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Taiping Jobs: 3 Important Attributes of a Dynamic Leader

Are you looking to serve in a leadership position in a busy organization in Taiping? Do you think you’re cut out for a senior executive or managerial job? Well, you’ll most likely describe yourself as a dynamic person or leader, among other attributes, when applying for coveted lucrative job vacancies in Taiping.

But what exactly do employers in Taiping mean when they require that job applicants be dynamic? To a serious employer, “dynamic” is not a mere buzz word, and below are some important habits that are required of dynamic leaders:

1. Openness to Positive Change
If you’re seeking a leadership position in any organization, your prospective employer will expect you to demonstrate that, in the past, you’ve been involved in the initiation and/or implementation of positive change. A dynamic leader is in the habit of adopting change that’s beneficial to the organization they work for.
As you explain your job experience, try to show the gains for your organization that resulted from the change you initiated. Were you able to shorten production cycles, increase operational efficiency, decrease costs, or simplify processes? For example, a dynamic leader for a newspaper may demonstrate how adopting a digital strategy helped tap into millions of readers spending most of their time on social media and Google.

2. Question Everything
Some of the world’s most important scientific discoveries and developments resulted from intelligent people “questioning everything.” For instance, it’s thought that Sir Isaac Newton questioned why an apple dropped, rather than go sideways or remain at rest. The question paved the way to the discovery of gravity.
Likewise, a dynamic leader questions status quo even if other people cannot see why. They look into how a business does things and seek explanations. This creates room for innovation and beneficial change at the workplace.

3. Collective Change
A dynamic leader must inspire confidence in their team to accept and be part of the change. They impart their change philosophy into recruits, inviting them to come on board and participate in positive innovation.


So, if you’re saying that you’re a dynamic leader when applying for executive-level job vacancies in Taiping, be sure to demonstrate how. Review your professional record and identify cases where your change philosophy brought gains to an organization in your favorite city!

5 Jobs in Sandakan to Begin Your Brand New Career

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With a history as a British Settlement and centre of trade and export, Sandakan has always been one busy city. Today, it’s a major tourist destination because of its rich colonial architecture, culture, and eco-tourism. However, as the level of investment in Sandakan is rising, more professionals and fresh grads are moving to search for Sandakan jobs. If you’re one of them, check out these five jobs in demand in Sandakan to aid in your job search,


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Becoming an engineer in Sandakan is lucrative. With the recently opened Majulah Industrial Centre, hundreds of firms and factories are putting up offices and production facilities to manufacture glue, wood-based products among many other items. Engineers are sought after for their mathematics skills to keep productivity at a high.

Tourism Associate

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With the many zoos, amusement centres, and ecological parks, tourism in Sandakan is at an all time high. Hundreds of thousands of locals and international flock to Sandakan. Travel agencies and hotels are more and more in need of tourism associates who can welcome visitors and residents and show them the best of Sandakan.

Restaurant Manager

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Malaysian, European and Chinese cuisine can be found in the nooks and crannies of Sandakan. Restaurants are opening left and right to cater to the rising number of tourists and residents who love food. The restaurant manager position is much sought-after in the food and beverage industry where young professionals can learn to run their own restaurant in the future.

Project Manager

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Houses, factories, big buildings are being built every day in Sandakan as the population grows. The construction industry is receiving tons of local and foreign investment that construction companies are in need of skilled project managers to assure that infrastructures are being built on time.

Account Manager

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The commerce industry in Sandakan is busy. As the number of inhabitants rises, the number of consumers and competition for these customers rise as well. Corporations are seeking customer-centric account managers who know how to make a sale and capture the attentions of potential clients and businesses.

While you may think it can be difficult to find a job in the beautiful and serene Sandakan, don’t fret. Sandakan is the home for your new career role. Check out these five jobs on this list and pursue your dream job today.

5 Growing Industries Where You Can Find a Perfect Job in Sandakan

Sandakan is a famous tourist destination in Malaysia. The second largest city of Sabah, Sandakan has a history as a British Settlement and a center of trade and export. Nowadays, because of the rich colonial architecture and Sandakan’s strength in maintaining natural resources, Sandakan has become a destination for culture and eco-tourism. More than 500,000 local and international tourists come to Sandakan, and many decide to start careers there, but face the problem of not knowing where to find jobs in Sandakan. To assist in finding the right job, here is a list of 5 industries growing in Sandakan in which you can move forward or begin a brand new career.


