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Top 6 Benefits Of Getting A Cold Press Juicer

Cold pressed juices have been all the rage in Malaysia for the past three years, and the trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Though the popular cold pressed juices sold on the market are pricier than the typical fruit juices, they’re expensive for a good reason. Cold-pressed juices have so many health benefits that non-cold pressed fruit juices lack. Save more money and make your own cold pressed juices! These are the top six benefits of getting a cold press juicer at home:


  1. Cold-press juices retain the original taste

Compared to non-cold pressed juices, which also often have preservatives and coloring mixed in, a cold pressed juice tastes so much better, as if you’re eating it in the fruit’s original form, due to its extra vitamins and enzymes that are still there even after juicing. With homemade cold pressed juices, you know exactly what the process is like and what sort of ingredients is used.


  1. Cold press juicer is quiet

Morning should be a time of peace and quiet as you’re preparing to face the challenging day ahead. A cold press juicer normally performs its juicing function without disturbing your peace and mood, and is pretty silent. Compared to most fruit juicers which sound like harsh lawn mowers, cold press juicers only make a gentle hum, quiet enough for you to listen to your morning meditation or motivation playlist.


  1. Cold-pressed juices boost immune system

Cold pressing is performed in a way that retains the fruit or veggie’s raw vitamins and nutrients. With frequent consumption, your immune system will be boosted in no time, helping you to fend off illness especially during the flu season. The good bacteria in your body feed upon the nutrients and vitamins of the cold pressed juices you consumed, which help to supress pathogenic bacteria.


  1. Cold-pressed juices increase energy levels

A frequent intake of fruits and veggies on a daily basis will improve your energy level. Cold pressed juices help optimize the pH level of your body and supply nutrients to your blood. This in turn increases the energy levels, giving you a great start to the day!


  1. Get a daily dose of ‘five a day’ with cold-pressed juices

Health experts couldn’t stress enough on the importance of ‘five a day’, which is the consumption of five different fruits and veggies a day. With a cold press juicer at home, you can conveniently get a daily dose of your ‘five a day’ without going through all the troubles of going out and repeatedly buying cold pressed juices. What’s more, you can mix and match any fruit and veggie that you like; something that’s not an option if you get store-bought cold pressed juices.


  1. Consider a cold press juicer long-term investment

A bottle of cold pressed juice is normally priced between RM12 to RM20 (the more ingredients the more expensive it’ll be). So imagine how much money you’ll be spending on a daily or monthly basis just to get your fix! Meanwhile, a cold press juicer is usually sold between RM300 to RM1,000, which makes it a worthwhile one-time investment.


Rather than spending more on ready-made cold pressed juices, it’s best to get your own for long-term investment.

When buying a cold press juicer, figure out what your health needs are as well as your budget and the available space in your kitchen. This kitchen appliance comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and key features. And the more expensive it is, the better the key features that you can take advantage of. Whatever the juicer you decide to bring home, make sure it is easy to clean (or dishwasher-friendly) and has low maintenance if you want to save money.

There’s a War For Your Health, And Your Food Temperature Is The Key To Winning It

Introduction – Preserving The Nourishment That Sustains Us

Food and water are vital to our survival – this goes without saying. Despite our necessity of requiring constant and periodic nourishment – both solid and liquid – such nourishment, if not preserved, treated, and stored properly, can have the exact opposite effect. It can leave us sick, poison our bodies, and leave us feeling sour, both physically and mentally.


The Dangers of Spoiled Nourishment.

People have sought means to guard themselves against what is known as food poisoning for millennia. Slowly but steadily they learned the nature of food spoilage – the cause of food poisoning. Methods and understandings were developed to delay, mitigate, and detect it – for it was, in fact, the diseases spread by spoiled food that can be both painful and dangerous to one’s survival.


The Importance of Food Temperature Measurement and Management.

One of the most straightforward and efficient means of combating food spoilage (the cause of food poisoning), is to enact a process of strict food temperature management. To simplify, maintain the temperature of stored consumables to appropriate standards that are specific to the consumable in question, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO).


Not every consumable (condiments, frozen meats, vegetables, etc.) necessarily needs to, or can, be stored at the same temperature. And some consumables have a longer shelf life than others, so it’s important to know the self-life and recommended storage practices for each consumable.


Some condiments can be stored at room temperature almost indefinitely, like ketchup, mustard, and hot sauce. Others, like mayonnaise, must be refrigerated after opening. Meats must always be stored frozen in a freezer until thawed to cook. Afterward, they must be re-thawed, or thrown away, since meats contain frozen bacterium and are the most likely type of food to cause disease if mishandled.


