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How to Break Into the Advertising Industry: 5 Practical Tips for Young Aspiring Professionals

Winston Churchill once said, “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” The quote is a good tenet for young guns aspiring to enter the world of advertising. Digital advertising is creating quite a stir in Malaysia. The going trend these days is the shift from the traditional media – TV and radio, periodicals – to online media. Many young professionals now search for advertising jobs in Malaysia, whether it’s for traditional or online media. There are plenty of opportunities and once you get started, there would be more opportunities that will come to you.

Successful advertising translates into ringing cash registers. But work in the field of advertising is highly competitive. Take your time to digest these valuable tips if you desire to make it inside the industry.

  1. Persistence is a virtue : Manage your expectations and do not be easily disappointed. The minute you are discouraged, you trim down your chances of getting hired or even being considered. Persistence is the key. Be prepared for an eyeball to eyeball confrontation. Rejection is a natural occurrence and the only way to get through is just to keep pushing.Persistence in searching for advertising job in Malaysia
  2. Socializing is an Art : Make socializing your daily habit. Advertising is not for the lame and the lazy. Fill up your day with people interaction. Meet people over a cup of coffee. Surround yourself with like-minded people. The industry has taken on a new turn with the dawn of social networking. Create accounts in social media sites like Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, and other well-known social media outlets. Cover all grounds if you want more chances of making it in.
  3. Brand Yourself : Branding is critical in this day and age of advertising. Why do you think Coca-Cola was able to maintain its status as one of the world’s most valuable brands? In the same light, you should be able to build an image for yourself. Be a firebrand. Be someone who is passionate in your craft. Be someone who can incite change and take radical action if need be.Branding is critical in this day and age of advertising while looking for this kind of job
  4. Learn from the Experts : Nothing beats experience. People who have established careers in advertising took the high road to success. Look for that role model you can emulate and learn from. Newbies who are eager to learn gets it done. Beggars can’t be choosers so as a rookie, get your foot in the door first. On the job training is the best opportunity. Slowly but surely, make yourself valuable to the agency. It is just a matter of positioning yourself and when the right job comes up your alley then you are ready to pounce on the opportunity.
  5. Think Out of the Box : Seasoned advertisers are creative, resourceful, and adventurous. You can be one if you operate outside your comfort zone. Concentrate on improving your communication skills, both written and verbal. Advertising is about selling ideas. If you are able to articulate ideas in a clear and concise fashion, then people should be able to recognize your potential.Advertising is about selling ideas and you have to think out of box when getting this job

The advertising industry is a ruthless industry. It is ruthless in a sense that people create so much noise to be noticed. An upstart like you needs to understand fully the complexities of your chosen career. Catapult yourself in the mainstream if you want to get ahead and take advantage of the opportunities within the advertising industry.

Security Officer Specifics – 5 Key Roles of Security Officers and Their Importance in Our Society Today

Often overlooked, but just as important as any other worker – this is a line that aptly describes the situation of security officers in our world today. It’s never tough to find a job as a security officer, mainly because they’re always needed. But despite being one of the most common jobs in our society, there are still some who don’t truly understand the role or importance that security officers play. If you’ve tried to find security jobs in Malaysia, but you’re not sure if you’re cut out for the job, read through this list to learn more about the importance and responsibilities of security officers, and find out if you fit the bill.

