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Top Tips for Getting the Outside of Your Home As Clean As Possible

Something that many people forget is that it is necessary to clean the outside of your home just like the inside. Cleaning the exterior of a house is far different from cleaning the interior. The task is more demanding even though it is worth the effort. A few tips will help you to get the outside of your home as clean as possible.


Use Water and Vinegar on Your Windows 

You want to start with your windows. A large amount of dirt can stick to the exterior of your windows. The way to handle this is by wiping your windows down with a mixture of water and vinegar. The vinegar helps to prevent streaking. Use a microfiber cloth to buff the windows and remove any tough dirt. You optimally want to have a squeegee handy so that you can finish with a nice clean pass across the glass.

Power Wash Walls, Patios and Decks 

A power washer is your best tool when cleaning the outside of your house. You want to use a water jet power washer to clean the walls regardless of the material. Get into all of the nooks on the exterior walls to dislodge any debris that has been packed inside. You can also use the power washer to clean patios and decks. You should avoid using the power washer for the roof since it could knock tiles, shingles or flashing out of place.

Clean Out the Gutters 

Part of cleaning the outside of your home involves clearing out the gutters. Your gutters can become filled with twigs, leaves and other debris. If they get too full, then your home could sustain water damage because they can no longer drain into the downspout. You want to remove everything from inside the gutter. A way to make this task much easier is to install a basic gutter guard or screen on the top to capture debris.

Gather Up and Dispose Of Debris Piles 

You want to take care of all the debris on the ground. You should make a pile of the leaves, twigs and other items that are scattered around the property. Bag this waste and dispose of it properly. Do not just leave debris sitting on the property. It makes the house less attractive and can potentially become home to pests that will get inside. Keep the ground clean and clear of debris.

Use a Brush to Clean Inside Corners and Edges 

A final tip is to get a firm scrubbing-brush and a bucket of warm water with some cleaning solution mixed in. You want to get down and use the brush to clean inside of corners and edges that are difficult to reach. These could be corners between steps, areas under windows or tight spaces around doors frames. Scrub these areas thoroughly to remove all of the debris possible. This will give your home a bright and clean appearance.

You are going to want to clean the outside of your home at least once each year. Many people clean their houses every other season. A good cleaning can do more than just make the house look more attractive. It can also protect your house against damage from debris and pests.


Review: The Neato Signature Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Covering all aspects of Neato Signature Pro reviews and specs allows the user to see the pros and cons of the vacuum while also being able to note the vacuums price and features. Having a robotic vacuum at home can be the perfect solution for some homeowners while others may not see the need.

If you bring the Neato Signature home for a spin, you must be reminded of how the vacuum works. The vacuum roams around your house guided by an advanced laser guidance system. This laser is able to detect walls, furniture and obstacles so that the vacuum can maneuver around these objects as it cleans the floor. With the system, the vacuum knows where to go without having to be guided at any point.

With the multiple settings, the vacuum can be asked to do a spot clean where you put it down, to clean only one room or to clean the entire house. Changing the setting gets the right job done at the right time. You don’t have to worry about the vacuum cleaning a room that is spotless. Simply place the vacuum where you want it to clean, choose the proper setting and let it begin working.





The vacuum is also an improving investment. When you spend the money on this vacuum, it does not stay the same. Every time there are software updates, the vacuum can be updated to ensure that it is operating at its optimal capacity. The filters that are used on the vacuum are of the highest quality and allow for a complete clean in the home. Not only does the house get clean, but you will have less dust and allergens in the air when you use this vacuum.

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The dirt bin inside the vacuum has no bag and is easy to empty. Instead of fighting with the vacuum every time it must be emptied, you can empty the bin and pop it right back in to let the vacuum keep working. The vacuuming takes less time and is more environmentally friendly.

With the blade brush design, the vacuum works on all floors and never has a problem picking up all of the dirt and dust that is found on the floor. The Neato Signature Pro Vacuum is a small unit with big potential that allows you to get their floors cleaned with the push of a button, no bags and the occasional update.


Neato Signature Pro is pet friendly robotic vacuum

A New Hero in the Struggle for Robotic Dust Bunny Dominance

Robotic cleaning devices are quickly advancing to the level that we all expected based on the cartoons and science fiction of our youth. Given the rate of advancement, we can all have high hopes in regard to the fully automated home that has the potential to drastically reduce the effort that into housework. The Neato Robotic Vacuum is helping to forge the future in automated cleaning by hitting the market with capabilities that are far more advanced than the automated predecessors that popularized this market in the past. So while this vacuum is not necessarily a shocking development in the world of robotics, it certainly breaks the mold in terms of the abilities of the average robotic cleaner.




