How to Set Up The Cheapest (If Not Free) E-Commerce Site

When looking to build an e-commerce site, a company should try to save money as costs can quickly spiral out of control. Luckily, this is not difficult when an entrepreneur knows where to find cheap and free tools to improve a website. Here is a quick guide on how to create an inexpensive or free e-commerce site.




Cheap domain

When buying a domain name, a business owner is taking the first step to creating and hosting an amazing website. Now, there are free domains out there, but this is one place where a person should spend some money. By purchasing a domain name, the business will shows it is serious and clients will remember the Web address with ease.


Domain Name Infographic




Now, a person can find a hosting plan for around five dollars a month. Included in most hosting plans is unlimited file transfers and email. This is all most people need as a webmaster can build a site that works with the hosting plan. Remember, for an e-commerce site, a business owner should never go for the free hosting options as this will cost them dearly in the long run.



There is plenty of available e-commerce software that can help an entrepreneur reach his or her goals. In fact, a site owner can use WordPress and set up all the software he or she desires. Most of these programs are free while others cost a few dollars. Other programs allow a person to track website visitors; with this, the company can improve upon the site and increase conversion rates. Remember, with the right software, one can build their site and maintain it without struggle.



When looking to create a nice site, some people do not want to use a CMS like WordPress or Drupal. Instead, many still want all the control to change and edit pages with ease. One way to do this is to buy, or find free, templates. With these outlines, a business owner can build a website and will not struggle changing or adding new pages. One place to check out is the FREE web store with At this site, a customer can find the template and get started without much searching.



Easy Store Let You Try to Manage Online Store with Ease
Easy Store Let You Try to Manage Online Store with Ease


When a person wants to build an e-commerce site, they must take time to understand their wants and needs. Once a person comprehends this, they will have an easy time setting up the perfect e-commerce site. Without a doubt when taking the time to build a site the right way, a business owner will see increased profits for his or her e-commerce site.