For Healthy, Whiter Skin, Crystal Tomato Is the Secret You’ve Been Waiting For

There’s a new product in Singapore that has many Asians going crazy! A whitening pill called Crystal Tomato is all the rage for darker-skinned people desiring to have a lighter skin complexion. Created by hair and skin specialists,¬†Crystal Tomato in Singapore¬†is quickly becoming the most popular cosmetic product on the market.
There are many skin-whitening products on the market and procedures one can undertake in order to achieve the lighter skin tone they desire. For example, there are lotions and creams you can use or you can see a dermatologist to undergo skin peeling treatments. Crystal Tomato, though, is a simple tablet made with harmless ingredients such as phytoene, phytofluene, and cartoenoids. This product was developed after many years of research have shown these ingredients make Crystal Tomato the best whitening agent on the market.


Besides being a safe product, Crystal Tomato’s natural ingredients have also been shown to provide anti-aging properties. You only take it once a day and provides plenty of benefits, which explains why Crystal Tomato has become extremely popular. In particular, the ingredients were cultivated by scientists to create a tomato rich in carotenoids. The carotenoids then help to take the UVB and UBA in your skin to reduce the dark pigment in the skin and stops new melanin from forming.

Crystal Tomato was developed in laboratories by Israeli scientists who attempted to pull colorless carotenoids from tomatoes to try and create an oral pill that’s safe to ingest. Working on the project was an aid to Singapore’s Health and Science Authority and one of the top cosmetic researchers, Dr. Alain Khaiat.


As previously stated, they engineered Crystal Tomato to only require one pill each day to help build up the necessary concentration to prevent the dark melatonin from forming. For best results, it will take about three months even though others have reported they achieved desired results in one to two months. It depends on your current skin tone and if you take the Crystal Tomato as designed.

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Created with natural ingredients that are already a part of our bodies, there are no side-effects when taking Crystal Tomato. Really it will be like eating three of the specially created tomatoes designed by scientists. That’s it. Along with skin whitening, anti-aging effect, it Crystal Tomato also acts as a natural sunscreen as the ingredients work against the harmful UVB and UVA rays of the sun that harms skin and ages it.

So if you’re not satisfied with the tone of your skin and desire something a bit more fair, there is no better way to do it than Crystal Tomato. Just one pill a day and you will see results anywhere between one to three months, unlocking not just its whitening agents, but anti-aging and natural sunscreen your skin needs to stay young and healthy.