How World-Class Sporting Events in Asia Allow Brands to Reach Out to Target Audience

More and more companies and brands seeking to grow their market share in Asia are successfully using the power of Asian sport to connect with consumers across the region in ways that traditional advertising and promotional programmes cannot achieve.

Sport brings to brands a passion they would otherwise be unable to capture, offering a cost-effective, integrated marketing platform. Sports sponsorship delivers above–the-line awareness with below-the-line activation, and engages audiences through a myriad of consumer touch points.  

A record 192 million viewers watched the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup – the region’s top national team football competition hosted by the Asean Football Federation (AFF).  This biennial football competition enjoys a wide and passionate following throughout Southeast Asia.

In Indonesia, an average of 15 million viewers watched the two final leg matches on RCTI, more than twice the number who watched the highest rated FIFA World Cup 2010 match, and nearly eight times higher than the average domestic prime time audience.  The second leg semi-final is RCTI’s highest rated program of all time with a market share of 82 percent.  In Malaysia, RTM recorded shares of 40.3 percent and 48.4 percent respectively for the two final leg matches.  

Aside from the record TV ratings and sell-out crowds of nearly 800,000, the event also had 193,172 fans on Facebook, 1.9 million visitors on its official website and 1.8 millions views on YouTube.

This interaction with millions of fans allowed title sponsor Suzuki and other event partners to engage with consumers on a personal and emotional level.  The sponsorship generated tremendous visibility for their brands and products across key markets in this region and helped to reinforce their brand values. Each partner saw an average return on investment (ROI) of 28:1 (based on 100% media equivalency; Source: Repucom) – a clear demonstration of the power and effectiveness of sports marketing and sponsorship.