  1. Manufacturing

Majulah Industrial Centre, a grand industrial park, is recently opened in Sandakan and providing a space for the growing manufacturing industry. All types of products are produced here including edible oil, glue factories, wood-based factories, and many others. Aside from manpower, employers are seeking engineers and project associates.

  1. Travel

The eco-tourism and travel industry in Sandakan is at the top of their game with more and more tourists set to explore the city. Zoos, amusement centers, ecological parks, and travel agencies are always in need of fresh graduates and professionals to add to their teams.

  1. Food and Beverage

Sandakan has always been a hotbed of cuisine with a mix of Malaysian, European and Chinese Cuisine. As the tourism industry grows, food establishments have been popping up serving all types of dishes and desserts to cater to the growing market.

  1. Construction

As Sandakan’s population and business are growing, more houses, buildings, and factories are being built. Now, there are demands for skilled engineers, project managers, contractors, and construction workers in Sandakan. Construction is a great industry to start a career in.

  1. Sales

Sales is a skill that can be used across different industries and is an industry all of its own. Sandakan has a demand for personable and analytical sales professionals who can market and sell everything from palm oil, real estate, and construction supplies, among many others.


While you may think it can be difficult to find a job in the beautiful and serene Sandakan, don’t fret. Check out these five industries on this list and pursue your dream job today.

4 Powerful Tips In Finding Information Technology Jobs In Malaysia

The information technology industry in Malaysia is growing in leaps and bounds. This growth also means that the demand for IT professionals is on the rise. What’s great about working in IT is that not only are you eligible to apply for local companies, you can also take your chances with international companies who have operations in Malaysia. If you are an IT graduate looking for a job, here are some tips you can follow to improve your chances:

  1. Get certifications for as many specialties as you can

There are several categories in Information Technology. These categories are further divided into numerous specialties. To improve your resume, you should take the time to join training workshops and seminars that will hone your skills in various specialties. These extra skills will come in handy when you start submitting your resume to IT companies.

  1. Polish your online imageMajority of HR managers these days check out the online profiles of people applying for a job in Malaysia

The majority of human resource managers these days check out the online profiles of people applying for a job in their company. That said, you should take the time to make sure that none of the photos, videos, and other types of content in your social profiles can hurt your reputation.

  1. Focus your search in places where technology companies converge

The logic here is quite simple. If you seek an IT job in an IT-oriented area, you have better chances of finding the one you want because of the availability of opportunities. For example, many IT graduates head over to Cyberjaya because many multinational IT firms are based there.

  1. Don’t be afraid to gain valuable training in unpaid internship programsWorking as an intern in Malaysia will open up a lot of opportunities for you

Working as an intern will open up a lot of opportunities for you. Not only will you get the experience you need, but you will also get the chance to connect with people who have been in the industry for a long time.

In a nutshell, finding IT jobs in Malaysia is a matter of persistence and looking in the right places. You have to remember that there are thousands of other IT professionals who want to land the same job you are targeting. You have to strive in making yourself stand out from the crowd. Show to your prospective employer why you deserve to be hired instead of the other applicants.

Looking For A Job in Ipoh? Check Out These 5 Industries to Begin Your New Career

The third largest city in Malaysia, Ipoh has been steadily gaining in popularity. Local Malaysians and tourists alike have been traveling to Ipoh to enjoy the historical sites, natural wonders, and quiet neighborhoods. With the new found enthusiasm for Ipoh, many are migrating and looking for jobs in the capital of Perak. However, a question that has lingered is which industries in Ipoh have job vacancies. To answer this question, here are five flourishing industries in which you can look for a job in Ipoh.

  1. Hospitality

The hospitality industry in Ipoh is booming. Ipoh is famous for historical sights and retro-style accommodations. But due to the influx of tourists, 5-Star Hotels, resorts, and tour services are opening left and right. There’s a range of positions available from office jobs in marketing, finance, and sales for hotels all the way to jobs that will take you around the city like a tour guide.

