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Spring Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen and Dining Area

Cleaning the kitchen and dining room is a normal part of the daily process but occasionally it is necessary to do a major clean-up job. The best way to get the cleaning done, while leaving floors and counters spotless, is to start with the stove.


Where to Start?

Open the oven. Remove connective cooking devices and soak them in a good cleaning solution. The stove is no doubt the grungiest part of the kitchen. It gets the greasy pots and pans that are the most difficult to clean. Stove utensils are time consuming to clean. So, it is best to soak these while cleaning the rest of the kitchen.

There are so many things to clean in the kitchen, sink, dishwasher, garbage disposal and counters. Cabinets get terribly disorganized, especially if you have the assistance of small hands; these require a nice cleaning. If you love to organize, you will find trays and under counter items need cleaning.

  • Begin with stove
  • Soak racks and pans
  • Empty cabinets and clean
  • Clear and clean fridge
  • Clean fridge containers

The best plan for maintaining a clean kitchen is to clean after each process. This is particularly true when making sauces and using oils. Avoid leaving sticky sugary messes on counters.

Cleaning the dishwasher with a bleach solution is a great way to control bacteria. This works to protect a family from a host of germs. Wiping the sink with vinegar cleans and strips it of grease.




Dining Room:

The dining room may appear an easy clean. However, when cleaned in detail it is a big job. If you have ever lost something and cannot find it. Cleaning a room thoroughly is sometimes the only way to find a lost item. Therefore, give the dining room a complete clean.

A first start to cleaning is windows. Ledges can get dusty and panes filmy if not cleans. This area of the home lets the rays of the sun in. When clean the view is extremely pleasant. Some prefer the green use of vinegar, which is found in some commercial cleansers.

  • Remove unnecessary items
  • Add under cabinet storage
  • Empty chest drawer and clean

A barrage of things get placed in the dining room. Books, extra pencils, even children’s toys, any objects not a part of the dining area, remove and place in the proper place. The chest drawer is an excellent place to store those special pieces used by a family, also, utensils used in the dining area.

Wall cleaning is a part of cleaning this busy room. Take down pictures, mirrors and plaques. Clean them with the proper solution. Replace them or change them to give the room a different look. Simple is always nice giving a room the appearance of more space.

Eating in the dining room is only comfortable if it is cleaned. Dining room furniture has chest drawer spaces that collect dust and require cleaning. A good scrubbing, also, requires the removal of dining room furniture. This helps when thoroughly cleaning floors.



Buy Better Furniture: How To Ascertain The Quality Of Wood

Learning to tell the difference between quality and substandard wood furniture is easy. There are three key points to check: wood type, construction method and finishing. While there are many variances among quality wood furniture, knowing a little about each of those three things can be a huge help in determining whether to make the purchase or move on.


Wood Type

The type of wood plays a large role in how long the furniture will last and how well it will age. For instance, many pieces of furniture made from plywood or other engineered wood products will not stand up to the test of time. Cheaply made products can have paper-thin veneers that will peel or crack within a few years of use, particularly if they have been exposed to any kind of moisture. However, this does not mean that all pieces of furniture made from plywood are bad. In general, plywood is relatively inexpensive and often stronger than some of the softer wood species available; for those reasons, it is one of the most common building materials today. A good piece of plywood furniture will have a thick veneer – up to 1/8-inch of solid hardwood. Shoppers can often determine the veneer thickness by searching hidden areas, such as the back of the piece, the undersides of drawers, or other hidden areas where plywood edges might be exposed.

When it comes to solid wood, the choices are between hardwoods and softwoods. Hardwoods include species such as oak, cherry mahogany, teak, walnut and many others, while softwoods come from coniferous trees like pine, redwood, cedar or fir. Most people view hardwood furniture as higher quality than softwoods, but fine pieces can be found in both categories. Hardwoods tend to be much heavier and stronger while softwoods are a bit more prone to dents and scratches. Bear in mind that much of the scratch resistance will also rely heavily on the type of finish used.


Wood furniture1





Start with the basics when judging the construction of a piece of furniture. Make sure doors and drawers open and close easily and that they are flush with the exterior of the piece. With doors closed, check the seams between the doors and frame – they should be perfectly even all around rather than widening and narrowing between top and bottom or side to side. Try to rock the piece of furniture – a good piece will not wobble, squeak, or shift around if it is sitting on a level floor. Check the interior of the piece for corner blocks, as those help to increase the stability of the piece, and also make sure that any hidden, unfinished areas have been well-sanded.

Construction methods are one of the most important factors in determining the quality of a piece of furniture. Two of the best joining methods are dovetails and mortise and tenon – these types of joints are among the strongest and most visually appealing. Other types of joints can include dowels or screws, but avoid any pieces of furniture that have relied on staples as a main fastener system.


