How Lasik Surgery Changed My Life

Pat wore glasses since the fourth grade. At first her eyesight just needed slight correction, but year after year she kept having to get a stronger prescription. It got to the point where she could only see the top letter on the eye chart clearly.

While in her late twenties Pat kept hearing about the advantages of undergoing Lasik. She asked friends and family what they thought about having the procedure. After talking about it with her eye doctor, they decided to explore to see if it would be a viable option for her. Over the next several weeks she had tests that indeed resulted in the okay from her eye doctor to proceed with the surgery.
Before surgery Pat had to sign papers that she understood that undergoing any surgery involving the eye could lead to blindness, but that there was a very low risk of that actually happening. The doctor told Pat of some Lasik side effects she might experience; such as halos around headlights while night driving and that she had to be careful of riding in a car with an air bag which if it hit her in the face could damage her eyesight until her eyes were fully healed.

So on the morning of the surgery she was a little apprehensive knowing that she would be awake during the procedure. The Lasik surgery itself is quite quick. It only takes about fifteen minutes for the entire procedure. Pat was led into a small room with what looked like a dentist chair with a machine beside it that looks like and x-ray machine. Pat sat in the chair and was prepped for surgery. The doctor positioned the machine and told Pat, “Focus on the blinking light, and don’t move once we start the machine”. The doctor started the machine and after a few minutes he was finished. The doctor then bandaged here eyes was told to go home and rest. If she felt pain she could use any over-the-counter pain reliever of her choice. The next morning she returned to the Lasik surgery clinic and they removed her bandages and checked her eyesight it was twenty/fifteen in one eye and twenty/twenty in the other eye.

The first morning that Pat woke up with restored eyesight she was amazed to be able to see photos hanging on the wall across the room clearly. Before she had Lasik surgery everything was fuzzy unless it was about six inches away from her face. Pat was amazed that she could now distinctly see the different greens in a close group of trees. She kept scaring herself because now her peripheral vision was allowing her to see things she had never been aware of.