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Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair Forever with These Treatments

Beauty experts advise that to stay lovely, the most important task is to take care of the skin, to make it clear and silky smooth. That means the need to remove unwanted hair has also become a necessity and a priority. While most women go for natural ways like plucking, shaving, and waxing, some prefer aesthetic procedures to get rid of the unwanted hair.

Many aesthetic clinics in Malaysia have come up with the latest hair removal treatments and technologies that solve this beauty dilemma. Here are the top 3 hair removal procedures you might want to consider:

  1. Laser Technology

The most popular permanent facial hair removal procedure is the laser treatment. This method uses concentrated light pulses to destroy hair follicles and to prevent them to regrow. The benefit is that the laser doesn’t damage the surrounding tissues of the skin.

You can also do this from the comfort of your own home using the practical, lightweight laser machines available online. However, nothing beats the indulgence in getting treatment from a professional aesthetician. Plus, going to a professional clinic guarantees a precise and effective procedure.

The exact wavelength of light pulses targeting your hair follicles will depend on the type and colour of your hair and skin. Most experts believe that this is the most effective hair reduction treatment, which requires 6-12 sessions to see the results you want. The typical cost of a laser hair removal treatment in Malaysia ranges from RM275-RM425 depending on the body area.


  1. Intense Pulsed Light or IPL

Unlike the laser technology which has a specific target for its emitted wavelength, the IPL method releases a broad wavelength just like a simple light bulb. IPL is recommended for patients with lighter types of skin with darker hair colour. However, it tends to be less efficient than the laser treatment because the pulses can’t penetrate through the deeper layers of the skin.

Likewise, it also exposes the surrounding tissues to the wavelengths, which in turn causes them to be damaged and burned. IPL machines usually come with a large hand piece that makes the treatment faster than other laser treatments. It is cheaper than ordinary laser treatments and usually costs around RM170 based on the area.


  1. Sumuzu Hair Removal Treatment

International TV reporter Carol Malasig shared this breakthrough on her blog, in which she highly recommended this hair removal procedure. Compared to an ordinary IPL treatment for the underarms, for example, the Sumuzu Hair Removal Treatment just takes 5 minutes for both underarms.

Using the Koolite machine, it also emits light pulses similar to an IPL machine, but patients need not wear eyeglasses to shield against the emitted wavelengths. Carol also mentions that it is less painful compared to the IPL treatment. It also gives additional benefits like whitens and tightens the skin, and removes odour.


In fact, patients should expect noticeable results and reduced hair growth with just three sessions of the Sumuzu treatment. Underarms with some visible pores caused by shaving will become smaller, lines lighter, and sweating reduced. The Sumuzu Hair Removal Treatment may be a bit costly at RM300 per session for underarms and RM590 per session for full legs.

If you’re done with waxing, shaving, or tweezing, then it’s high time for you to switch to these high-tech treatments. With technology, you can say good bye to unwanted hair forever! If you’re interested in getting one of these procedures, contact a trusted and reliable clinic.

Top 6 Tips on Removing Skin Impurities for a Healthy Skin

Living in a tropical country like Malaysia often means that our skin has high exposure to heat, which leads to a vigorous production of sebum and oil. Additionally, being out in the city can introduce many pollutants that can contribute to dry, dull or acne-prone skin.

Certain facial care steps are necessary for keeping your skin clean and pure from sebum and toxic impurities, to prevent skin issues. These are some of the practices you can incorporate into your daily skin care routine to minimise impurities:


1)         Start with a Face Wash

The type of face wash you choose depends on how oily your skin is. If you’re prone to dry skin, get a gentle cleanser that will remove impurities without stripping the skin of its essential oils.

If your skin is oily, you should go for a  deep cleanser which can reach each pore and free it of any excess oil and sebum. You won’t have problems finding a facial cleanser in Malaysia as many options will fit all types of skin.

2)         Use a Comedones Extractor

A comedones extractor is often made of metal with ends that end in loops. These metal tools are usually pushed onto portions of your skin to force out black heads or white heads.

Clean the extractor after every round with a piece of tissue paper of wet wipe. Press the comedones extractor lightly on your skin so as not to cause pain or injury and wash it in warm, soapy water afterwards.


