A number of free or inexpensive art exhibits, concerts and readings happen on a given day. The main task is to find them. You can search the Internet for these schedules.
  1. Save on Broadway tickets. The well-loved TKTS booths give you access for low-priced Broadway tickets, but there’s one more option! You might as well check online for better deals.


On Transportation 

  1. Buy a subway pass or consider driving. Subway passes are your key for unlimited rides for seven days or longer, depending on the length of your stay. This is advisable for first-timers or those who don’t know where they’re heading on most days. If you’re staying along with other travellers, it may be cheaper to take cars. Just make sure to compare the convenience with taking trains, especially with a longer stay.
  1. Use your feet or ride on a bike. Sometimes you see more of the sights with just a walk. Biking is also an alternative because it is definitely inexpensive compared to trains and cars.


No matter which advice you now consider, the best way to start your trip is by planning it ahead. Nothing beats the benefits it provides.


Quick 5-Minute Recipes for Busy People in Singapore



If you speak to most people here in Singapore, most residents want a simpler way to do their grocery shopping. They also want their recipes to be much-less complicated and a lot healthier. Well, we are here to help. Whether you are looking for pasta or soup, these tips will help you make the most out of your money.


This is probably one of the biggest mistakes many consumers make. They shop when they are hungry. Don’t do this. This will only add insult to injury. You have to create a plan for your shopping and your menu and stick with it. It’s okay to indulge with some things, but try to stick with your list.

If your plan was to buy stir-fry fresh vegetables, don’t get distracted by the deep-dried onion blossoms, unless they were already on your list to start with. Sometimes when you shop on an empty stomach, you end up making poor choices with your eating. Please try to stick with your agenda.


A wooden spoon with wholemeal penne pasta. Isolated on white. Convenience stores do offer something to a consumer, it’s called “convenience”. What you need to do is stick with you some more healthy choices. You might have to pay a bit extra for this, but it’s going to be worth it in the end.

Say your 5-minute recipe calls for organic pasta. It’s best to go to a whole foods store to get what you need. You will be paying more, but keeping with the recipe is more important.

It’s always best to go with a “rainbow” of colors. You have to get in your reds, greens and yellows. Look at the texture and color when you buy your fruits and vegetables. It’s best to buy when the colors are at their most vivid.

Every fruit and vegetable carries their own minerals and vitamins. There are things you can get from an apple that you can’t get from an orange or pear. Also, remember to buy during the “in-season” moments. Off-season might bring you a discount, but it also might give you some sort of bacterial infection.

It’s better to stay around the outside and front aisles. Unless there is something you absolutely need in the center aisles, you should stay away. This is where the junk food is at, well 90% of it lies here. The center aisles can be rather deceptive. They will draw you in with the lure of something else. Once you are there, this is where the cookies, chips and other crap are. We are not saying to not include some of this stuff in your diet. It’s okay to treat yourself. However, 90% of your recipes should be filled with healthy and good food, not just junk and other substitutes.


Eating healthy doesn’t just happen instantaneously. Coming up with fast and healthy recipes doesn’t just happen either. You really do need to work at it. If you follow any one of these tips, your means will turn out really good, especially for those in a hurry.

Shop around some, until you find a place that really caters to what you need. Once you find your grocery store of choice, stick with it. Good luck everyone with their food shopping!


One Hour Rush: Planning a Quick Dinner Party in Singapore



Life can throw a pickle at you at anytime, and it is important to be prepared. One pickle that can seem daunting is a dinner party that has to be organized quickly. This can happen for many reasons like an impromptu dinner invitation from a superior at work or a visit from friends who just got in town.

Preparing the Home

It is no secret that one of the first things that has to be dealt with is the appearance of your home. The easiest thing to do is to use a tablecloth to hide any stains that the dinner table may have, and you simply do not have the time to deal with.

One could also host the dinner in the patio if the home will not be ready in time. Remember that this is a good time to employ the help of everyone in the house.


Choosing the Right Food for the Occasion

Perhaps the most important factor that needs to be considered is the type of food that will be used during the dinner party. Stay away from food that will take a long time to cook. This means that thick meat should be avoided or meals that require marinating and other time-consuming steps.

Perhaps one of the perks of living near water is that there is fresh seafood delivery in Singapore. Sea food is one of the easiest types of meats to cook and to season.

Salmon, for example, only needs to be sautéed for about 10 to 15 minutes before it is done. Of course, the salmon can be diced before it is cooked so that it cooks even quicker. The seasoning could be done as the salmon is cooked with a little salt or pepper. It is a good idea to add a little honey to bring out the natural moisture of the salmon.

Fish can also be fried within 15 minutes. The short cooking time that sea food offers should make the one hour time-frame more than enough time to make this dinner party a success.

But a dinner party cannot consist of just fish. This is why it is important to buy fresh veggies online. Having fresh veggies can add the finishing touches to your dinner party. Vegetables can be steamed and cooked in a matter of 10 to 15 minutes.

A wooden bowl of fresh, steamed broccoli.
Brocolli, for example, can be lightly seasoned with pepper and salt. Then the broccoli is placed in an oiled pan and baked for 12 to 15 minutes at 425 degrees. The result is delicious, and the process is quite simple.

