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5 Landmarks Worth Visiting in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Negeri Sembilan is among the most popular Malaysian states for tourism. Surrounded by beaches, nature parks, and palaces, Negeri Sembilan is hands down a perfect holiday destination. Planning to land your feet in this Malaysian state soon? Here are some places that are worth-visiting in Negeri Sembilan:

  1. Cape Rachado

Situated in the district of Port Dickson, this historic site offers a beautiful view of the cliff and the clear water. If you are up for some climbing, the Cape Rachado is the best place to go to in Negeri Sembilan. The long hike will lead you to the lighthouse, which is believed to be the oldest lighthouse in Malaysia. The historic lighthouse was built during the 16th century.

  1. Church of the Visitation

This church in Seremban is another historic landmark worth-visiting. Its construction was dated back in the late 1840s, at a time when Malaysia is experiencing its colonial era. The Church of the Visitation is not just a landmark in the state but also in the entire country because of its astonishing edifice and interesting history.

  1. Gunung Datuk Recreational Forest

A pride of Rembau, this destination is a delight to hiking enthusiasts. It will take you to two hours to reach the peak, but the challenging hike is worth it once you see the superb view at the top. With a small fee of RM5 per person, you can already start climbing and get a wonderful view of Negeri Sembilan.

  1. Seremban Cultural Complex

If you are interested in the history and culture of the state, go to the Seremban Cultural Complex in Jalan Sungai Ujong. You could get a glimpse of the traditional houses and old wooden boats in the outdoor displays as well as the other historical stuff of Negeri Sembilan.

  1. Jelita Ostrich Farm

The last, but not the least is an ideal getaway if you are with kids. Watch the ostrich race, ride on them, and taste the delicious ostrich egg. While it is an ostrich farm, you can still see other farm animals such as goats, horses, and ponies.

With so many attractions in the state, a day or two will not be enough to visit them all. If you want to make the most of your trip, stay in Negeri Sembilan for at least a week. You can find Chalet Negeri Sembilan or lodges at an affordable cost.

But if you are not really on a tight budget and you prefer a more comfortable lodging experience, you can simply book a hotel accommodation. The Lexis Port Dickson Hotel is one of the premium suites that are nearby the landmarks mentioned above. Book a room today to catch the best rate!

The Best Places to Stay in Genting Highlands Revealed

Genting Highlands is one of the leading highland destinations in Malaysia and is a favorite vacation spot for those staying and travelling from the Klang Valley. The main reason many visitors flock there is due to the cool weather, as well as the attractions such as theme parks.

If you’re heading up to Genting Highlands, you’ll want some help deciding where to stay. Here are some of the best places to lodge at while you’re there, for a comfortable and relaxing stay:

First World Hotel, Resorts World Genting  First World Hotel has the privilege of being the largest hotel in the world and is attached to the Forst World Plaza, a large indoor theme park which you can easily enjoy without needing to step outside. There are more than 7000 rooms available for guests, and all of them furnished in the most modern way.

Best Western Premier Ion Delemen  This five-star hotel boasts spacious rooms and a heated pool, as well as a scrumptious spread for the complimentary breakfast buffet. There’s also a shuttle bus provided for tourists to travel to casino and theme park area of Genting Highlands, negating the need for you to rent a vehicle or take public transport.

Awana Hotel  Awana Hotel is another five-star hotel in Genting Highlands which feature beautiful views that you can enjoy, as well as an outdoor pool area. Sports enthusiasts can play a round of golf at their in-house golf course, as well as indulge in a few rounds of tennis at the tennis courts.

Resort Hotel Genting Highlands  One of the earliest hotels in Genting Highlands, the Resort Hotel has comfortably furnished rooms directly connected to the theme park and casino areas. There are also plenty of dining options nearby, so you don’t have to travel to reach many of the attractions here.

Genting Grand Hotel  The Genting Grand started operations in 1981 and is one of the most recognizable landmarks at the peak of Genting Highlands. Visitors love their spacious rooms with bath tubs and delectable modern decorations.

A trip up Genting Highlands will definitely be made better if you stay in a comfortable place with all the amenities you’ll need for a good rest. Genting room bookings are easily made, and there are numerous price options available for you to compare and choose the best one.

Top 5 Simple Tricks to Get the Best Deals from a Hotel In KL

Kuala Lumpur or KL is a modern city with a thriving economy. Boasting of multi-national companies and government agencies throughout the city, KL offers plenty of hotels if you’re visiting, whether for business, pleasure, or both. Check out the top five simple tricks to get the best deals from a hotel in KL:

  1. Stay at Hotels Catering to Business Travellers Business hotels in KL often provide fantastic deals if you take the time to do some research. A hotel in KL that caters to business travellers normally provide everything that you’ll ever need during your stay to make your work or commute to work-related events easier.
  2. Visit during Off-Peak Seasons Peak seasons in Malaysia are typically during the school holidays, which is during the months of May-June and November-December, as well as during major holiday celebrations like Eid, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, or Christmas. Hotel room prices tend to skyrocket or even twice the usual rate, so try to stay during off-peak seasons.
  3. Look out for Early Bird Discounts The earlier you book a room at your preferred hotel in KL, the higher the chances are for you to snag an early bird discount. You may also contact the hotel directly to see if you can get a deal for your stay. If you’re a regular patron of the hotel, you’ll have higher chances of getting better deals and other perks.
  4. Sign up for Loyalty Programmes If you place a booking through a hotel booking website, don’t forget to sign up for the hotel’s loyalty programme. Most hotels in KL would offer loyalty programmes directly on their online booking site, as well as through third-party sites. Find a hotel in KL that provides such benefit.
  5. Check the Perks Offered by Your Credit Cards There are plenty of credit cards that offer various perks for travellers, including hotel deals, discounts, travel miles, bonus points, and cash back. See whether the hotel of your choice is the partner of your credit card’s reward programmes.