3)         Steam Helps Open up Your Pores

Steaming your face will open up your pores, which helps in whatever cleansing step that you want to perform next. Your pores will be easier to clean with a face wash, brush or comedones extractor once they’ve been opened.

Additionally, your pores will be able to absorb any treatment better if they’re open. To steam your face, fill a bowl with freshly boiled water and hold your face about 30 cm away. Avoid burning or scalding your skin, don’t come too close to the steam. Place a towel over your head to maximise the steam’s effects and keep at it for 2-3 minutes.

4)         Invest in an Electric Face Brush

One of the latest inventions in the beauty industry is the electric face brush. It looks very much like an electric toothbrush, but larger and with gentle bristles. This device can help keep pores clean from deep-set impurities.

It’s an extra step that can be performed several times a week as an addition to your usual cleansing, toner and moisturiser regime. These face brushes are necessary for unclogging pores and removing dead skin cells, one of the main causes of pimples.

5)         Pore Strips for Gentle Extraction

Pore strips are most commonly designed for your nose, but some face masks function as extractors too. Nose strips are pieces of fabrics that contain a water soluble adhesive on one side.

It will attach itself to white heads or black heads and pull them out when the strip dries. Be sure to buy a good brand as some pore strips can cause irritation or scarring.


6)         Use a Clarifying Toner

Toners give your skin that extra boost of deep cleaning it needs. You need them especially if you’ve spent the whole day wearing makeup or spent it outdoors in the dirt and dust. Choose a non-alcoholic toner with gentle herbal extracts for natural anti-bacterial action to prevent pimples or acne.

Cleansing your skin from toxins and other impurities requires some dedication, but the efforts are worth it in the end. Always choose the level of skin care that suits your individual needs and skin types. No one formula and regime fit everyone, so adjust and adapt the recommendations here to what’s best for you.

4 Amazing Beauty Products from April Skin that You Should Absolutely Get

Legions of beauty enthusiasts cannot get enough of April Skin. Beauty lovers love April Skin products that use mostly natural ingredients and deliver their promise! Efficient, long-lasting, and gentle to your skin are the words that sum up April Skin’s products. Plus, no matter which skin type you have, you’ll find something to cater to your special needs.


Here are some of the most beloved products by April Skin that caught a lot of attention during the last three years:

[H2: 1. April Skin Magic Snow Cushion]


You can choose from cushion white, cushion pink, or cushion black depending on your skin shades. What’s great about these cushions is that they serve three functions: skin whiteners, protection against the harsh sun, and anti-wrinkle formulas. So you’re basically getting three products in one package.


What’s more, they are also refillable. For instance, if you run out of the Magic Snow Whitening Cream, you can order a refill instead of buying a new item.

[H2: 2. Magic S Lipstick]


You get six luxurious colours of this April Skin lipstick with just one order. The shades are as follows: Roxanne Tango, Hong Kong Red, Fanny Pink, Pink Marso, Budapest, and Hawaii Summer. These gorgeous products create voluminous and glossy lips with a creamy texture. It also contains organic argan oil which provides long-lasting moisture.

[H2: 3. Blooming Skin Care Set]


This is one of the most in-demand products by April Skin Korea and for a good reason. The set contains six high-quality items: Pinky Clay Toner, Pinky Clay Nose Pack, Pinky Clay Soothing Gel, Pinky Piggy Carbonated Pack, Magic Snow Pad, and April Skin’s Signature Soap. This is the perfect companion for the women who are always on the move.

[H2: 4. All Kill Pore Brush]


If you have very sensitive skin that gets easily damaged by oil and dirt, this brush can help you deal with the nagging problem. With over 400,000 micro bristles, this brush is very effective in removing dirt, oil, and grime that has accumulated in your skin pores. Plus, its small size allows you to put it in your purse and bring it wherever you go.


Tempted by one of these amazing products? Unfortunately, there’s no physical store by April Skin in Singapore just yet. Luckily, here at Hermo, we have a large selection of the April Skin products. Go to our April Skin page, or use the search functions on our website to find a specific April Skin item.