Beautiful pine wood furniture





A good finish will make quality wood furniture (visit Ethnicraft Malaysia Quality Teak Wood Furniture) stand out from the rest at a glance. The finish should be smooth to the touch without any rough patches. There should be no scratches or lines across the wood grain, indicating that the piece was improperly sanded. The stain should be evenly applied and free of murky areas or patches where the wood grain is obscured. Pay close attention to the top coat. It should be free of bubbles, marks, or spots of dust. When the top coat has been properly applied in several light coats with sanding between coats, the piece should have a deep, rich luster.

DIY Furniture Guide: How to Build a Platform Bed

If you are short on space or looking for something different to mix up the look of your home, platform beds have been used for centuries and are a great substitute for your traditional box spring beds. Best yet, these bases can be made at home with just a few tools and materials that you may already have lying around. If you are looking for an afternoon project that will add flare and excitement to your bedroom, this guide will tell you how to build a platform bed.

The Materials
If you have materials lying around your home, that’s going to help you out a lot. Luckily, even if you don’t, the materials that go into a platform bed can be found for relatively inexpensive prices. Those living in Singapore can trust in local online furniture stores to find materials to make their new platform bed. This site offers great prices on many different household items. Once you have the appropriate materials, you can get started making your platform bed.

Finding The Right Size
The next thing you’ll want to account for when making your platform bed is the size you need to make it. With whatever size mattress you have, you will want to leave about 1 inch of room extra on each side of your platform. This will leave for a bit extra space when putting the mattress down on the platform part of the bed.

The Building Process

The Top Platform
Once you have made the platform for your mattress to rest, gather the wood boards you’ll need to make the frame of your bed (either that you have on your own or those that you have purchased). To begin making them, account for one extra foot around the original platform. This is where you will begin making the frame of the bed. The reason you will leave an extra foot of space for the bottom side of the platform, is to stop you from stubbing your toe or banging into the platform every time you approach your bed.

Watch How To Build A Platform Bed For Under $30


The Base
After you have gathered the wood and accounted for the subtracted space, make a rectangular frame on the floor in front of you (without the platform on the top). Once you have outlined the rectangle (it should look like your platform but a foot shorter on each side), you can begin attaching the pieces together. To do this, you can drill screws into the wood or use a very firm wood glue agent. At each corner of your frame, you will want to also attach a cross-section piece, as it will add stability to the frame.


Putting It Together

Once your frame is stable, you can put the platform on top of it. As you put the platform down, account for the extra foot of space and make sure that you have 6-inches extra on each side. Once you have done that, you can again drill or glue the platform to the frame.

Extra Details
After this step, you can decide how much more detail you want to add to your platform bed. For some, you can simply put your mattress on the bed and get to sleep. But if you want to paint it or add an extra layer of padding for added support, you can do that as well. While many of the platform beds online will come with the additional features, if you may have more choices with a bed that you make on your own.

All in all, a platform bed can be a comfortable and convenient bed for your living situation. And as shown here, it can be easily made and be extremely comfortable.


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Living Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

When homeowners furnish their living room with quality living room furniture, they can arrange it in any way that best suits them. The use, size and shape of the room also help to determine how the furniture is placed. Still, a fresh look and better function as well as added comfort can come from creative furniture arranging.

Clever Arrangement Ideas 

  •  The sofa can sit in various spots in most rooms. Trying a different side of the room or in the middle of the floor with the back to the entrance are two tips for sofa placement. Of course when situated under a window, the sofa has natural light during the daytime.




  • For compact seating, sectional sofas and love seats are often more practical and more compact than multiple chairs and recliners. Some sectional units provide two or three reclining sections.



  • A bookshelf does not have to stand tall only in the corner. A sturdy shelf unit can also serve as a look-through partition for the room or work as a centerpiece in the middle of a large, blank wall.



  • A TV stand is useful whether the TV sits on its top, or the television is wall-mounted. Sat against the wall under the TV, the stand is an attractive storage option for media from DVDs to books and magazines.



  • End tables are always functional pieces set beside the sofas and over-stuffed chairs. Other placement options are also great for end tables like putting two or more together in front of the sofa for a “coffee table,” setting one or more against the wall for a TV stand, or an indoor a potted plant display table. 


living room furniture



Arranging a Flowing Whole 

The selection of the furniture is important for a flow and calming ambience. One brand that is excellent for its modern and minimalistic design is Ethnicraft online furniture. Beautiful wood pieces like shelving, tables and chairs are manufactured without adornment and hardware details. The pieces are gorgeous and showcase the beauty of natural wood.

The furniture should be comfortable and relaxing for more than one person. However, even one person should feel comfortable in the space by themselves. Living rooms are intended for relaxation and lounging as well as for gatherings of family and friends. When placing the furniture, the room can still have a flow. As a whole, the room arrangement should be open and welcoming.

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