In Conclusion.

Being vital for survival, food and edibles need proper management and use to prevent food poisoning. Spoiled food is robbed of the very nutrients necessary to survival and instead causes our bodies to rot away with disease and discomfort.

Fine Tuning Your Profession – 6 Career Changing Advantages of Taking Professional Courses

professional-coursesBy definition, a ‘professional course’ is a college level educational program that’s designed to prepare those who take it to assume specific jobs and professions in the future. These are job-specific courses that will guarantee that graduates will get the specific job their course has trained them for once they complete the program. In Malaysia, more and more students are opting for professional courses as opposed to generalized college programs that confuse them with options after graduation. Why exactly should students choose to take professional courses in Malaysia over other educational options? These 6 career-changing advantages should convince you why.


  1. Clear Cut Career Plan – After graduating from a course that allows multiple career options, which path should you take? Often, this is a major problem for a lot of graduates who don’t anticipate the struggle of choosing from a pool of different job opportunities. With a professional course, students can have a clear cut career plan for themselves, knowing exactly which steps to take after they receive their diploma.


  1. Complete Skill Set – When you take a professional course, you will be given the complete skill set you need in order to accomplish the duties that your job entails. That’s because these are profession-specific details that you can’t learn anywhere else. This aptly prepares graduates for the professional world, knowing they have all the skills needed to get the job done right.


  1. Higher Salary – Because of the semi-specialized skills and knowledge that professional course graduates obtain, they are commonly granted higher salaries compared to graduates who have non-specific college training.


  1. Sure Employment – An occupational therapy graduate, for instance, would have more chances of finding a job as an occupational therapist than a business administration graduate who may or may not fit into certain jobs. Professional course graduates almost always find a job instantly after graduating because they know where to go.


  1. Shorter Learning Curve – Graduates of general courses often need to learn specific skills and abilities when hired for a job, making them clumsy and requiring lots of training before they can be left alone to work. But because professional course graduates already have profession-specific knowledge, they can adjust faster to the work environment without trouble.


  1. Simple Career Progression – It’s easier to determine where you want to take your career next if you take up a professional course. That’s because the first stepping stone is often predetermined, narrowing down your career options as you work your way up the ladder.


Professional courses are very beneficial, especially for the career-conscious individual. Remember these 6 advantages when you start to look for the college course for you and make the right decision by choosing a professional course for your future.

Think Ahead – 5 Strategies to Help HR Stay Ahead of Employee Engagement Problems

Together Everyone Achieves More - TEAMConstantly having to deal with workers leaving the force too soon? You might be having a few employee engagement problems. By definition, an engaged employee is a worker who is interested in their job, motivated to accomplish his or her allocated duties or more, and dedicated to the company that he or she serves. No doubt, it can be a serious challenge to keep employees from flaking out and quitting, but there are some things that HR professionals can do to see and resolve problems before they end in employee turn-over. Find out how to stay on top of employee engagement issues by trying these fool-proof strategies.


  1. Ask Questions – One of the reasons why HR professionals fail to see employee engagement problems until it’s too late is because they don’t ask the right questions when they can. Conducting a routine survey, and an employee engagement score evaluation after, will help determine how satisfied workers are with their current situation, as well what you can do to help make them feel more dedicated to their jobs.


  1. Keep Track of Progress – Once you’ve understood what’s keeping workers from being fully engaged, you can then come up with new strategies to reduce the problems they experience. But it’s not enough to just try a new tactic. Keeping track of progress or changes will help determine whether the new strategy is working, or if there’s a need for other adjustments.


  1. Communicate – Communication is one of the cornerstones of employee retention, but it can do much more than just keep workers around. Communication provides new perspectives on problems that employees would probably fail to mention through surveys and interviews. Make it a point to engage workers in casual conversation regularly to get a better idea of what they experience on a daily.


  1. Beef Up Incentives – If your employees feel like they’re aptly rewarded for their efforts, the thought of quitting might never even enter their heads. To prevent them from even feeling the need to move companies or look for other employers, develop attractive, useful, and valuable incentives and rewards, that will make them want to stay and work hard.


  1. Practice Servant Leadership – Employees feel much more important if they have a servant leader who proves that he or she cares about the workforce. Aside from being the perfect way to maintain open communication with your employees, this practice also makes it easier for you to put yourself in their shoes for a better understanding of what they go through every day, so you can develop strategies that work.


How well are you preventing employee turn-over? There’s no need to keep losing worthy workers – employee retention relies on you. Try these 5 methods to help prevent employees from abandoning ship and grow a workforce that brings out the best of your business.