  1. General Security – The main role of a security officer would be to ensure the safety and security of an area of business. For instance, an employer might hire a security officer to make sure their premises will be safe at all hours of the day. Often, security officers work in shifts, with one or two officers scanning the area in the morning, and another set of officers keeping the area secure at night after closing hours.The main responsibility of security officer job is to alert the necessary responders in case of a need
  2. Alerting Emergency Responders – Security officers only have a limited number of weapons and tools that they can use in case of a confrontation or a breach of security, and that’s why it’s their main responsibility to alert the necessary responders in case of a need. Security officers will call the police or medical emergency specialists, should they be required. So they must always be alert and aware of their area of responsibility.
  3. Assisting Customers – No one is a stranger to having doors opened for them by security guards when visiting establishments, and that’s because assisting customers is part of their job description. Whenever necessary, security guards are required to assist customers that come and go from the establishment in order to provide them a pleasant experience. Helping customers to their car, carrying their purchases, and holding doors open are just some of the things security officers do to help consumers.
  4. Taking Calls – After hours when there’s no one left in the office, some security officers are trained to take in calls, so that no caller is left unanswered. Of course, there is a limit to the amount of information or assistance they can provide over the phone, because they’re not trained to take calls the same way customer service specialists are. However, they can provide general information; such as when the store will be open, and whether they have certain products or services available.Taking calls and monitoring Daily Operations is required for job as a security officer
  5. Monitoring Daily Operations – Some of the basic operations that occur on a daily basis are often monitored by security officers and are prepared as a log to be submitted to managers or supervisors. These include worker attendance, comings and goings through entrances, as well as damage to equipment and machines that might be available at the establishment. The reports are submitted on a daily basis, in order to help managers keep tabs on all the different functions that occur during the day.

Being a security officer isn’t all that easy. So are you cut out for the job? Find your place in the industry of security, and start your career on the right foot by keeping these main functions in mind when you find your security officer opportunity.

The Top 10 Job Opportunities for Fresh Graduates in Kuala Lumpur

After nth years, you finally did it–you finally had that hard-earned degree! Graduation, as one of the most prestigious moments of a person’s life, is just the beginning of a new journey and a new role.

Students become graduates. Eventually, they will be a productive citizen of the society by applying to real life scenarios what he or she had learned. So it is expected that all graduates have this question popping out from their mind “What is next for me?” And there you go, scanning and scrolling through newspapers or websites, as you take the challenge of hunting for the right job.

According to Jobstreet, these are the top 10  jobs for fresh graduates in Kuala Lumpur which might fit you:

  1. Pharmacy – Topping the list, Pharmacy is basically a study about drugs; it deals with manufacturing of medications, performing clinical studies, and ensuring that drugs are safe and effective under an established protocol. The roles of pharmacists are vital in the health care system. Fresh graduates who successfully earned a vacant position can earn a starting wage of RM 3,640. All of those years of studying will certainly pay off.
  2. Corporate Strategy – Anyone who chooses business administration as a course can never go wrong. Realistically speaking, business is everywhere, whether it is a small or a huge company! It is considered as one of the highly in demand and highly paid jobs in Kuala Lumpur, with a starting salary of RM 3,200. Companies will always need skillful and knowledgeable individuals like you to run the daily operations. That’s why there are many job vacancies in Kuala Lumpur offering positions in business administration or strategy.There are many job vacancies in KL offering positions in business administration or strategy
  3. Sales-Financial Services – If business administration managerial positions focus on how operations should be systematically done, financial services involve directly with money. What job does not involve money? Nothing. Therefore, jobs related to sales and finance are also in demand for new graduates. And a starting salary of RM 3,054 is not bad after all.
  4. Doctor – After years of reading huge books, sleepless study nights, and hectic clinical schedules, finally, the new doctors will be able to practice their skills without the aid of a consultant. Because there is an endless medical concern in the world, doctors will always have a place in the society. Same as with pharmacists, they also play a significant role in the healthcare system. As heroes without capes, doctors deserve a pay of at least RM 2,719 per month for saving people’s lives.
  5. Sales-Engineering and IT – Evidently, technology is widely used around the globe. As these advanced machines, programs, and gadgets develop, companies who use techno resources will continuously need individuals who are tech-competent to work for them. Fresh graduates can earn at least RM 2,612 per month.
  6. Geophysics – Considered as the most general job, geophysics or applied geology covers several areas of discipline including biology, mathematics, physics, and chemistry. They can easily find a job that fits them because they are knowledgeable and skillful in several areas. Geophysicist can earn as much as RM 2,612 per month as a starting rate.You can easily find a geophysics job in KL because this jobs are knowledgeable and skillful
  7. Aviation – Kuala Lumpur is looking for individuals who are highly skillful on developing missiles, test aircraft, and spacecraft. The engineers have ongoing studies on how to improve technologies related to the defense system, navigation control, and space exploration. What’s more engaging about this job is that the entire universe is its working field! Newly graduated aerospace engineers have a beginning salary of RM 2,533.
  8. Actuarial Science – When it comes to dealing with numbers, companies look for actuaries to solve math-related problems. Actuaries cover several disciplines including mathematics, statistics, economics, finance, and even computer science. As they perform their job roles on the company’s insurance, property, casualty, and liability, they earn a beginning monthly salary of RM 2,475.KL companies are looking for actuaries to solve math-related problems
  9. Sales-Corporate – As long as the field of business exists, corporate salesmen and women with their marketing strategies will never end up unemployed. They are responsible for selling and promoting products and services of various companies. By studying the market activity and estimating potential profit, corporate salespeople earn a basic salary of RM 2,456 per month.
  10. IT-Software – Technology has been getting advanced each year. Whether it’s a micro- or macro-scale type of company, they gear on utilizing the internet in promoting their products and services. Fresh graduates of IT design and maintain websites, programs, and even mobile applications to create more conversions. They earn a starting salary of RM 2,452.

