How to Sell Your Cabal 2 Gaming Account


When you sell your Cabal 2 gaming account, you should first know how to write an attractive sales offer that will empower your readers to buy your gaming account. An effective offer does more than describe a gaming account. It answers questions coming from potential buyers such as demonstrating the value of the account. In addition, it gives the buyer compelling reasons to buy the account for your asking price.


Write a Title That Sells

The first thing that you should do is to write a title that will sell because that will be the first thing that buyers see. Describing what the buyer wants will give them better reasons to click on your account and read your description. Ask yourself, “What would you want if you were buying a game account?” You may want to write a sentence that talks about the top qualities of your account. Avoid advertisement words like amazing, awesome, great or must see. Think about it: Would you click on something that looked like an advertisement?


How Does Your Account Stack Up?

In order to sell your account, it will have to be competitively priced with the other offers. How do you determine an appropriate price? Check out other accounts that have similar offers. What are things that you need to consider? First, you have to look at how affordable your account looks to the others. Will it entice buyers into a sale? Second, does your sale have a description that is more appealing than the others?


Extra Characters Do Not Help It Sell for More

The vast majority of buyers do not want extra characters. They will only want a main character, and they will rarely pay extra for other characters on an account, which means that the main character will determine the market value of your account. If you have extra characters, you could profit more if you moved them to different game accounts so that you could sell them separately.


How to Sell a Cabal 2 Gaming Account: Descriptions

When it comes to selling an account, most buyers want to finish quickly and start playing. They will not spend much time asking questions or waiting for an answer if you do not have a detailed description. Your gaming description is your sales pitch, and you should treat it as such. You want to include the details that will attract buyers. Here are questions to ask yourself:

  • What Makes Your Character Special?
  • What Features Would a Potential Buyer Want?
  • Why Should They Pay Your asking Price?


Finally, you should include basic details in your description, such as level, race, class, faction, progression accomplishments, equipment level, amount of HP, intelligence and strength. Try to avoid language that only a seasoned played will understand like abbreviations and acronyms. Some of your potential buyers will not understand this language, and they will not spend time trying to understand it. For a great place to sell your gaming account, visit here.