The XV-11, released by Neato, has lived up to the hype that preceded its release. In comparison to other devices of its kind, this automated vacuum is roughly the same size as the Roomba, but it delivers performance based on much more sophisticated technology. This device uses a laser to avoid furniture and other objects that may inhibit its ravage path of cleaning. The XV-11 also has some nice little extras that allow it to stand above competition such as Roboking. You can set definite parameters up all throughout the house based on placing simple magnetic strip boundaries across the floor. Other devices rely on programming that often fails or develops cleanings patterns that are not fully accurate or comprehensive.



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Much of the technology that has gone into popular robotic cleaners on the market is incorporated into this machine and further refined in order to provide a more thorough clean and reliable performance. The automated mapping technology that powers products such as the Iclebo is complimented by many other unique features that give the Neato XV-11 a prominent edge. One such feature is the transparent cleaning bin that rests on top of the unit. It is simple to see when the package needs emptying, and the part snaps into and out of place easily so that spilling debris is no risk at all.

See the benefits in this video of using a Neato XV-11 automatic vacuum. It does all the work for you so you don’t have to. And, it works on all floor types!

The intuitive interface allows users to program cleaning schedules however they would like once the unit has been fully charged. Additionally, a large orange button allows you to set the device straight to work when a unforeseen spill occurs. Avoiding objects with laser guidance rather than impact bumpers allows the XV-11 to keep the cleaning on schedule. It even avoids falling down flights of stairs. The machine runs quietly compared to the average vacuum, and its cleaning power is considerable. It can handle much more than your average dust bunny. The unit even returns to the wall-charging unit when it senses that it is running low on power. If you wish to achieve an effortless and comprehensive clean in every room of the house, visit to discover more details today.

Find out more price and detailed info about all types of robotic vacuum at

Find out more price and detailed info about all types of robotic vacuum at



The Latest in Robot Vacuum Cleaners

The new technology in home cleaning appliances has been growing in great magnitudes. For years people have seen futuristic movies and television shows with cleaning appliances like a robot vacuum cleaner were common place. Today is the future for this concept in home cleaning appliances. The anticipation of these items is over. If you can afford one, you are bring these things into your home.

The iRobot, for example, is a great cleaning device, but it isn’t cheap. The device can cost as much as $600 if you purchase one of the most expensive brands. Fortunately, there are other brands that are closer to $250. This makes the purchase a little easier, but people still have to really want a robot cleaner in order to buy it.

The latest iRobot cleaning appliance is the iRobot Roomba 780

The Scooba is one of the iRobot machines on the market. The device is great for floor washing. It is a little bit different than the vacuum for carpets because it works with on hardwood or tiled kitchen and floors. Some people think don’t trust an automatic machine that cleans by remote control, but this is the new form of technology. These machines were somewhat cumbersome in the beginning, but the creators improved upon the devices. This is why this new and improved technology is selling better than it has ever sold before.

The Scooba one of the higher cleaning devices on the market. The Roomba, on the other hand, is a little less than the Scooba. This device is used to pick up dust and debris on carpets. This has become a bestseller because it has one touch cleaning. This is what has attracted many people to this robot vacuum cleaner. There are so many people that are out there in search of an easier way to clean their homes. This product has become much more of a practical purchase because many people hate to vacuum. There is also a perception that the remote vacuums work better than the remote floor washers. When you also throw in the fact that these devices cost less it becomes obvious why more people purchase them.

This technology has changed the way that people clean their homes. It didn’t take long for these devices to skyrocket in popularity. People have always wished for devices like this for home use. It seemed like the wait for these devices would be much longer, but technology has progressed. People have been able to see smart phones with video in high definition. Consumers have also had the chance to buy hybrid vehicles with all types of environmentally conscious mechanisms. It would be only a matter of time before all of this technology would move to home cleaning appliances.

Most consumers cannot believe how well these products work. It truly is a testament of the creators that brought these products to the market. Consumers demanded technology that would really make a difference in home cleaning. The line of iRobot products has definitely done that. These devices save consumers lots of time. You may roll over this news site for the most updated auto vacuum reviews.