No matter what job you would like to engage on, don’t forget your ultimate accessory – your confidence. Look and appear smart. With the right level of confidence, you are certainly a step higher than your fellow job seekers and a step closer on having your dream job!

Searching Blue Collar Jobs in Malaysia is a Piece of Cake With These Tricks

Blue collar jobs in Malaysia provide interesting appeal in that they are geared toward the skilled and semi-skilled workforce. Many blue collar jobs offer great pay and incredible benefits that can support families and provide a decent living wage. Securing one of those jobs may seem like an impossible task, particularly if you don’t know where to look or how to land the job successfully. Knowing what jobs to look for and how to secure the job is of the utmost importance.Two machinists working on machine

Benefits of a Blue Collar Job – To begin with, there is never a shortage of work when it comes to available blue collar jobs. The demand for workers is often high considering that many young adults often seek higher education. While the pursuit of higher education is certainly a great step, it leads to a shortage of blue collar workers. Therefore, finding a job in the blue collar sector is typically rather easy since many employers are desperately seeking workers to fill the positions.

Many of the jobs are much less stressful than corporate white collar jobs, which have you seated in cubicles doing monotonous work. Instead, you can earn a respectable degree while enjoying the work you are doing. Although blue collar jobs tend to be physically demanding, they offer the reward of greater fitness and improved

How to Find a Job – The key is to use the internet to find available jobs throughout your city. You will find plenty of blue collar employment opportunities by doing a quick search on the availability of such positions near you. For instance, you can perform a search using the query, “find construction jobs online,” and come back with several available positions.

Keep in mind that while there will likely be a direct link available for you to apply for the job online, it might be better to collect the information about the company and visit them directly. If you opt to fill out your application online, make sure you perform a follow-up in person. It is always better to allow the hiring manager to put a face with your name.

By visiting the company in person, you are showing that you are truly interested in the job opening that is available. Although every job sector throughout Malaysia is rather competitive given the number of people who are often out in search of their next career, the availability of blue collar jobs is likely to come in

It is also important to show up for your interview looking fresh and presentable. Just because you are applying for a blue collar job does not mean that it is okay to dress in jeans and a t-shirt. Instead, it is prudent to have a business casual appearance. Nice slacks and a polo or blouse can work wonders in making sure that you obtain the job you seek.

Searching for blue collar jobs can be easy because it is less competitive compared to corporate jobs. The key here is to use the right tools (especially the internet) and following the tips mentioned above. This way, you will increase your chances of securing a work opportunity in a reasonable amount of time.

The 7 Core Competencies Admin Clerks Should Have

Among all types of professions or careers, administrative work comes as one of the most common, including in Malaysia. However, even with its popularity, there are some misconceptions about the requirements and qualifications for this profession. Some people think that administrative work is basic, therefore it does not require much skill. Unfortunately, this is furthest from the truth. This career necessitates a great set of skills, characteristics and qualities that not everyone has.

So before you check out the list of admin clerk vacancies in job boards, make a quick run down of the traits that you must have. Here are some of the core competencies needed for this position:’


  1. Adaptability.

Regardless of the load of work assigned, or the type of working environment provided, admin clerks should be able to adapt accordingly. They should be able to adjust to different changes in the workplace or in the management set up. They should be able to project positive attitudes regardless of how tough the working conditions are. Admin clerks are also expected to handle multiple assigned tasks that may have concurrent deadlines.