One could also make fresh vegetable appetizers that do not require any cooking. For example, you can cut cucumber about 2 inches thick. Then, you can use a spoon to scoop the mid-section of each cucumber, making small cups. Fill those cucumber cups with a combination of vegetables like avocados, tomatoes, or shredded carrots. You can top them off with some cheese.

There is a lot that you can do in an hour if you choose the right ingredients to cook with, and use your imagination.


How to Shop Healthy on an Average Person Budget

I want to provide fresh foods for my children like I ate growing up on a farm in Middle America. Growing a vegetable garden or fruit trees for my family may not be conducive to the climate of where you live. I’ve checked out the farmer’s markets and while they are fresh and organic I can’t always afford them. I’ve see the specialty grocery stores for natural or organic food and I come out having sticker shock on most of the products. I cannot afford to shop at these specialty stores no matter how many of my personal trainer friends claim how could I not, knowing the health problems my family and myself could may develop later in life due to diet. So I asked myself how can I still shop at my favorite discount grocery store and eat healthy.

Tips for grocery shopping healthy at a discount grocery store

• Only shop the outside isle – skip all the pre-packaged foods

• Get back to making things from scratch like bread and dinner recipes. I know it is real easy to buy that chicken dinner kit or that taco kit from the middle by try making your own recipe from scratch.

• Most of your groceries should come from the produce department

• Try limiting the starch component of your meal and replacing it with something whole grain or another veggie.

• The main thing that gets my family is the drinks. We drink a lot of our calories.




I soon realized my family is addicted to soda, sports drinks, and tea. Try replacing the soda with sparkling water (like this one!) and fruit juice to add flavored. This gives you the crisp tingling feeling of soda and more taste than just water. Replace sports drinks with fifty percent fruit juice and fifty percent water. Finally switch from sweetened tea to unsweet or sun tea.

Most importantly when healthy grocery shopping think about the food you are purchasing, it is healthy or easy. If it is both great, but if you find yourself tired and thinking of all the functions going on with your family this week and the amount of prep time you have to cook consider avoid the temptation of the easy route. Choose the healthy meals and make what you can ahead of time and freeze to thaw out and cook later.


Finding The Best Books to Read for Your Children

Reading to children has been shown to have many benefits for the child and their parents alike. Children who are read to have been shown to do better in school and ultimately have higher rates of academic and fiscal success in life. As a result, many people encourage parents to read to their children and encourage them to read books on their own. Doing so is a great way to help children understand their world and engage in useful flights of fantasy.

Finding the right books for children can be a daunting task. There are literally millions of children’s books for sale. Parents can also find children’s books to read in local libraries. The children’s book genre is very popular. Many children’s books are published every single year. Sorting though such books can be a little intimidating. Fortunately for parents everywhere, a few simple tips can make this process far easier.

The first thing to consider is age of the child in question. Many young children like to simply look at books. They want to copy what their parents and siblings are doing. In that case, it is often a good idea to find children’s books that have large pictures that the child can see as the parent reads. Look for picture books that have large illustrations. Many young children respond to bright colors and shapes. Look for books that have an element that the child can touch. Books with textures such as fabric work well for this age group. If possible, look for children’s books that have other features such as sound when a button is pressed.

Older children also love to read. They also like when a parents reads to them. When looking for books for older children, such as those of preschool age, the parent should look for books that appeal to the child’s interests. For example, if your child likes trains, look for books that feature stories about trains.




If possible, use a mixture of both fiction and non-fiction books. Fiction has many uses. It allows a child to use their imagination and expand their ability to engage in creative play. Fiction also helps children think about the world in new ways. A well told fictional story is one that many children find engaging. A child may sit for a long time listening to a parent expand the details of a well told story.

Non-fiction is also an excellent genre for children. Many children love learning as much as possible about the world they live in. A good non-fiction book for children is one that often sticks to a single topic such as geography or flowers. This helps the child concentrate on a specific topic.


Top 5 Reasons Beautiful Accommodations Are So Inexpensive In Putrajaya, Malaysia

Why Putrajaya Accommodations Are So Inexpensive

This city, along with most of Malaysia, is struggling economically so there is intense competition for the tourist dollar. This competition drives the price down giving you great prices at very good hotels. You will also be presented with a great variety of different types of lodgings as well as many choices for the exact location you want.


Budget Hotels That Are Budget In Name Only

Think inexpensive and not cheap as these types of lodging are clean, bright, up to date, and offer many upscale luxuries. You can treat yourself and vacation in style and great comfort without spending anything close to a small fortune.






Easily Affordable 5 Star Accommodations

If you do want to, you can stay at a 5 star resort and spoil yourself with all their amenities and services for as little as $75 per night. If you are going abroad to visit an exotic destination it makes sense to do it in style with prices that are this affordable.



Stay With One Of The Local Residents

You could also do a homestay in Putrajaya (book here!). For those of you unfamiliar with the term, instead of staying in a hotel, you stay in the home of one of the local residents. Many people find this to be a fascinating experience as the people of the families as very friendly and helpful.

Keep in mind they want you to have a great time while you are staying with them so you will tell your friends or maybe return to use their home as a place to stay in the future.


Putrajaya Mosque

Putrajaya Mosque



No Reservation Deposit Required

When booking your stay at a hotel, you will find many of them do not require any type of deposit or credit card hold. You simply pay when you get to the hotel. These relieves you of any worry or concern about giving your credit card number to someone overseas.