How to Sell Your Cabal 2 Gaming Account


When you sell your Cabal 2 gaming account, you should first know how to write an attractive sales offer that will empower your readers to buy your gaming account. An effective offer does more than describe a gaming account. It answers questions coming from potential buyers such as demonstrating the value of the account. In addition, it gives the buyer compelling reasons to buy the account for your asking price.


Write a Title That Sells

The first thing that you should do is to write a title that will sell because that will be the first thing that buyers see. Describing what the buyer wants will give them better reasons to click on your account and read your description. Ask yourself, “What would you want if you were buying a game account?” You may want to write a sentence that talks about the top qualities of your account. Avoid advertisement words like amazing, awesome, great or must see. Think about it: Would you click on something that looked like an advertisement?


How Does Your Account Stack Up?

In order to sell your account, it will have to be competitively priced with the other offers. How do you determine an appropriate price? Check out other accounts that have similar offers. What are things that you need to consider? First, you have to look at how affordable your account looks to the others. Will it entice buyers into a sale? Second, does your sale have a description that is more appealing than the others?


Extra Characters Do Not Help It Sell for More

The vast majority of buyers do not want extra characters. They will only want a main character, and they will rarely pay extra for other characters on an account, which means that the main character will determine the market value of your account. If you have extra characters, you could profit more if you moved them to different game accounts so that you could sell them separately.


How to Sell a Cabal 2 Gaming Account: Descriptions

When it comes to selling an account, most buyers want to finish quickly and start playing. They will not spend much time asking questions or waiting for an answer if you do not have a detailed description. Your gaming description is your sales pitch, and you should treat it as such. You want to include the details that will attract buyers. Here are questions to ask yourself:

  • What Makes Your Character Special?
  • What Features Would a Potential Buyer Want?
  • Why Should They Pay Your asking Price?


Finally, you should include basic details in your description, such as level, race, class, faction, progression accomplishments, equipment level, amount of HP, intelligence and strength. Try to avoid language that only a seasoned played will understand like abbreviations and acronyms. Some of your potential buyers will not understand this language, and they will not spend time trying to understand it. For a great place to sell your gaming account, visit here.

Convenience Stores in Japan

Convenience stores are a major institution in Japan. Statistics indicate that the United States has one convenience store for every 6000 people, give or take, on a national scale. In Japan, the number is one for every 2000. There are a number of reasons for this disparity. Most of them are rooted in the unique cultural aspects of modern Japan.

Part of the reason convenience stores have grown so much in Japan is simply because they have done so well financially. Much of the culture that has sprung up around them has stemmed from their success. Japan is a very busy nation. The large shopping trips that are common in the West are rarely feasible in Japan. Individuals there are more likely to rely on online markets like than they are on supermarkets. Smaller supermarkets make more sense from a perspective of time spent. This has allowed them to perform very well, and as they have grown, they have gotten much easier to rely on. This becomes a self-feeding cycle; the more convenience stores are available, the more people can safely rely on them for their day-to-day needs, and it continues until districts are appropriately saturated with convenience store access.


Family Mart Convenience Store



Lawson Tokyo Convenience Store



Japanese C-Store



Something else that has made the difference is the remarkably-lower crime rate. Japan has a strong police force and much lower crime in general. Crime is one of the greatest hindrances of convenience stores in the West, where they make vulnerable target for desperate and unimaginative robbers, often armed. The low crime rate means that convenience stores can be open much longer and in far more locations in Japan. It makes it safer to operate them and safer to shop at them. It isn’t uncommon to find Western shoppers who outright refuse to shop at convenience stores for fear of criminal activity, so the removal of this cultural taboo goes far in Japan.


Japanese Coke Vending Machine



Crazy looking Japanese Vending Machine



Hello Kitty Japan Vending Machine



An increase in privacy has also increased the standing of convenience stores. Many people in Japan do not want their shopping to become a social outing. They simply want to get the goods they need for the rest of their day. This has led to a huge increase in the number of available vending machines as well as the accessibility of convenience stores. Convenience stores make it much simpler to get what you need and go home without unwanted social contact. This combined with the increased hours of convenience stores in Japan make it possible for individuals with otherwise-crippling anxiety to carry on with normal lives doing their own shopping.


Pringles Japanese Vending Machine



Convenience stores in Japan are a serious institution. Their growth from their introduction in the 60s and 70s has been remarkable and easily outpaces anything that has been seen in any Western nation. As more products become available in convenience stores, including electronic money cards, cell phone cards and other resources, their role will only increase as easy ways to fulfill basic life needs. Convenience stores will never be the most inexpensive places to shop, but they’re doing a better and better job of living up to their names.

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