  1. Time and work management.

Admin clerks should know how to organize their schedules and that of their bosses regularly. As professionals, they are expected to manage their time wisely and be sure to meet all deadlines without excuses. They should also be able to organize their workspace and keep their workstation clean.


  1. Positive work attitude.

Admin clerks should not just accomplish tasks on the dot, but also be able to foresee possible issues and propose plans of action ahead of time. Analytical skills are greatly required as they need to anticipate certain requirements for the business.


  1. Good and effective communication skills.

Admin clerks must be trained to be good and genuine listeners. Instructions should be understood clearly and accurately, so that actions will be aligned accordingly. Likewise, they should communicate clearly to their colleagues and superiors and make sure that proper information are disseminated. Writing skills are also required as they are faced with a lot of email and letter correspondences – both internal and external.

Friendly woman helping customers at the bakery - food service concepts

  1. Good and effective customer service.

Admin clerks are usually front liners, this is why it is important for them to have good social and customer service skills at all times. These personnel have to be able to promptly and courteously respond to clients with accurate answers.


  1. Good understanding of the business.

Clerks should also have a good and in-depth understanding of the company’s business principles and how the business operates. This will help them accomplish tasks more accurately and resolve issues appropriately.


  1. A good team player.

Like every employee, admin clerks should be a good and reliable team player. He or she should be someone who is willing to extend support to other workers just to achieve the team’s goal.

While most people think that being an admin clerk is simple and easy, this list of core competencies proves that wrong. There are certainly a lot required to excel in this position. Apart from trustworthiness and reliability, admin clerks should also be able to anticipate their boss’s needs and always maintain a positive and cheerful outlook no matter what.

Three Ways to Ace Your Job Interview Questions

Waiting for an interview

Job interviews are some of the most stressful parts of a professional’s life. It doesn’t matter whether you are a fledgling graduate or a seasoned professional. Sitting in that chair and fielding questions to get to everyone’s dream job will always be a tough experience. This is especially true if you are vying for Johor careers. Johor’s economy is mainly driven by the service industry. Hence, the interviewer will not only look at your skills on paper but on your personality as a whole. That means more incisive questions will come your way.

However, what if you could ace your job interview just by altering your mindset? These situations are by default emotionally charged. Clear through this thick air and get your dream job by observing the following tips.Job Interview with Smiles

  1. Get into the interviewer’s head. Contrary to what many applicants think, interviewers are not usually out to point out your flaws. If they ask a lot of questions, it’s because they want you to showcase your best skills.

HR personnel usually have quality metrics that you need to pass. At the same time, they may also have quotas that they need to meet. When interviewers ask you questions, they want you to answer them in a way that flaunts your capabilities. This way, they can hire you and go home happily.

By knowing this, you will be able to better market yourself. Treat each interview question as a way to put your best foot forward — not as an attack you have to parry or evade.screen-shot-2015-03-20-at-4-16-00-pm

  1. Open your ears. One of the most significant ways to ace an interview is to show that you can listen to and understand each question. By this, we mean being able to answer the question without talking about irrelevant topics. This also means being able to mirror the tone and mood of the interviewer.

This is the primary object of the interview, as each and every job requires you to be able to respond properly to any situation. This means you do not simply recite the answer you have memorized in the past. You need to understand that each question has a specific objective in mind, and you need to be able to address that as well.settlement-offer

  1. Offer as much information as relevant. This is a little tricky. Brevity has its merits, but unless you are able to answer with all the needed details, conciseness is futile. Remember that the interviewer needs to understand you as a person, so don’t skimp on relevant details. They want to see the way you work, as well as how good you are at applying your skills.

At the same time, do not ramble on and extol your merits unless called for. If you will be giving a long answer, make sure to keep each word relevant. Organization is also a key part of acing a job interview, and you need to know how to wield this properly.

Remember that your primary goal is to give the interviewer every reason to hire you. Knowing about the company is nice, but knowing how the interviewer’s mind works is the key. You also need to learn how to present yourself in a way that makes it difficult for them to let you go. With this in mind, no job interview is too hard or too long.