6 Awesome Reasons You Should Get Yourself a Juice Machine

Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function. However, eating them in their original form can be intimidating, especially if you are not fond of their taste. For instance, eating an avocado, which happens to be one of the most nutrient-rich fruits out there, can be hard if you don’t like its taste. That said, you need to turn it into something else which you can easily consume. This is where a juice machine enters the picture. A juicer allows you to create various drinks and smoothies from a combination of fruits and vegetables.

Still undecided if you should get a juicer? The following benefits of the drinks and smoothies you can make with the juicer should be more than enough to help you decide:

  1. It’s great for body detoxification Juicing helps your body get rid of the harmful toxins that have accumulated inside your system because of unhealthy eating habits. Some fitness experts often refer to this method as juice fasting. Basically, what you need to do is cut down your intake of your normal diet and replace it with raw and natural juices. In this manner, your body flushes out the toxins while you consume healthy amounts of nutrients from fruits and vegetables.
  2. It stimulates better nutrient absorption When you turn fruits and vegetables into juice, you are basically removing the pulp while squeezing out the juices. The pulp is the part of the fruit or vegetable that your body finds tough to digest. If these are left behind, there’s less work for your digestive system. It’s much easier for your intestines to absorb the vitamins in liquid form. Your body bypasses the digestion of fiber; thus absorbing nutrients become more efficient.
  3. It helps in lowering your blood sugar level Millions of people from around the world currently suffer from diabetes because of their excessive consumption of sugary products. You can significantly reduce the risk of acquiring the disease by switching to natural juices from raw fruits and vegetables. Yes, these natural juices still contain sugar but in moderate and healthy amounts. 
  4. It saves you a lot of money If you regularly purchase processed drinks like soda, packed juice, and energy drinks, then you know how expensive these items can be. Not only are these processed drinks expensive, but they are also often unhealthy. For instance, packed juices often contain huge amounts of sugar. Switching to juice that you make yourself is much healthier and safer. You also get to save huge amounts of cash every month.
  5. It helps you get better skin There’s a reason people who consume larger amounts of fruits and vegetables usually have healthier and brighter skin. This is because fruits and vegetables play a critical role in keeping the skin healthy. A lot of the nutrients that the skin needs come from fruits and vegetables. These nutrients also serve as moisturizers thus preventing the formation of acnes and blemishes on your skin.
  6. It enables you to consume a wider range of fruits and vegetables As we mentioned earlier, a juicer encourages you to experiment even with fruits and vegetables that you don’t like. You can combine them as main ingredients to come up with a taste and flavor that you like. In a way, a juicer allows you to widen your taste for more fruits and vegetables.

In a nutshell, getting a juice machine is an investment that will significantly improve your health. For best results, you should get a model that has a capacity of at least three glasses. You can prepare the juice in the morning, drink the first glass, then store the remaining two glasses for lunch and dinner. Three glasses of natural drinks or smoothies a day are more than enough to provide you with the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that your body needs.

Image result for 5 Simple Tips To Look Flawless Without Makeup

Some women love wearing makeup all the time, whether to work, a party, or a date. Meanwhile, there are some who’d rather go makeup free due to several reasons like money or skin allergy. Regardless of why you choose not to wear makeup, it’s possible for you to still look great and enhance your appearance without wearing them. Check out these five simple tips to look flawless without makeup:

  1. Get up early in the morning

Image result for Get up early in the morning

If you’re an early riser, you’re in luck: most early risers have an established sleep routine that makes them sleep early and wake up early, which in a way allows them to have younger-looking skin as they’re well rested and have enough sleep required by their age group. Avoid staying and waking up late too often. Not only will it put you in a bad mood, but you’ll also end up with a worse appearance.

  1. Exfoliate often

Image result for Exfoliate often

To have glowing and healthy-looking skin, you need to exfoliate as often as you can, depending on your skin type. It helps to keep the skin smooth, eliminate dead skin, and increase blood flow. To save more use a product that’s suitable for all skin types, or the one that can be utilized either for scrubbing or facial exfoliation. For the best results, use a cleanser with granular white sugar.

