How to Become A PADI Certified Diver in Malaysia

Becoming a certified diver in Malaysia is like getting one’s first taste of tortellini in Italy; one is practically spoiled for any other subsequent dive site. Malaysia is home to some of the most diversified dive sites in the world that include pristine coral reefs, challenging cave and caverns, entertaining wrecks, and fascinating muck diving. A few of these dive destinations are found off the coasts of Redang, Mabul, and the world-renowned Sipadan island. PADI is one of the two largest certifying organizations for the dive community, and they have dive certifications and instruction in Malaysia thoroughly covered.


Finding The Right Dive Outfitter In Malaysia

Locating a dive shop or resort in Malaysia that fits one’s personal needs is as easy as contacting PADI and accessing their database of PADI diving establishments. Through the PADI organization one locates dive businesses that specialize in a host of PADI certification and instructional options including beginner diving courses and foundational open water certifications. These dive shops are often noted as PADI Five Star Dive Centers or Five Star Instructor Development Centers.

Seaventures Rig Dive is an example of a Five Star PADI Diving Instructor Development Center that is in the vicinity of Mabul, Kapalai, and Sipadan dive sites. This unique dive resort utilizing a repurposed oil rig surrounded by the Celebes Sea is the only one of its kind, and it also provides one of a kind service and instruction. Seaventures offers both recreational dive instructional packages as well as a series of PADI professional diving courses. Adventure and special chartered dives are also available for those who just want to kick back and dive for sheer enjoyment.


Seaventures Rig Dive in Malaysia
Seaventures Rig Dive in Malaysia


Taking A Diving Course In Malaysia

Diving establishments like Seaventures Rig Dive simplify the instructional process with organized course packages that include instructional materials, comfortable accommodations, transportation, meals, and some dive equipment. Sipadan is such a dive favorite that Seaventures recommends that divers who want to ensure an instructional dive at that location to book at least a four-day dive package. Divers expect to complete classroom instructional theory accompanied by exciting underwater demonstration of technical competency.






Earning a PADI dive certification is exciting, challenging, and fun at any location but having access to Malaysian dive sites makes the experience extra special (see 5 Fun Underwater Tricks to do While Scuba Diving). The keys to becoming PADI certified in Malaysia are choosing Five Star Dive Center or Instructional Center and doing a little pre-planning for greater enjoyment.