  1. Food and BeverageThe job vacancies in F&B industy and food and beverage scene is booming in Ipoh

The Food and Beverage scene is booming in Ipoh. While street food used to take the attention of foodies in Ipoh, restaurants of not just traditional Malaysian but all types of cuisine are being built to cater to the different demographics of tourists. Positions range from front-house personnel to the chefs.

  1. Manufacturing

Ipoh has always been a city known for its chemical, metal, and product manufacturing industry with ample space for warehouses and factories. Ipoh is home to companies that manufacture popular soaps, electronics, and much more. You can apply for managerial positions, as an engineer, or in IT.

  1. BankingThe population increasing and business economy growing, banking job vacancies is needed in Ipoh

With the population in Ipoh increasing and the business economy growing, banks have been opening up numerous branches all over Ipoh focused on transaction and lending investment. Banks like OCPB Bank and Ambank Mecham have built several locations and need new hires.

  1. Construction

The construction industry in Ipoh inevitably blooms with the growth of Ipoh as a city. Hotels, banks, restaurants, and factories need to be built, and construction companies address these needs. The jobs available range from technical to supervisory and managerial positions.

If you have plans to begin a new career in Ipoh, take note of these five industries to start. They are not only growing but will get even bigger in the years to come.

How to Break Into the Advertising Industry: 5 Practical Tips for Young Aspiring Professionals

Winston Churchill once said, “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” The quote is a good tenet for young guns aspiring to enter the world of advertising. Digital advertising is creating quite a stir in Malaysia. The going trend these days is the shift from the traditional media – TV and radio, periodicals – to online media. Many young professionals now search for advertising jobs in Malaysia, whether it’s for traditional or online media. There are plenty of opportunities and once you get started, there would be more opportunities that will come to you.

Successful advertising translates into ringing cash registers. But work in the field of advertising is highly competitive. Take your time to digest these valuable tips if you desire to make it inside the industry.

  1. Persistence is a virtue : Manage your expectations and do not be easily disappointed. The minute you are discouraged, you trim down your chances of getting hired or even being considered. Persistence is the key. Be prepared for an eyeball to eyeball confrontation. Rejection is a natural occurrence and the only way to get through is just to keep pushing.Persistence in searching for advertising job in Malaysia
  2. Socializing is an Art : Make socializing your daily habit. Advertising is not for the lame and the lazy. Fill up your day with people interaction. Meet people over a cup of coffee. Surround yourself with like-minded people. The industry has taken on a new turn with the dawn of social networking. Create accounts in social media sites like Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, and other well-known social media outlets. Cover all grounds if you want more chances of making it in.
  3. Brand Yourself : Branding is critical in this day and age of advertising. Why do you think Coca-Cola was able to maintain its status as one of the world’s most valuable brands? In the same light, you should be able to build an image for yourself. Be a firebrand. Be someone who is passionate in your craft. Be someone who can incite change and take radical action if need be.Branding is critical in this day and age of advertising while looking for this kind of job
  4. Learn from the Experts : Nothing beats experience. People who have established careers in advertising took the high road to success. Look for that role model you can emulate and learn from. Newbies who are eager to learn gets it done. Beggars can’t be choosers so as a rookie, get your foot in the door first. On the job training is the best opportunity. Slowly but surely, make yourself valuable to the agency. It is just a matter of positioning yourself and when the right job comes up your alley then you are ready to pounce on the opportunity.
  5. Think Out of the Box : Seasoned advertisers are creative, resourceful, and adventurous. You can be one if you operate outside your comfort zone. Concentrate on improving your communication skills, both written and verbal. Advertising is about selling ideas. If you are able to articulate ideas in a clear and concise fashion, then people should be able to recognize your potential.Advertising is about selling ideas and you have to think out of box when getting this job

The advertising industry is a ruthless industry. It is ruthless in a sense that people create so much noise to be noticed. An upstart like you needs to understand fully the complexities of your chosen career. Catapult yourself in the mainstream if you want to get ahead and take advantage of the opportunities within the advertising industry.