  1. Moisturize daily

Related image

No matter how old you are or what type of skin you have, you need to moisturize daily. Use a day cream when you get ready in the morning, preferably the ones containing SPF or UV rays reflecting properties. This kind of moisturizer often works throughout the day in erasing dark spots, protecting your skin from sun damages, and hydrating your skin. Come nighttime, use a night cream that revitalizes and repairs your skin as you sleep.

  1. Use teeth whitening strips

Image result for Use teeth whitening strips

Bright and shiny teeth can add more radiance and glow to your face, making you appear younger. To have a youthful and more radiant smile, simply use teeth whitening strips (daily) that can be purchased at any major pharmacy. Since the strips don’t require any rinsing or brushing, you can use them on-the-go. If you’re too lazy or busy to do it yourself, you can book a similar appointment with your dentist.

  1. Use lip balm to enhance lips

Image result for Use lip balm to enhance lips

Last but not least is to use a hydrating lip balm to enhance your lips and making them look rosier and plumper. The best lip balm for women to use should contain nourishing properties such as lanolin, beeswax, or castor seed oil for long-lasting hydration and treating chapped lips. Additionally, your lip balm should also give you a rosier look and enhance the color of your lips. No lipsticks needed!

It may take a while for you to achieve that flawless look, which is why the sooner you start with your skincare routine, the better, even if you’re still in your 20s. In addition to a thorough and daily skincare routine, you should also consume more fresh fruits and veggies on a regular basis, and drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Avoid heavy drinking, smoking, and partying until the late night. Doing so will not only give you a healthier body and clearer state of mind, but you’ll also have better-looking skin and no longer need to hide your flaws with makeup.

6 Important Benefits Of Using Natural And Organic Skin Care Products

natural-skin-care-2It’s a well-known fact that the majority of the skin care and beauty products in the market today contain a lot of artificial ingredients. The drawback of using too many artificial ingredients in these products is that they can harm the user’s skin instead of helping it get healthier. With that said, people who want safer ways to take care of their skin are advised to use natural skin care products instead. Below are some of the most important benefits of applying organic and natural skin care items:


  1. They don’t contain harsh chemicals. These chemicals are the main reasons for a lot of the side effects people experience when using skin care products. People who go organic don’t have to worry about these side effects. Those who have a very sensitive skin susceptible to allergies are also advised to use organic products to avoid complications. Some of the most harmful chemicals present in artificial skin care products include formaldehyde, parabens, and phthalates.


  1. They exude natural and fresh fragrance. Natural fragrances are always much better compared to man-made aromas because they are easier on the nose and they usually last longer. And of course, the natural fragrance doesn’t have any toxic effects either to the skin or to the lungs.


  1. They contain valuable nutrients that give the skin a healthier look. The skin absorbs some of the things it gets in contact with. This can be dangerous if the skin care product contains too many artificial ingredients. However, if the product is organic, it can be helpful in reinvigorating the skin. For instance, a natural olive oil contains vitamin E which is a very important nutrient the body needs.


  1. They are eco-friendly. In simple terms, they don’t cause harm to the environment or the air. Everything, from the ingredients to the fragrance, is natural so they blend well with the environment. Even if large quantities of them are released out there, they don’t cause any damage because they will eventually break down naturally and safely.


  1. They don’t endanger other people. Some artificially-made skin care products can be toxic especially to small children and pets. They can be poisonous if ingested internally. If the product is manufactured using organic ingredients, there’s much less risk of poisoning.


  1. They help in improving the livelihood of small organic farmers. People who patronize organic skin care items are not only helping the businesses that manufacture them. They are also helping the small farmers who cultivate the plants needed to produce the ingredients. Many organic farms shut down because there’s very little support for their efforts. This problem won’t exist if more people buy the natural products manufactured from the organic plants they raise and cultivate.


In a nutshell, organic and natural skin products are completely worth it, given the numerous benefits they provide for the user. They are also not difficult to find, especially today where the market for organic products is quickly growing like never before. Furthermore, people who can’t find the items in physical stores can always seek them online. Many manufacturers of organic skin care items have embraced e-commerce to meet the demand for their products. In short, these items are easy to find and purchase.