How to Shop Healthy on an Average Person Budget

I want to provide fresh foods for my children like I ate growing up on a farm in Middle America. Growing a vegetable garden or fruit trees for my family may not be conducive to the climate of where you live. I’ve checked out the farmer’s markets and while they are fresh and organic I can’t always afford them. I’ve see the specialty grocery stores for natural or organic food and I come out having sticker shock on most of the products. I cannot afford to shop at these specialty stores no matter how many of my personal trainer friends claim how could I not, knowing the health problems my family and myself could may develop later in life due to diet. So I asked myself how can I still shop at my favorite discount grocery store and eat healthy.

Tips for grocery shopping healthy at a discount grocery store

• Only shop the outside isle – skip all the pre-packaged foods

• Get back to making things from scratch like bread and dinner recipes. I know it is real easy to buy that chicken dinner kit or that taco kit from the middle by try making your own recipe from scratch.

• Most of your groceries should come from the produce department

• Try limiting the starch component of your meal and replacing it with something whole grain or another veggie.

• The main thing that gets my family is the drinks. We drink a lot of our calories.




I soon realized my family is addicted to soda, sports drinks, and tea. Try replacing the soda with sparkling water (like this one!) and fruit juice to add flavored. This gives you the crisp tingling feeling of soda and more taste than just water. Replace sports drinks with fifty percent fruit juice and fifty percent water. Finally switch from sweetened tea to unsweet or sun tea.

Most importantly when healthy grocery shopping think about the food you are purchasing, it is healthy or easy. If it is both great, but if you find yourself tired and thinking of all the functions going on with your family this week and the amount of prep time you have to cook consider avoid the temptation of the easy route. Choose the healthy meals and make what you can ahead of time and freeze to thaw out and cook later.