EARNING THE DISTINCTION / What is Privilege Banking?

In the banking sector, there are customers whom you may call the privileged few. The group is composed of noteworthy individuals, if not captains of industry, who excel in a particular career and are “rich” as a result of professionalism, hard work and dedication to their craft. If you belong to this set of prominent individuals, you deserve dedicated attention and access to premium banking products and services reserved for the chosen-few.
Most private banks grants customers certain benefits in appreciation of loyalty but privileged clients are given extra-special perks which goes beyond loyalty. The benefits of privilege banking are not mere lip service but are genuine and tangible. Many individuals dream of aspirational lifestyles counting among others as a major component is setting financial goals.1
What is Privilege Banking?
The products and services for the elite customers are aimed to match your status and lifestyle. Your basket is full of enviable treats that will bring you to the top of the world.
• Membership Criteria
You need to meet the minimum level of deposit or placement to become eligible and gain access to a comprehensive range of bank products and services.
• Personalized Service
As one of the premier clients, you will be given dedicated service in all your financial requirements and transactions. • Preferential Rates
You are entitled to receive preferential rates in your funding requests or when you avail of any and all types of loan (business, education, personal, home, and automotive).
• Premium Cards
Credit cards are no longer status symbols because a greater majority use the plastic for daily purchases. What will differentiate you from the rest is the card you carry. Only the chosen-few have the metal cards to show. Your card is accepted worldwide and comes with rewards, bonuses and perks during business or leisure travels.
• Wealth Management & Investment Advisory
Exclusive depositors are provided wealth management solutions to assist in crafting the most suitable financing plan for your family’s future. On the other hand, the investment advisory services keep you abreast and not miss out on current investment opportunities.2
Privilege banking does not belittle the value and contribution of regular customers. However, some clients deserve to be extended special treatment as a way of recognizing their imbued status in society. Of course, many people are unaware why banks treat certain people in certain ways. It’s really a private matter only a few will understand.