Finding the best hotel in KL during your stay at the city and getting the best deals should be easier with the tips mentioned. Try to do some research and contact the hotel of your choice before you book a room for your stay in KL.

6 Fun Activities For Kids to Learn About Thai Culture

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Bangkok is a huge retreat for partygoers. Bangkok’s nightlife is dubbed as the best in the world due to the awesome karaoke rooms, party-filled streets after dark, and the never-ending list of bars and nightclubs. But more than the amazing parties, Thailand’s capital city also offers a representation of the country’s culture. Western culture greatly influenced the city, yet Thais are able to preserve some of their traditions in the modern days.

Visiting Bangkok will never be complete without getting to know Thai culture. If you want your kids to be exposed to their culture and traditions, here are 6 practical ways to do so in Bangkok.Image result for Bangkok

  1. Take them to libraries. Believe it or not, Bangkok is also an escape for book lovers who wish to have a peaceful and quiet place. Other than the National Library, it’s also worth visiting the Neilson Hays Library, The Reading Room, and the Lumpini Public Library to know more about Thailand’s history. Just make sure to check the best hotel in Bangkok for families so it would be more convenient going to these libraries.
  2. Give them a trip to an interactive museum. Some kids don’t have the penchant for museums. One way to keep their attention is to bring them to an interactive museum such as the Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall along the Ratchadamnoen Klang Road.
  3. Let your kids experience the tuk-tuk ride. Before there were taxis, MRTs, and buses in Bangkok, there were tuk-tuks. It’s quite similar to those auto rickshaws also found in Thailand’s neighboring countries. Ask the tuk-tuk driver to take you straight to your destination without any stops and agree on the price before your ride.
  4. Enroll them in short Thai language class. Learning Thai culture and traditions might require learning the language first. There are Thai lessons you can get for free online, but if you’re interested in letting your kids have real interaction, there are schools in Bangkok that offer affordable Thai language classes. You can enroll your child in short classes or longer ones depending on the length of your stay.
  5. Bike around the city. The best way to observe culture is through interacting with the locals. You could take your kids around the city so they could see themselves how the locals work, do their errands, and follow tradition.
  6. Give them some art lessons. There are drop-in classes that you can find in many shopping malls. You can take advantage of the art lessons offered so your kids will learn more about how Thais approach art.

Learning about Thai culture can be fun for kids. Just make sure to have the grab the best hotel in Bangkok for families. This way, you won’t have to worry about getting around Bangkok and you and your kids will get the most out of each experience.

Family Fun? Here are the Best Places to Stay in Bangkok


Bangkok is just the right place to make brand new memories with your family! Travel is always spelled as FUN when doing new things together. Holidays tend to be as delightful though as the hotel choice that suits your need. Kids may be extraordinarily fussy but the perfect home in the city will always be of high significance for a pleasurable break.

A great selection of hotels is necessary, to begin with. Here are the best five spots to consider when booking your flight for Thailand.shanghai-mansion-bangkok-4562-1

  1. Shanghai Mansion Located in the heart of the historic Chinatown, this award-winning landmark boosts of the dynamic temperament that blends with the rich heritage of Bangkok. You can have a blissful experience in its spa facility or stay for a week, with the 7th night availed for free!anantara_riverside_bangkok_riverside_romance_escape_offer-1835
  2. Anantara Riverside Resort Nestling along Chao Praya River, Anantara is the best hotel in Bangkok for families who want to maximize their time. Its 11 bars and restaurants, fully-equipped gym and tennis court will give you big reasons not to leave its premises.575666
  3. Royal Orchid Sheraton This five-star hotel combines the ancient Thai style with an exceptional complex that is painted with lively colors. Any traveler would love its leisure amenities. Its classic-patterned lobby is a hub to the daily musicians playing the famous Thai instruments and the sacred Buddha image the country is known for. Among its well-loved facilities are the garden or river view, two swimming pools on the first floor and its fitness center.kibkk1-overview-exterior-twilight
  4. Siam Kempinski Hotel A superb showcase designed to wow everyone, it raises the bar of what five-star hotels offer. Artworks and antiques displayed without the environment of a stuffy museum are what you find along its corridors. A relaxing spot is its rotunda, a casual restaurant with tropical trees and greenery surrounding it. Its Kempinkis spa also pampers you with its four-season theme.10135_grande_centre_point_terminal21
  5. Grande Center Pointe Hotel Its charming Thai-inspired interior brings you to the soul of the city. You can enjoy its authentic international and Thai cuisines along with buffet lunch and its popular a la carte dinner. Jacuzzi, sauna, gym and its soft play room for kids bring an added comfort to your usual stay.

Start off your travel list with the best hotel in Bangkok for families just like yours. You will find every penny worth spending and every moment worth remembering with the perks of getting the excellent option.