How To Get Smarter Deals Out Of Second-Hand Forklifts

Few would argue that the forklift is an indispensible piece of equipment in a warehouse or manufacturing environment where heavy materials need to be moved for production, shipment and other purposes. One problem that many businesses face is that a forklift can be a significant investment, particularly for a small business or one that’s just trying to get off the ground.

Almost everyone prefers to purchase an item in brand-new condition but deciding to buy an item used normally represents a significant savings, and it is often possible to get years of service even from a used item. This is no less true for forklifts than it is for any other item. A good second-hand forklift or hand pallet truck might last nearly as long as a new one.

There are numerous places one can look when looking to buy second-hand forklifts. Contacting other local businesses might be a good place to start. Newspaper ads and online classified websites are another excellent source of used equipment for sale.

Retailers that sell new forklifts may also have some second-hand units for sale and even if they do not, there is a chance they will know who does. One possible advantage of buying a used forklift from a dealer is that they have probably inspected the unit thoroughly and can tell you what kind of shape it is in. They also might include a warranty and offer financing as well.

forklift safetyBuying locally is often the best course of action whenever possible, since transporting a forklift could add significantly to the cost, depending on the size and weight of the unit. It is also easier and less time-consuming when you decide to go check out a potential candidate for purchase in person. Buying something like a forklift without first inspecting it carefully is not recommended.

Forklifts come in many shapes and sizes, from a simple hand pallet truck for handling light-duty jobs to a heavy-duty motorized unit than can lift several thousand pounds. Knowing exactly what type of work a forklift will be called upon to do is mandatory before the selection process can begin.

It’s also advisable to keep the future in mind. A business that is just getting started may find that their workload increases significantly as they become more successful, and they may even find themselves dealing with new products and materials they might not have anticipated.

Taking some time to research the various types of forklifts that are available will make the selection process faster and easier. A few hours of researching on the internet should provide the information required to make an informed decision.

Being informed will also be a great asset when the time comes to talk about the price of a second-hand forklift. Getting a good deal can be a hit-or-miss proposition if the buyer is not able to negotiate with a good understanding of the product.

A little research and some time spent searching for a reasonably-priced forklift that is in good condition will probably give the smart buyer years of dependable service from a second-hand forklift.

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