How Can You Exercise With Knee Pain?

The number one reason why people stop exercising is because of the pain they feel. They claim that their knee pain or joint pain worsens when exercising, but when they avoid getting active, they can actually weaken their knees and make the pain even worse. The right exercises and movements can help those dealing with knee pain strengthen the joints and reduce pain through simple stretches.


✓ Strengthen the Knee

A few simple exercises done every day can strengthen the knee. One of the most basic exercises is the wall slide. The person stands against a wall with his or her back placed flat against the wall. The person then gently slides down the wall until the individual reaches a sitting position. After holding this position for several seconds, the individual can gently raise back up. Another simple exercise involves standing straight up and gently lifting up off the heels to stretch the hamstrings and knee joints. Some people will find that they can strengthen their knees by walking up and down stairs or riding a bicycle.


✓ Stretch the Knee

Stretching the knees can help anyone alleviate the pain that they feel. One of the best stretches starts from a seated position. The person lifts one leg off the floor and places the leg straight out in front before bending and flexing the leg. Hamstring stretches done in a chair are also helpful. The person places his hands flat on his thighs to add resistance and slowly lifts his heels until he feels his knees and hamstrings stretching and pulling.


✕ What Not to Do

While certain exercises can help strengthen and stretch the knee joints, other exercises can lead to increased pain. Anyone suffering from knee pain should avoid concrete floors and other hard surfaces. These surfaces put more pressure on the body and can jar the knees, making the pain worse. Grassy surfaces and rubber floors are a better option, because these floors reduce the impact on the body. Those with knee problems should also avoid aerobics and other high-impact exercises.


✓ Resting and Compression

After working out, it’s important that those suffering from knee or joint problems stop and take a break. The joints and muscles in the body need time to rest and recuperate from the activities. Many people find it helpful to ice their joints or use a heating pad, and others find relief when they elevate their legs. Using a compression bandage on the joint can also help if any swelling occurs.


✓ Getting Help

Knee pain can make regular exercise difficult, and knee pain can even make walking to the mailbox hard. Those dealing with joint pain should get your knee pain tested to determine the cause of their pain. It might be a simple case of aging, or the knee pain can come about because of a lack of collagen or an injury to the knee. Visit this clinic in Singapore to learn more about the common causes of knee pain and ways to treat that pain.