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Just for Fun: Halloween Costume Ideas With Muslimah Fashion


Halloween is a traditional event whose purpose is to honour the dead including martyrs, saints, and departed believers. Activities synonymous with modern era Halloween include pranks, watching and telling scary stories and horror movies, costume parties and trick-or-treat. In past generations, observers attended church services then followed by lighting candles on the graves of the dead. It’s celebrated on 31st October. The Halloween tradition was initially common among Christians in the western world but the influence of globalization has spread it around the world. Halloween is now celebrated by people of diverse cultural, social and religious affiliations.


A Halloween celebration is never complete without a custom made outfit. The costumes reflect a character or phenomena in society. Picking a Halloween costume is a tasking endeavour that requires originality and creativity. It is imperative that one has a successful Halloween without causing harm to others. This is not the time to spread stereotypes and haram practices.


During Halloween, there are many original costume ideas to mirror the occasion. For instance, one can dress up as their favourite comic character or hero. This theme works out well for children and teenagers. Wearing a shalwar kameez coupled with a fake long beard sounds like a scary idea. You can also dress up as a zombie. This character requires you to move in slow-motion the whole night while uttering weird stuff. If you get the make-up right you will enjoy making people run.


Halloween is a great opportunity to dress up as our favourite celebrities or role models.. Movie characters like the Pirates of the Caribbean also inspire costume designs. You can also make a homemade costume using fruits ideas. A pumpkin, carrot, apple, banana or pineapple costume is easy to make. A personal touch of fashion and style enables one to pull this out. In addition, moreĀ Muslimah fashion for Halloween ideas are here. They may include costumes of landmarks, favourite animals and innate objects of use to us on a daily basis. If you are a sporting person, why not dress up as a sports personality? For fashion enthusiasts, it’s always nice to make costume designs with the style of past decades such as the classic ’70s. Always remember to bring along sweets, candy and chocolates. Be friendly and welcoming to your neighbours and friends.


A Hijab is not a Halloween costume though one can still go around in one. Avoid themes that promote injustice, killing of innocent lives and other vices that are contrary to the Islamic religion. For instance, it is insensitive to dress up as terrorists unless you do it as a parody with lots of humour.

In conclusion, Halloween is a great opportunity to have fun. It also allows people to conquer their fears especially of the dead and evil spirits. The costumes make it possible to laugh at feared evil spirits. There is no excuse for not celebrating this festival. In today’s generation, it should be regarded to as a social event rather than a religious tradition. Don’t you be dull now! Embrace the Halloween spirit.